Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Thoughts on spending Christmas over the clouds and about the annual increase of madness towards the end of the year

Hi there, I just wanted to write this post now because I probably won't be writing another post in 2014 and I just wanted to thank you for sticking with me this year as well and to wish you all a merry Christmas (and since we won't be back until the 16th of January I might as well just wish you an enchanting New Year and a Kickass way to start your 2015 - in the good meaning, of course!).

Since we're off to "La Habana", the city of columns, or simply Havana, Cuba, on the 25th of December; we'll spend our Christmas over the clouds(Luckily we celebrate Christmas Eve rather than the actual Christmas Day in Switzerland). It's been an eventful year and we've been trough a lot, so my mother and I both need our holidays and are looking forward to our trip like little children. A nice side-effect is that we'll be escaping the annual festive marathon/massacre towards the end of the year, better known as Christmas and New Year, this way. No misunderstandings - just like every other child, I used to love Christmas and the Advent time was my favourite time to go window-shopping in the city. And I still don't exactly dislike Christmas. In fact, I still kind of like it.
I just hate the fact, that Christmas for most is a compulsory act and plainly said empty. All the artificial, superficial and absolutely unnecessary trouble around it, all the kind words said, the warm gestures made and the "presents made from heart", when you exactly are in knowledge of the fact that the donor doesn't even have such a thing as a heart. One of my favourite cites is "A woman's smile is her most elegant way to bare her teeth" ; and especially around towards Christmas I once more realise how true it is. If you spend an extended amount of time in another country in which they don't speak your language and you don't speak their's(yet), you will inevitably, amongst other things, get one great gift: The gift of observation. I love it to sit around a table and to get what's going on but playing along nevertheless. You all of a sudden discover who really cares and who's just nice to you because they are sticking to the rules made up by society.
I am no exception  - There are people I'd go miles for, even to the end of this world or another; and there is the rest. And let's face it, as much as we'd like to just spit straight into certain people's faces, most of the time we have to stick to the rules of society and all we can do is nicely cultivated snarling, or how we civilized beings better like to call it, smiling. The slight, subtle but important difference is in being aware of that fact. By being aware that you are part of the whole circus show, you are able to choose which role you want to play. Me for my part, I like being the audience best as I know I can't be the director (yet). And should that not be possible I love my veteran role as mad hatter who joins the tea party of madness, the jester or the crazy clown, for fools are the only ones able to speak the truth and unmask the ones putting up a brave front without being cast out from the round; because they made the decision not to be part of it in first place.

So while all this normal madness is going on underneath us, we will be flying somewhere over the ocean; over the clouds. And rather than being annoyed that we can't be sitting together in the plane as my mum booked way before me, I am looking forward to the little promenades through the plane to visit each other in case our neighbours are unwilling to swap seats(or we); and who those neighbours will be. I mean, six hours are a long time to talk, to observe and to do all kinds of things you feel like doing; and that's exactly why I love long-haul flights. Knowing me and my luck, it's bound to become an interesting flight - one way or another. I am sure there will be all kinds of stereotypes gathered in one plane, like the neurotic banker cancelling his family time (or fleeing from his dear relatives) for a meeting, the ubiquitous archetype of a tourist - preferably overweight and ready to get sunburnt, the "OMG, THE PLANE IS GOING TO FALL AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" maniac, the IT-fashion dolly with too much money who's Champaign is bond to be "not cold enough" and all the others we have grown accustomed to over the time.
But whatever I'll experience in the plane or on the island, you'll be sure to read it here sooner or later!;)

May you all have a wonderful Christmas (hopefully rather not as described above) and a splendid New Year, and hopefully see you in 2015!:)

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