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Finding oneself again down in the town of cats - a new page

Hello World!!>:D

I’m back!^^ how have you been?:) As always I planned to write earlier, but in the meanwhile you know me better, right?;P

First of all, I have to talk about my whereabouts: I stayed over New Year in Istanbul with my mother. It was sure worth a trip, but I have to say I wouldn’t especially want to go a second time. Well, of course the city is pretty and the mosques really impressive (especially the blue mosque!!*0*), but if you go without male accompaniment most of the turk don’t treat you as an equal -> reason 1: you are a tourist. reason 2(main): You are a woman. I won’t say that all of them are like that. We also met a lot of really nice turkish persons. But there certainly is a difference. And there are sooo many homeless pets like dogs and especially cats(they were soooo cute - and almost all of them looked really healthy and well nourished because the people give something to eat and cuddle with them, so it’s more like they’re everybody’s pet instead of homeless!^^). But I’m so glad I went there - In Istanbul I was finally able to find myself again. I don’t know why, but one night I just told myself: Hey, you have to open up, or nothing will change. And that I did. Not that I haven't realized it before, I just wasn’t able to do it. So I’m really glad I visited the town of cat and came back(I almost felt like the man of Haruki Murakamis story inside the book 1Q84 - If you don’t know it, read it!! It’s really special, and available in various languages).
Even a teacher who knows me really well said when she saw me again after holidays: Now, seems like someone is amongst us again. Really welcome back!:) And I was surprised that she still is able to tell how I am although I don’t have classes with her anymore. Probably because she teaches art - kind of hyper-sensitive or whatever!^^

About school: Well, I’m glad we have holidays now, because I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I didn’t have the slightest sign of motivation, especially since I would have graduation as well as all my friends if I wouldn’t have done this exchange year. On top of that, all my friends in Japan also have graduation this spring, so I’ll be the left-over at school, which kind of sucks. Of course I’m glad I went to Japan and would do it again, but little by little I’m fed up with school..And I still don’t know what to do after school - haaaaaaaaarg, it’s just so difficult. But recently I just pushed myself to hard to decide, and suddenly I realized that I’ve gotten on the wrong track - I just thought about what would be best to have a profitable job, to study something reasonable that I’d always be able to find a safe job. But about all that, I override something really important: What I really, REALLY want to do. What I’d LOVE to do. What my biggest talents and abilities are. What is a life worth if you have a safe job and a lot of money but hate what you are doing the biggest part of your day, even of your life?..
One should listen to one’s heart and go for it, no matter what. If you do what you love, and you really love what you do, then you will, if you really want it and work for it, become a true master at what you do. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing, always and 100%! I struggled and let myself become unsure by what other people said, but in the end it’s my life, and if I have faith in myself, I will achieve whatever I aim for. This is something I learned. So, the only thing left to do is to find out, what I truly and with all my heart want. Then I can start. But I won’t push myself anymore - Nothing good will be the outcome of to much pressure. Best things always cross your road when you expect them least. Just take a minute to think about it!;)..

And last week, I went to Vienna for four days.
I went there by night train, which was a great experience!:D Well, the othere passengers weren’t interesting when I went there, but on the rout back our room ended up talking until 2 o’clock in the morning!^^ the guys I talked with were really funny, and I learned a lot about the lives of each other, which helped me myself for solving my owm problems or gave a new impulse.

I could stay at Raku-chan’s place, which was sooooo great!^^we haven’t seen each other for more than a half year, and since she’s a precious friend to me I was soooo happy to see her again!>v< ^0^ Vienna was great, although we didn’t do the typical stuff!!xD instead of eating Austrian food all the time we cooked, baked and ate looots of Japanese dishes!!x’) For example handmade sushi, self baked melon-pan (メロンパン) and a thing I missed so much since I returned: Maccha ice cream!!!!*Q* In my nearest Asia-shops, they don’t sell it, but hers was a bit bigger, so we got it!!!>v< <3<3<3 It was soooo yummy!! And finally my suffering has come to an end: Starbucks Switzerland finally decided also to sell the incredible delicious Maccha - Latte/frappuccino!!!*heaven*!!^0^bb

We also visited the catacombs, where bones and even whole mummies are buried - it was really cool, but the tour guide was sooo annoying, and the tour itself was really short.Nevertheless we had our fun!x) But just as one could expect from us, we also had few misshappenings: For example did we wanted to see the Hundertwasser house, but the address raku-chan found out was something like the Hundertwasser fabric, so not at all what we wanted to see and at the other end of the city - we didn’t notice it until we asked for the way, and the person looked at us as if we were some imbeciles.xD And the best is, that we wanted to go another day instead after that, but in the end, we totally forgot!x)) Well, it surely wasn’t the last time, and the shopping definitely had a higher priority!!^0^<3 I mean, all my really, REALLY favorite shops we don’t have in Switzerland were there (especially forever 21 and berschka!!!!*0*)!!!waaaw, I bought such a loooooooooot of clothes, haha!!^v^ but I’m really happy about my prey!o^w^o

And tomorrow I’ll go shopping again!!xD Please don’t think I’m a shopaholic (well, actually I might be a little, tiny little bit!^^’’), but I just have to use my free time to the full capacity, if I get some!^0^<3

Well, that was it for the moment, hope to see you again!!;D

xoxo your cheeky devil!;P

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