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the last bit, about life;or: My message to you

whaaah, at least I could write this post!!!>.< I wanted to write so badly, it's gotten a real necessity to write for me!!<3

So, finally school has ended..

I was so sad, since I really didn't  wan't to go back to Switzerland. But it's kinda ok since I stopped going to school; I kind of calmed down inside. But last friday was my last day, and there I had to cry so hard on my way home - I think the Japanese never looked more at me than this day - A gaijin driving on a bicycle, which is packed over and over with luggage, paintings etc(all the art stuff I did throughout the whole year), wearing a highschool uniform, always changing between laughing,smiling and sobbing while tears were running down the cheeks nonstop!!^^''But in this moment, I just absolutely didn't care!x))

This week on thursday, I went to school once more, since they made a little bye-bye party for me in the cafeteria (since I already sent back my uniform, I was in my own clothes - reeeeeeeally weird feeling00'' It's gonna be weird the first time in Switzerland, to go to school in casual!0w0'')

However, I got soooooo much stuff, ALL the thirdgraders wrote a message on a message board for me(in total 7 boards, one of my kouhais of the ouendan, one of the whole ouendan and 5 from all five classes of the 3rd grades, which all have wonderful illustrations of myself on it!!TTwTT I'll give them a special place in my room in Switzerland!!!<3<3<3), A reeeally awesome scetch of kyoto from my oilpainting teacger, a lucky-charm from my sculpture teacher (the top of a deer-horn from the place we went in spring) , traditional clothes you can wear over a kimono(haori) and,and,and!! I'm just speechless!!!!!!

Kohnan Zokei, if it's me, may be the best school in this whole world!!!! Everybody, thank you.I'm writing that from the bottom of my heart. I won't forget you. You're all great, I'm so thankful I was able to meet you! I'm looking forward to see you again, another time, maybe another place, someday in the future. I love you!

I have no plan, wether and how much of the students of Kohnan Zokei actually will see this, but I just wanted to have it written down here.This is how I'm always gonna feel about!by the way, if you are curious what kind of school I went to this whole year, here's the link:

There's not much time left until I have to leave anymore, but I'm not feeling like really leaving!
 It's just like with the persons whom are important to me:
Because one loves each other, no matter where I am and what I'm doing, no matter how far the distance, I feel connected with them. I guess that's the reason why I've never gotten homesick in my whole live so far.

And it's exactly the same case here: I learned so much here, I was able to change, to grow and to tower over myself, to meet some GREAT persons, and to gain more of what I think of as my most precious treasure: The best, really THE BEST friends one can wish for!!!!I think true friends are the family of your heart,and my family has grown to the size of a little army now!!!(笑)
Therefore, no matter when, where and what, I'll ALWAYS be connected with this beautiful,crazy, extraordinary and unique country called Japan.

OMG, and this sunday, mum will come to Japan, and we'll go to Tokyo for 4 days, come back to Osaka (were we will live with my current hostfamily) where I'll give her a guidance(we'll also undertake daytrips to Nara,Kyoto etc.), and the last week, we'll go to...


Which is also known as "The Hawaii of Japan"!!!<3<3<3 むっちゃくっちゃ楽しみ〜!!!
Three weeks in total.^0^ It's gonna be sooooo much fun for sure!!^o^

Oh, and yeah, btw, it may be that I fell. For a guy I know since spring, and always thought of as a brother or just a reeaally cool friend.  3 weeks before I leave.

Life's just a bitch sometimes

I don't get the why's or the WTF's in my head, but it's fine.
It's actually kinda funny since it's soooooo typical me!*sigh*

I dunno 'bout he feels, and I'm not decided 'bout how to go on from now on. It's not like my heart's bleeding from love, or something like that, like I said, I just MIGHT have fallen for that guy,so it's ok.^o^

Makes things more interesting that way, I think!!xP^^

Hey, this is what life makes worth living: Being happy, being mad, being down; laughing, crying,fighting,improving, loving.
Just enjoying every second of this short time we have been given with on this wonderful planet to the fullest.
Out there is so much! So much more.
Living in the very moment. That's what I learned here.
And If it's one thing I know it's that I definitely won't have any regrets when the day comes I'll take my last breath.
This is my message to you: 

Peeps out there,just enjoy life to the limit. You won't have another chance, cause there's just one life you have to spend.Stop saying"If only I had...!". Every day's a new chance; it's never to late, until the day you die. So just use your chance to make the best out of it!!!!!

Live with ALL of you heart! That's my advise.

Pheeew, it's gotten pretty serious to the end, ain't it?!^o^'' sorry for that!!;D
I hope this is not my last post from here in Japan; and I also decided to continue this blog when I'm back in Switzerland, so if you'd like to read about me and my pretty darn crazy ,confusing but interesting life, then, from now on too,よろしくお願いしま〜す!!(*^つ^*)/
(=copula; it means as much as "to a good collaboration"or "please take good care of me")

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