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march part 2: spring holidays!

Hi guys,
hope you're all fine??^^
in this secound half of the march posts, I'll write about my holidays - enjoy!^o^

Well, In the holidays, I went out nearly every day with friends or undertook something, so one can say I had really active holidays - But, it's the most fun that way, isn't it??^o^

I went to the Osaka castle with my family, because in it's garden, the plum-blossoms were flowering - that was awesome, especially because they smelled so good!*w*

I also finished myself in the sculpture class!^^ But I won't take it to Switzerland, it's to heavy, and it's just scary to look at oneself in white every day!00
The next thing I'll make is our sweet Diamond, and I'll make him out of plastic and small size, so there won't be a problem to take him home!^^
Lol, I also went on to club-trips(oil-painting and sculpture), even if I wasn't a member of the sculpture-club - they just asked me, wether I also wanted to come!^^
The sculpture-club trip was really cool - we went somewhere in nowhere in the mountains of Nara-prefeecture, there were really luxurious cottages where we slept, and we learned there how to carve wood from more or less famous carving-artists!*o* And the best thing was, that my cottage was next to the guy's-cottage, which was the cottage farest away from the teacher's cottage - do I have to say more?!^^
In the first night, we talked and played various games before dinner, and afterwards we went all to the guys cottage and listened to their scary stories - afterwards we went in groups outside in the forrest!^^ It was just a pity, that the groups were to big, so it wasn't scary anymore!-.-'' But it was still fun!:))

And in the second night, a friend of mine and I went alone to the guys, since our other room mates wanted to watch some tv program or sleep early, so we were just two girls!00'' but it was really cool, since I talked a lot with the guys, and the ice broke a bit more again - and I have two new numbers now!^w^(from mori-chan and kiichi-kun, they were also in the group of they guy whom talked to me the first time in the bus). They suddenly said like: Hey, let's undertake something together another day etc.!:))*smirk*finally!!^o^

And I learned a lot about carving wood, and the teacher/artist was also really cool, so i spent really good 3 days there, and I'm also totally satisfied with my product (a wooden dragon).(:

I came home for one day, packed again, went with my family to a family-sport-event of my host father's company, and the next day I went to the club trip of the oil-painting club - We went to the coast of Mie prefecture - to the SEA!!!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!(in case you don't know it: There should be nothing I love as much as the sea!)

Lol, and there were also senpai's coming, that graduated a few years ago, so they didn't know I'm going to Konan Zokei, So they had a little shock when they saw me sitting in the bus and talking in Japanese with a friend - The next thing was, that they asked (in KEIGO!!00'') me, wether I was half, and my father eventually foreigner and came to Japan where he met my mother or something in this kind!x) When they learned I was an exchange student from Switzerland, the normal trouble around my person started!"kawaii!!<3""suisu ikitai!!","ii na, gajin san","haicchi!!"(cute, I wanna go to Switzerland, must be cool to be a foreigner, HEIDI!xD) etc!x) I can say by now all the things Japanese will say for sure when they learn about me, and also mostly in which order they'll say it!-.-''^^:P It's just so typically Japanese!^^''

Oh, and Mori-chan was also coming, as well as SHOU!-.-''

Maybe you wonder, why I put this "-.-''" smiley behind his name instead of something like"^^"or"^0^" or ">//<^_^" or something I would normally put there in this situation. Well, now comes the part I didn't like at all about this club-trip:

You know, what happened on valentine's day; and also, what I got back for white day, right?
Well, I always thought, girls are the worst if it comes to gossip about this kind of things; but what I learned on this trip, is:

Guys are far worse!!!!!!=.=''

So I couldn't talk one sentence with him, without having all guys talking about it afterwards, when they thought I didn't listen!-.-'' And in most of the cases, they also started to act strange when I talked with them - for example, one of the guys came inside the room we stored our paintings, and asked, where ones of guys where. Then, he spotted out mori-chans painting, and coincidentally, I knew that the painting next to mori's was the one of Shou, so I said that. You know, which answer I got back??
"OOOOH, I see*smirk*!" Then I asked him why he smirked, and he said"oh, it's nothing!.." and to himself:"oh, HIS painting is the most important to her, it seems*smirk*!.."
...=.=*And there were a lot of things like that!=.="

So I ask you now: Could you speak normal in this atmosphere? Well, I couldn't! In the whole 3 days i talked maybe 3 sentences with shou, high counted! o(_ _'') o
And the worst was, that my friend and me once were late for lunch, so we had to sit on separated places, the one's that were left. Guess, where I had to sit? Yeah, right, on the guy's table! o (_ _)o >o<
One could say that I may have hit the record in fast eating this day!=.="xP

Well, but beside that, the trip was really cool, but nearly everybody got a sunburn, and i probably was the tomato-queen for the next two days!-.-''x)But i had a good time there, too!:D

the next remarkable thing is that i went to the hairdresser with raku-chan in the holidays - I made permanent straight hair (don't worry, just the front hair, the others are just as curly as always!:D), and cut pony, raku-chan dyed her hair back to back and also cut a pony!!^0^ I love it, and the Japanese always say now that I look like a European Japanese, since my clothing style got really Japanese, too!^^''<3

That's it for today, I will tell you about my April and the rest of the holidays in the next post, So check that out, too, ne!^^

Enjoy spring and stay health,

your cheeky devil!^o^

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