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2012 - music, memories, or: What do I stand for?

YEEEEEY!! finally the holidays have come and brought a little time of relaxation, freedom and peace with them!!!^0^/
Ok, I’m NOT going to write about this year’s christmas  - If you ask why, simply because I was not in christmas mood at all this year...-.-; On top of that, I caught a cold and seriously: I’ve been freezing my buns off since mid-october, always trying to think positive in saying things like: Hey, at least we probably get a white christmas this year - yeeeeaaaaaahhh...-..-... And how did it turn out? 15 degrees and sunshine or rainy weather, giving you the feeling of eighter spring or autumn; probably the most greenish christmas I’ve seen so far - I mean:
WHAT THE FOOOOOOOOOE?! Sometimes I really get this feeling that there is some asshole sitting in the clouds, pointing his finger with a smirk at me and saying:HAHA!

However, this year was just: WOW. And I don’t know how to put this right - I don’t just mean WOW in the positive way, it happend as much of really awesome things as there happened to be awkward moments. It’s just...all this plenty..I can’t find the words if I wan’t to describe this year. And this is the reason why I decided not to make a normal annual review or something.
Instead, I decided to write about this year in songs. I made a list of songs, which I especially liked, which are connected to important memories and persons, or which were/are especially important to me. As most of you know, music is some of the most important part of me and a huge part of my life. Everything I see, smell, hear, experience and feel I connect with music. I need music like air to breath.
Some believe in Love, others believe in god, and I, I believe in music.
And in myself.
Contradictorily enough, I don’t play any far! I wanna learn to play some instruments sooooo bad!!!!!!>.< But as for now, I just don’t have the time!!-.-; But I plan to become a lady as old as the hills, crazy, but full of life and who still got a bright head!^^and therefore, I still have plenty of time, or so I hope!;) One can’t do everything at the same time, right?:)

So, let’s start with the music!;P At first, I just wrote down all the songs, but I’m well aware of the fact that I can’t write them down ALL here - The list would just be too long...^^’’
Therefore I selected the most important ones from there and put them in order of importance (star*=pretty special/important, **=very special/important, ***=life changing/ precious memory)and time. I always wrote down why I like them or what is special about them.If you click on the names, you'll get to the videos!;) Have fun with my own kind of reviewing 2012;))

To start with my list, probably one of my lifetime favorites:

***Chiisana koi no uta - MONGOL 800
I found it about three years or so ago, just around the time my obsession with Japan startet. Back then, I didn’t know a lot of Japanese music, so I just downloaded random albums from the internet (yes, I confess, I AM A PIRAT.)One of them was called Rock is Loft, I think. It contained a lot of different artists and songs, and most of them I didn’t like.x) but one of them was Chiisana koi no Uta (which means little lovesong) and I loved it the first time I heard it, without understanding one word! And since then, it’s one of my all time favorites! It’s so powerful, and it tells me to always keep believing in love, it convinces you that a thing like real love has to exist in this world, even if you try as hard as possible to abandon this thought! And since it’s my all time favorite, I listened throughout the year to it, which is also the reason I started with it^^ It's also the Opening of the drama Proposal Daisakusen, which I really loved to watch!!^v^

Next of my list is **Kaede - Spitz
This was the graduation song of my senpais, and I spent once a lesson with one of my older friends and my Japanese teacher, practicing this song together, because she was going to sing a solo. When I listen to it, I think of their graduation and therefore of change in life and stepping forward. A great match for a graduation song!^^ Another time I went to karaoke with some Japanese friends and sang it....they almost cried because the lyrics are that beautiful!<3

Sakura Kiss - Chieko Kawabe
I know it from the Anime Ouran highschool hostclub, which I also warmly recommend!;) Well, if you ckeck my posts around march, you should be able to tell from the title why I chose it!;PP It all started with a nice pic-nic under the Sakura(cherry blossom) trees, so I always have to think of the happenings around spring when I listen to this song!wwww^^
Also close to this one is Sakuranbo - Otsuka Ai. I think the song is really cute and remembers me as well of the spring 2012 as of my school: Otsuka Ai was a former student at Kohnan Zokei Highschool!!^0^

Ok,*Memeshikute - Golden Bomber is a special one!xD
My exchange student friends listened to it (well, originally it was just Heikki, but he always sang it at karaoke, and so we got to know and love it all with the time). When I first saw it, I was like: OMG, what the...did I just watch?!?!!!xD In the end, they even convinced me to go to a concert of Golden Bomber, and in fact, they aren’t bad at all.^^ “Memeshikute“  means as much as „mollycoddle“, „softie“ or „female-ish“. It remembers me of all the funny days we spent together, also going to karaoke and blaming ourselves with singing it!!x) Always have to smirk when I listen to it!:P

The Ballad Of Mona Lisa - Panic! At The Disco
I struggled about it while surfing the web, and it also reminds me of my change in hairstyle and my fabulous hair dresser in Japan - Guys, if you are in Japan, I URGE you, go to a hairdresser there - it’s just like heaven, much faster and cheaper than here in  Europe, you’ll get some nice special treatment like shoulder massage etc., and you really are treated like a king there!>.< waaaaaah, I wanna go to my hairdresser again!!!T__T It may sound weird, but it’s really one of the things I miss most in Switzerland! Tamura-Kun, why can’t you open a shop in Switzerland???!xDD I’d make sure you’d be the most popular hair-dresser around, no doubt about that!!x))

Again a memory of karaoke sessions:**Hammer Song to Itami No Tou - Bump Of Chicken
has wonderful lyics (typical for Bump of Chicken!^^<3) and reminds me of the time around april/may, when whe undertook a lot of stuff, and our friend Kanon taught us the meaning of the lyrics!^^the title means „Hammer song and the tower of pain“. It’s about a person who gathers all his/her little pains of life and puts them in a box. The person decides to collect one box after another and to accumulate them in order to get a little attention. when he/she has collected 100 boxes, he/she feels like a king, lonely but Something special. With 1000 boxes, the ladder falls down and the person is unable to climb down again. Realizing how lonely and sad he/she is, the person becomes desperate. Just in this moment, one can hear the song/sound of a hammer, smashing away box after box. On the ground, many people have gathered and say:“Hey you, we all want to talk with you, so please come down to the same level as we are!“.

Starships - Nicki Minaj reminds me of all the afternoons I spent shopping in Namba and Amemura with Jessica and Cléo, because in all the shops like „WE GO“ etc., the song was played, and we always complained, how bad we wanted to go party!!^^

The discovery of the year for me is the artist MIYAVI!!!!>v<
He has everything a personification of a music-god qualifies: Fantastic skills in playing the guitar (seriously, level asian is NOTHING against this man!!*0* He’s a guitar-god, no joking!!), a unique voice, a certain aura around his appearance; and he’s SO HOT!!!!!>//<*nosebleed* ^^ xD
Two songs I knew from the start were * STRONG and **DAY1.

L’Arc en ciel is also one of my favorite artists. If I need to think or daydream, if I have a need for a little comfort, i feel like Hyde(vocalist and leader) always has the right song for me!^v^ Fore example **READY STEADY GO,*** Lost Heaven, ***xxxCHASE and ***未来世界 are really great songs.His other band is called Vamps, and a bit more Visual kei/ Rock. One of my favorites from Vamps is the song **REVOLUTION. I listened to it a lot at the beginning of the new school year when I came back, cause no matter how unsure and unconfortable you feel, after hearing this song, you are like:"AH,WATCHA SAID?!I'M SO GONNA KICK YOUR ASS,AHA!!!xD"Once made the mistake to settle it as the alarm - 05:45 a.m., speakers max volume - you'll get the adrenaline - shock of your life!!x'))

ONE OK ROCK is also a band I want really want to recommend you!!!! They're Japanese, but their English is really good( and that means something!;P) and I love the songs and the lyrics as well!! My favorite song is ***完全感覚DREAMER, which means as much as "complete dreamer of feelings", which is exactly what I am...(:

 One More Night of MAROON5 is one of my most heard songs of 2012, I just got addicted to it when I first heard it. But ***SAM TSUI's version I love probably as much if not even better, than the original! I'd rather check it out if I was you...;))

The most emotional song I connect with summer 2012 is*** Glad You Came - The Wanted. Not that Glad You Came would be an especially emotional song, no, contrarily, but I connect pretty important memories to this song, memories of telling good bye, hopes, disappointments and unfulfilled wishes...

Songs I listened to at the end of the year were Everybody Lies - Jason Walker and** Grow - Rae Morris. I think they're just like made for this dull, rather heavy time of the year. Perfect for rainy days and long journeys on the train:))....

But the most, absolutely MOST IMPORTANT song of the last year, my song 2012 I heard shortly after I was in Switzerland again. The ones who read this post attentively and love music may already have guessed it:

***FUN - Some Nights.

It's a song aout the American civil war, but I think it's a song each and everybody can identify with. At least once in a lifetime, there will be a moment where one doesn't know anymore what he or she does stand for. I already had a some of this times, but I never felt as lost as I did when I came back to Switzerland this year. I listened to this song all the time, almost every day, without going rid of it. It always supported me and gave me a backup to go on, even if I can't see a good reason right now. I still don't know what I do stand for, but I know that I want to go on, because there will be one day I will know and can say it with a smile...

The account of my new year in Istanbul will follow soon - I wanted to thank you for reading my posts or even just dropping by here and there - The site reached over 1500 clicks before the end of 2012!!!^0^ Compared to other sites, this may not be soooo special, but for me, it's much and it means a lot to me!>v< you are great! Thank you a lot!! I hope that 2013 will be the most amazing year for you (/us;)) one can imagine!!!;DD A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

your cheeky devil

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