Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

"And have yourself a merry little christmas.." - Thoughts at the end of the year

Hi there!^^I hope you all can enjoy your christmas in the way you like?:)

Mine was fine so far - We invited a good friend and ate "fondue chinoise" (A typical dish for christmas or silvester in Switzerland - It reminds me of "Nabe" a bit), chattered and laughed a lot!:D:D The dessert was handmade by me, we had "coeur fondant au chocolat"(kind of little chocolate cupcakes with a liquid chocolate heart) and tropic fruits - though I waited a little too long and the heart wasn't really liquid anymore - well, there are still two pieces left in the fridge, so I'll try again tonight!>:D *devil in challenge mode coming!!*

I don't know but as I grew older presents and christmas in general became less and less important to me.. Rather than being together because it's christmas I'd like to spend time with the persons I like just because I want to; rather than being obliged to give someone a present just because it's christmas, I'd like to give a present during the year, simply because I found something just made for this person and because I want to. And usually I like to give handmade stuff rather than bought things (of course that really depends on the person and the present), because I personally put all my love in something I made myself...but maybe that's just me? f(^.^'')

Honestly, I'm really glad that this year finally is going to end in a few days! If I look back...It just seems like a loooooooot of work and kind of a year one had to bite through.. And I honestly ask myself what I was thinking sometimes, because even if I had the choice I usually chose the path with more work!-.-'' I mean -REALLY?!-.-'' sooo typical me (even if I'm normally more the cozy type..-.-'') But even if it's the year of the snake, it luckily is not longer than the others!:P I hope the horse will recognize how much I like horses and be nice to me this year!^v^

I always thought that I would see a clear path appearing before me leading into the future, everything seemed so clear when I was a child..But now.. I'm not saying it's scary, but I'm not used to not knowing exactly what I want to do and what has to be done next..I don't really like that..well, slowly but steadily a hazing trail, more a foreshadowing of a route than a actual path, is appearing before me. I saw a school that really appealed me, but there are still a lot of things I have to settle with myself first. Because usually you can't have your cake and eat it as well..I just have to decide wether I'd rather like to have it or to eat it...:/ Well, In the end I'm still hoping that suddenly a knight in shimmering armor will appear and ram a red flag into the ground, showing me the direction out of the misty valley I'm currently in..If there would be a ship setting sails tomorrow and I had the right feeling, I would ride it without a second thought...well, probably not if it was tomorrow but after my final exams, that is!^^'' But really, I don't care where, but if I could spend another year abroad, doing a stage or working, I'd go immediately! I just want to work and see other cultures, there are so many thing I want to see and do, I think I could get into helping out at a surf school as well as working for an interesting company or cook  in a local restaurant!^v^ so, if you know something, let me know!;P;P

In fact I wanted to write a whole lot more, but I'm actually really tired and think it's better to stop before my typing is gettin facebook g weirder!:P Well, Since it's holidays I think my next post will probably be on soon - I'll inform you guys via and twitter when it's on!^^

Thank you for reading and have yourself all a merry little christmas!^0^/

                                      ^   ^
your cheeky devil!  m(=^w^=)m

(well, that's rather a cat, but that's fine since I looove cats!>v< <3<3)

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