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summer tales or: my list of new discoveries

Hey dear libertines, travellers, dreamers, readers, or simplyfied: Hi dear readers!:D

Loooong time no talk! And I meam really: too long!>__< sorry for that!
But now I'm back with tons of things I want to write about, so let's better get started!^^

First of all, mondayschool will start again. But I think this is the first time since I was a kid and school was still fun that I somehow really look forward to it! why? Because it's going to be finally my last year in school!!!:D:D:D And I will have too much things to do, organise and think about in this year! I wanna make my driving licence, I want to reenter the drama group, I'm going to take singing lessons again and I wanna continue with my saturday afternoons in the dancegroup, I'll have to finish my graduation project (the mini book about my experience in Japan, which I should have nearly finished by now if you look at my schedule ...>__< I'll have to make a few writing weekend I think-.-''), I decided that I somehow want to take the Japanese Language Proficieny Test Level N2, and naturally there will be a loooot of stuff to learn in school as well!>_< I honestly have no Idea how I'm going to make it, but somehow I'll have to!x) Well, I'm a genius with handeling stress and chaos, because I'm a master of desaster!:PP Somehow it will turn out fine, I know it!^^

But this summer was awesome, really!^^I met so many awesome and kind people and had a lot of time to think and to just calm down. How did you spent your summer?? I spent mine in France at one of my best friends' house, like that I could improve my French and remeet her after more than one year again!:D:D Two months we where together, day and night. I don't know if you have a friend like that, one you haven't seen for whatever period of time, but when you meet him or her again, it's like you've seen each other yesterday. Understanding without any words. We laughed and experienced a lot in this two months, and thanks to her I could meet a lot of awesome and funny people. We went to a music festival, to the Japan Expo in Paris where we got friends with Shohei, a really nice and easy - going guy who even came to our place for a couple of days, watched films and Asian dramas together and simply enjoyed life. At the end I was even invited to go with the whole family to portugal for three weeks! And she was also the one who helped me to deal with a problem I simply couldn't find an answer to solve it. At this point I just want to say thank you, Cléo, for being such an awesome friend and for this unforgettable summer we spent together!:)バカ者語りはまだまだ続くタゼー!笑 いつでもどこでも歯ブラシのように!ww 

Thanks to France and Portugal I learned to appreciate Switzerland again, which I'm REALLY glad for!! It's just horrible if you don't feel confortable in your own country, probably one of the worst things one can experience I think, because if you're stuck (which is the case with me) you can't leave, even if you hate to be there!-.-'' So I think it's really awesome that I like Switzerland again, this will make things a lot easier!^v^

I first thought that I would just write what I experienced during this summer, but I just realized, that this would take about three or four veeeeeery long posts which would definitely be too much I think!xD So I will make a list with my discoveries of this summer - enjoy!^0^

Music - discoveries of this summer:

Daft punks: A French band that exists since the 80ies (I think) and sings in English. They made the original song of Kanye West's stronger:harder better faster stronger . Another hit which is more up to date and I personally loooooove is get lucky!!!>__< it's just an awesome tune to think, dream, make short for all occasions I think!:))

Blurred Lines - I think there is no need to explain why I like this song:)) Plus, we always listened in Cléo's car while driving to awesome places like the Mt. Saint Michel, while dividing the parts of the background singers between us - mine for example was the high pitched *wheew* all two pulses!:P
Two days before, I discovered a parody version of this song which is simply ADORABLE!!!xD
blurred lines female version - the ladies are talented, and the guys...well, compare the videos, I just love it!:'DD

the banana song omg, Banana was already an insider between Cléo and me, and moi moche et mechant  (despicable me) is just too funny!xD trop géniaaaaal!!:PP

Places to be and what to do there:

St. Malo: Enjoy the beautiful sea and the unique atmosphere with a pic-nic in the sand and long promenades along the beach, find whatever you are looking for at the local bric - a - brac market or enjoy a yummy ice in exotic variations (almond milk, rose petals, lavender, salt buttered caramel etc.).

Mt. Saint Michel: Climb your way up through the stairs and enjoy the view from above about the landscape before entering the old abbey with its beautiful garden inside. Must do: fool around with your friends inside while trying not to be loud which makes it even funnier - the tourists thought we were crazy I think, but we disturbed nobody - I'd never do that in a place like that!!

Paris: Weeeell... Just THE place to be, in my opinion! The city of love is always worth a visit, this time we went to the Japan Expo, where we made a new friend and had a lot of fun, we went on discovery tour of the Japan-/Korea town of Paris (near the old Opéra), where we tried out various things like  French macarons with the taste of sakura, yuzu or matcha and found a lot of things in all the little shops and stores there - absolutely worth a visit!^^ After our little tour we had a little break at the opéra, where a pianist was playing in the middle of the place, openair - What a nice surprise!:))

Les vieilles charrues: A music festival in Brittany, where we went for two days. Upshot: A variety of bruises all over my body, one shoe in the face, my first time I drank a Kir Brittany (based on cider), our first Rammstein concert in the evening (we all were not really fan of Rammstein before, and I don't really like the music now, but the show was just F***ing awesome!!!*__*), a free breakfast in exchange for a toothbrush (a used one, eww!xD), acquaitance with really fun and weird people and a looot of of fun. This year with stars like Asaf Avidan, the Hives etc.

Porto: Hometown of the Portwine in Portugal, this city with Dutch influence has a lot of charisma, a variety of bridges in different architectural styles (one of them was constructed by Eiffel!) and of course: a looot of different god wines.:) You can go shopping in the city, take a look at the mosaic of old houses, visit one of the many churches(and laugh about the state of the Virgin Maria, because the shadow over her lips looks like a moustache and you first thought it was a real one!xD), take a break in the idyllic parc with the glass cupola, take a boat tour or, naturally: Taste and enjoy the delicious wine in one of the various caves. My favorites are white, ruby and tawny - what are yours??:)

discoveries movies and co:

BECK: A movie about rock with one of my favorite actors, Mizushima Hiro
Hanazakari no kimitachi e: Many of my friends recommended me this drama, and this summer we finally watched it together  - funny, cute and absolutely made for evenings with your girls!;P

Discoveries food and co:

Soufflées: just yummy and light, you can make it salty or sweet, with nearly all kinds of flavours!:))
Portwine and cofee: Both things I never liked but suddenly started to like!^^''
Salted caramel: Speciality on Brittany, because they eat just salted butter, which was odd in the beginning but in fact really good. One of the bakeryshops then had the idea to use this butter to make caramel. The outcome is really tasty, try it if you can!!;)
Sangrilla: A punch based on red wine with lemonade, fruits and spices in it, which is often served for the aperitif.

Well, since school starts tomorrow and it's gotten late by now, I think it's better to end this post now!^^''
Every summer has a story, a tale, and one of the things I'm looking most forward to is to listen to all my friends summer tales!:) I'd also like to read yours, if you want to tell me??^w^

I will try to upload more soon, even if I'll be busy!>_< final year, YEEEEAH!!!>w< bb I'll give my best!!!:D:D So see you guys soon I hope, and thank you for continuing with reading my blog! I noticed that I now and then get some new readers, until now I thought that there aren't many people reading my blog besides my friends and family, but if I look at the counties of acces there are also a bunch of readers from countries I don't know, which is awesome!! thank you all for finding your way here and reading my thoughts!:D I hope you will come again and maybe even tell someone that you found that one blog while surfing the web...;P And for all the ones who are not here for the first time: Thank you for dropping by now and then to check wether I wrote something new, even if it takes a long time! you persons are great!! Thank you everybody!:)

Ok, I will stop now!x) have a nice week everyone, stay healthy, cheeky and enjoy your life, because it's the only one we got, so let's make the most possible out of it for that we will not regret by the time we will be old:))

your cheeky devil

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