Samstag, 7. April 2012

march: new family, white's day, holidays - Space for myself!:))

Hey guys, finally I start with my March-posts!^^And yeah, today I’ll write about my White’s-day, something some of you were really waiting for – have fuhuuun!!^.-

About the new family is not much to say: They are really young (parents both 30, daughters 5 and 8) and they are nice. I don’t talk to much with the sisters, they like to be for themselves, but I like the mother – since she’s very young, we easily get into conversation!:) the father is nice too, he is sometimes not the fastest if it comes to understanding things, which is sometimes a little bit annoying, but he is really nice and funny. And they are a good family I think. After two months I will change again, cause they onl took me fort wo months, but that’s fine for me – I eventually even know the next family, and if I really can go to them, it will be great fun, I think!^^

As in the former family, I have to be home at 21:00 (They already think that’s really late – they are a bit to worried if you ask me!-.-’’), because the house is near a region, where many Junkees, Homeless and Yakuzas (Japanese Mafia) lives – i’ve never seen dangerous people till now, though..^^
And the Grandmother lives next door – she reeeally loves me, she’s a really cute person!^^<3 And since she used to be a piano-teacher, I asked her weather she could teach me a little bit – So I started to learn a bit piano!^^

LOL, we talked about Easter one day, and the mother explained how jesus died and came to life again after 3 days – the day after that, their goldfish died, and when the father wanted to through it away, the little daughter said: „No, wait! Don’t through it away, we have to wait 3 days! Maybe he will come to life again!“x’D So cute!^^.

Well, let’s start with the mainstory of that blog(fufu, you don’t have to wait any longer!;P):
On the 14th of March, the real date of white’s day, weh ad holidays, but the day after that, we had the year-closing-ceremony of our schoolyear, so everybody gave back their white’s-day return on that day.
When I passed the guys, they just rushed by instead of saying hello as always – I was like0.o’’ What the heck?!-.-

And it was like that all day, and until lunchtime, you could start to see the dark could above my head, because I started to get a little pissed of – at least the girls gave back something!^^
After school, I closed my spind and was going to leave, when I heard a smiling voice behind me saying: „A-kuma chan!^^ Okaeshi de-su!^^’’ When I turned around, Shou was there, holding a small bag in his hands, which he gave to me. At the same time, mori-chan gave me also a packet back, so I didn’t really have the time to see what’s inside Shou’s bag. I said thank you to them and asked, wether we wanted to undertake something with friend in the holidays, and with a smile on his face he said: sure!^_^
When I was in the subway, I had time to look what the gave me: Mori gave me chocolate-filled strawberry-marschmallows (they were really yummy) and then I looked inside the bag I got from Shou:
It was from a kinda expensive backery,  on the bag were prints like „be mine“, „hug me“etc and hearts – Well, that’s the bakery’s usual bag for white day.
Inside were to big cookies  - When I took them out, I could see that one of them was white, decorated with little red hearts, and the other was chocolate-black, topped with chocolate-chunk. And The cookies themselves were heart-shaped, too!...

... To be continued

Well, I decided to write a short blog today, because there are many other thing I’ll write about, but it would have become a to big post!^^’’ Well, we’ll see how things come out, there’s is nothing yet, as much as I can say!:)


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