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..Funny words, personal language mistakes etc.

foreign Language words

In Japanese, there are a lot of words, that originally were from another language. But, sometimes, they changed the pronunciation or the meaning of the word...however, I always have to smile, when I discover e new foreign language word in Japanese. These are a few I learned until now:

Arbaito/baito: Originally the german word "Arbeit" which means job, but in japanese it means only parttime job, student jobs
Ryukkusaku: originally the German word "rucksack", which means backpack. meaning stayed the same.
Haus!: Used when upbraiding a dog, like "go away/to your place".Originally English or Swiss German, e.g. "Ou chum, haus' doch/fahr ab!" It's also used like that in Japanese - I was bantering with my brother, and then he said HAUS!-.-'' HIDOOOOOIIIIIII!!!--'' xD

Personal mistakes:

"Watashi no Otousan ga yoru no shigotou o shimasu."= My hostfather works in a brothel/nightclub.
When we had Oyasumi because of a tsunami, EF made a control call wether everything is alright, and I replied that I would be with my hostsiblings and my hostfather. Then they wondered why my hfather isn't working, and since i didn't know the word "yakin" then (Means a night job), I just translated night
job, without knowing that the meaning would change THAT much!xD

"odanna-san no tanjoubi node, kanojou ga kanGOku-riyouri o shimashita."= Because of her husbands birthday, she cooked prison food.
i wanted to say Korean food, which means kanKOku-riyouri....^^''