Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

the end of spring holidays, a new year, or: about trains, dreams and confusion

Hi there!!

I thought a long time, wether and how much of this post I should write, but in the end, I decided to write down nothing but the truth, because this is my style - And because I really want to give you the chance to take part in my adventure, even if it's only from your computer or smartphone etc.;)


Where shall I start?!00''
Well, I heard, that in situations like this, it shall be a good thing to start with the beginning, which means in our case, the point where my last post ended, right?So, let's start there!;P have fun...

The first thing that's kinda remarkable, is, that for like one week or so, I happend EVERYDAY to take the wrong train, and thind often more than one time a day!!!=..=''^^
I don't know why, it suddenly started, and with every time I took the wrong train, I payed more attention NOT to miss the right station or take the wrong train, but it continued like this for a few days - in the end, I nearly got a train-paranoia!!xP But, as it started, it luckily happend to disappear after a few days full with stress everytime I had to take a train, cause even when I asked the train personal, they sometimes told me to take a train that, in the end, was wrong, so I even didn't believe them anymore (mum, now I know how you felt after Lucern carnival!-.-''xP)

Ok, now, I'll start to tell ya the maybe most interesting part of this post:

The evening before the last day of spring holidays I had a really strange dream:

I was on the beach with a guy(at first I thought it was Shou, but he turned out to be a stranger wose face I'd never seen before) - however, I dreamed that he will become my boyfriend.

Well, in fact, the dream is not strange. No, it's what happend the next day!

It was the last day of the holidays, and I went to a hanami(cherry blossom viewing, in fact a picnic under Japan's famous cherry trees, and since long ago part of Japanese culture) of EF. The thing was, that I forgot to tell them, to which meeting point I would come, so they sent me a mail in which they told me, that, if I wouldn't be at eighter on of the meeting points at time, they would leave without me. And if I would need to contact someone, I could contact Simon(another exchange student). Well, fine, the point was just, that I didn't had Simon's contact datas!-.-'' And, of course, I took a wrong train, due to I happend to to be late!00'' And, as always in situations as this one, no one I could reach knew Simons contact datas; and the one's who knew it I couldn't reach!-.-'' NIIIIIIIIICE!!!=..= But luckily, they were still there waiting, since other persons were also late.*lucky*
When we went to the cherry blossom park, I noticed, that beside Simon and me all members where Japanese University Students(I thought there would be much more of us exchange students).
The point is, that I met there two guys that day, whom looked nearly the same as the guy in the dream!!!00''*shooock* And the funny thing is, that I talked a looot with both of them!xP
With one of them I will undertake something together with friends soon!:D*tanoshimiiiii*^0^

But you may be more interested in the other guy, or better what happend:
The same evening I came home from the hanami, he wrote a mail on facebook, and we exchanged our mobile-mail adresses. Then, we wrote a lot, and since he lives only two stations from where I live now, we said that we would undertake something together another day.And when I asked when he had time, he was like: "Do you have time after school??"
Unluckily, I didn't, but we agreed to go to the cinema the next sunday. On saturday, he asked wether I had time. of courese, I didn't. And since I knew he had a girlfriend, I proposed to watch the new Sherlock Holmes, since that kind of movie normally isn't dangerous, if you know what I mean. We talked a lot that day, and he said that he wants to break up since his girlfriend is cheating on him.
Well, it turned out, that the type of movie doesn't really play a role - we didn't much of the movie besides the beginning and the end, because, well, because we were concerned with other things!^^''

But afterwards, I thought about it again, and he's definitely not what I want - I don't want to have a playmate, I wanna have a boyfriend.

.....HAAAAH, why need things always to be so complicated - Why can't one's luck just jump in front of you ???!!

But well, it wouldn't be life as it is, especially not mine, am I right?;)

soon more,

 your akuma-chan!<3

PS: wow, this  post is, compared to the others, kinda short, right? the first time I managed not to write like 5 posts in one!^^''xDOh, and I'm still really thankful if you'd like to spare a little time and write a comment now and then!:D Bye!^^


  1. Ich würd gerne ab und zu mal nen Kommi verfassen, aber ich weiß nicht wasXD
    Dir passiert immer soviel und ich saug es auf und bin neidisch und versuch mir vorzustellen, wie es wäre, wenn ich an deiner Stelle wäre und... Weiß nicht, es macht einfach Spaß deine Posts zu lesen, aber ich weiß nicht was ich schreiben sollXD
    Du scheinst aber recht beliebt bei den Jungs zu sein was? °x° Meinst du, das liegt daran, dass du Ausländer bist?

  2. ^w^ soll ja keinen vorwurf gewesen sein, bei dir weiss ich sowieso, dass ich auch ohne kommi viel unterstützung(in sinne von sich in meine lage versetzen etc!:DD) bekomm!^^

    und es freut mich riiesig, wenn's spass macht, meine posts zu lesen, denn das is ja der sinn der sache!:D

    und ja, das liegt sicher zu einem grossen teil auch daran, dass ich ausländerin bin - aber bei den meisten japanischen typen bekommst du ausser blicken und getuschel nicht viel - die denken alle, dass man ausser englisch nichts spricht, und die, die's wissen, sind meistens zu scheu!-.-'' Die zwei, von denen ich hier geschrieben habe, sind studenten, und waren ne zeit im ausland, was bedeuted, dass sie offener und weniger scheu sind...