1000 Faces belong to one person..

...And that one is me!

On this site I want to get you a little inside view of me...well, I'll TRY!!! the case is, namely, that ...well, I guess others would say i'm a bit strange!xD not that this would be negative, it's rather positive, I'd say...but that is up to  everyone's own decision, I guess!;) What I wanted to say is, that I'm everything but easy to handle (how certain persons found out already!>:D)

However, I'd like to give you the chance to understand me better, whether you read it or not is up to you....

Fact 1: I really love to talk with friends, in Starbuck we easily can spend 4 hours on talking and laughing!:)

Fact 2: I love to laugh, and to share the pleasure with my friends

Fact 3: I think that friends are the most important thing in the world - they are your true family! Why? In your family, you were born, you didn't have a choice. But your friends are the family you can choose, so choose wisely!

Fact 3: I love my mum, our horse Diamond(He's my little big brother :D) And my brothers. Well, I'm only child, but with these three guys I spent my entire childhood, therefore they'll always have a place in my heart!:)

Fact 3: Most Person know only my sunny side - even my hostfamily banter me with my nickname I chose for my blog (akuma-chan means little devil). But I didn't picked it without a reason - I can get REALLY angry, and then you can truly watch my two horns growing!

Fact 3: I'm wellknown to be open, brave and couraged, but in fact I'm a REALLY shy person and have sometimes really problems to trust other people.

Fact 4: But I try not to show my shyness to other people, but to bear it down. For me, Courage is not not to be afraid. For me, Courage is to face your fears and then to overcome it!

Fact 5: I'm crazy. Everybody that knows me says that. But I'm proud of that!>:)) I think that crazy people can gain more of their life.Therefore, I also think one should never grow up completely!:)