Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

precious time......本番,tears,hopes and the best wishes or: About the best birthday I had so far!

Hi dear readers out there!(actually I have no plan, how many you are - I think you aren't to much, but that doesn't matter, since I write for myself in first term, and I'd also give my best if there was only one reader!^o^)

First of all,I'm on twitter now!!^o^ If you like to follow me, my name is bohemian__girl(what else?!xP).

I'm sorry not to write for so long, but I was, how so many times before, just so busy.

I got in the Ouendan (traditional Japanese cheerleading, it's kinda similar to cappoeira, but more japanese!:P, and it's with drums - normally girls don't take part in it to often, they have an american cheerlaeding club for the girls, but in my school both girls and boys take part in it - it looks so awesome, I'm still so happy I got in!!^0^). We preformed on the taiikusai(sportsfestival) of my school, which was at the 1st of June(my birthday!^0^).Therefore, we had to train a lot (in the morning an hour before school starts, 30 minutes at lunchtime, and 2 hours after school, as well as satur-and sundday from 9:00 am till 16:00pm )It's really exhausting, but it made soooo much fun!!:DD I think I'll do something like that when I return to Switzerland.I still can't believe that it's finished - our group got so close, and when we had finished our preformance, nearly everbody(including the guys) was crying so hard. The first and second  graders were so cute, they all came and huged me while crying, and they were just like:"whuaah,akuma-chan-senpai!!*snief*"!^^<3they always called me akuma-chan-SENPAI, which is kinda strange, because normally you use just one of those titles, eighter -chan or-senpai, but I told them to just call me akuma-chan, and since I'm their senpai they thought it would be to rude to call me -chan, so it came to this name!^^

OMG, my birthday was just awesome - though I couldn't party, since I'm still underaged in Japan..But the way I celebrate here was at least as good as I would have celebrated it in Switzerland!!
I got a lot of messages from my friends from 0:00 on trough the whole day, and though I didn't say something knew the most of the members of the aodan (in the ouendan, there are three groups at my school: akadan(red group), kidan(yellow)and aodan(blue)-  I was in the aodan!<3<3<3), even the first and second graders, that it was my birthday - they sang for me and gave me little presents, and the ones who didn't know that it was my birthday wanted to give me something too, so they gave me sweets and even a drink they brought with them for themselves - soooooo cute!!!!>.< <3 And there are about three other people in my school as well as another friend of mine, whom also have their birthday at the 1st of June!^o^ I kinda really like that!!^o^
However, the sports festival was just great, and when I came back home, my family and I was invited to a friend's family, whose mother made a birthday-meal for me, even though they didn't know me at all!!>.< and she made about three different cakes by herself, and of course I had to blow out the candles after they sang for me!:DD I just feel happy, even now; It was just great(maybe it sounds pretty lain for some of you, but especially the ouendan is an experience I'll never forget!!!)<3

Time flies so fast - I just have about another month until I have to go to Switzerland. I don't wan't to.NOT AT ALL. I just return because I have to, I'll graduate from high school in Switzerland(I still have to do another two years!-.-''), study languages , do some jobs in order to save a lot of money, and then return to Japan or go to France to study at a good University.

Two weeks before, I was in the"a kingdom for the one who can show me how to stop the time/stay here" phase.I'm over that now - I accepted the fact, that I don't have much time anymore left, that I just have to leave when I got to know the best persons and when I'm about to get friends with persons I wanted since I came here,and that I probably won't be able to get a boyfriend while I'm here anymore, because I don't have time anymore.
I accepted all these facts and decided to just each and EVERY second that I have left to spend here - The time here is so precious to me, and if I think back, I think it's amazing what I experienced, learned,mastered and became. I'm so proud of myself. And just thankful! T.T

I'll write more soon,

your akuma-chan

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  1. Ich bin neidisch °x° Ein echt toller Geburtstag mit Ouendan und ganz vielen Leuten und awww>.< Ich glaub dir gerne, dass du das nie vergessen wirst!!^^
    Schade, dass dein Aufenthalt bald wieder vorbei ist, es war immer so interessant deinen Blog zu verfolgen und alles :/ Ich hoffe wirklich, dass ichs nächstes Jahr nach Japan schaffe für ein Jahr...