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March: Fuji Q, „MORE SNOW???!!!!!“ or: Nampa the 2nd!

Yaho!^0^ my march upload starts with this post - I know how much some of you wait for on part of it!;P
Have fuuuuuuuuuuhun!!^^

After the weekend we went snowboarding, the test week started, which ment for me, in fact, nothing else than a looot of freetime, but I mostly couldn’t undertake something with friends, because they had to learn for the test; and the exchange students had to go to school, even if they didn’t do anything!-.-’’ So, What to do alone with no internet, always just like 2 hours school and no internet?

I cooked a lot, helped my hostmother with spreading post-advertisement, and I read a lot of mangas (for example the whole lovely complex row, which includes 17 volumes, as well as some onepiece, fairy tail, blue exorcist ans a lot of other mangas too – of course in Japanese!^^)
And after all that relaxing stuff, I became busy all of a sudden:

I knew since a while before, that, since my hostmother is ECC-teacher, I would have to change families again, because she would become busy after spring (In Japan, the new year starts in April, therefore a lot of new students will visit her classes!^^) But, since EF said „for two months“, I booked a trip with Heikki (a friend from Greenland, he’s so funny!^o^) Jessica(a friend from Holland), Cléo(A new friend from France), Cléo’s hostmother and her hostsister to Fuji Q highland (an attractionpark wich has some AWESOME rollercoasters, a FREAKING scary ghosthouse, and a view of mount fuji out of the rollercoasters – in short, a MUST-GO for me!^w^) At the beginning  of March. But Since the new family is busy too, the had no time for the chance but THIS very weekend we booked that trip. So my schedule looked like this:

Friday night: driving with the nightbus to Fuji Q
Saturday: All Day Fuji Q
Saturday night: Driving back to Osaka by nightbus
Sunday mornig: Arrival in Osaka, eating breakfast all together, return home, eating lunch the last time together, change homestay at 2 o’clock.

Full programm, right?^^
But it was a looot of fun!^w^

It was just a pitty, that snow fell down the whole saturday (we forgot that this region is a bit more in the North than Osaka, which means in fact, that it is longer cold than here!=.=’’), which meant two things: First, our shoes were soaked ful of icey wather after 10 minutes (but that was the small problem), and secound, all the rollercoasters, with exeption of the kidspark, couldn’t drive.ToT

Normal people would maybe swearing in this case. We, of course, did that too, but if you know my character, and can imagine 4 other teenager with nearly the same strange brain as mine, you know what we did: Of cousre we went to the KIDS PARK!!!x’’D

Well, a lot of people did that too, since you couldn’t do anything better(they said, that the coasters maybe will drive afternoon, so we had to wait), but they didn’t seem to enjoy it as we did – There was a Hamtaro(children’s anime character) „coaster“, were you had to drive with your wn energy – kinda like bycicle, just more exhausting.

It was so much fun to see all these „oh-I’m-so-cool“ Oshare-guys(oshare=trendsetter, good-looking), Wanna-be’s and gansters driving in this hamtaro-cars, desperatly trying to look still cool, even in a kids-car they’d NEVER drive normally!x’) And then, It was our turn:Cléo drove in front, in the second car were Jessica and Haruno, and at last Heikki and me. So, what Heikki and I did was, that we drove with all our power to get fast, and we pumped into Jessica and Haruno’s back. These two also startet with that, which lead to that we pumped into Cléo. She enjoied the fact that she didn’t have to do anything but to let drive her car by our power; and in the end, we nearly bumped into a couple which enjoyed their togetherness!^^’’ So, in fact, we laughed the whole time, and we nearly had to cry in the end, because the whole situation was just so hilarious. And the decent Japanese as well as the Oshare-waana-be’s just STARRED at us, and you could read their thought from their expressions : WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE GAIJINS???!!??!!!!!!!!

After we rode the ferrisweel, the merry-go-round and the crazy teaparty too, we finally went to the famous ghosthouse. Well, If you imagine now something like these little BARACKEN you often see at the fair, YOU. ARE. TOTALLY. WRONG!

This one was set up as a empty hospital, where humans were used for cruel experiments around 50 years before...

And you were a WHOLE HOUR in it!!!T.T It was so freaking scary!!!
Especially because Cléo and I walked infront of us, holding the lamps -  this mens the others always knewed what would came, in GEGENTEIL to us, whom always were the first checking the room!TwT kowai!!! And in top of that, the Zombies were human actors, and THEY CAME AFTER YOU!!!!TwT
Hahaha, and the funny thing was, that we went in as a group of 5, but came out as a group of 12 or fifteen, because two girls that went in earlier, as well as a group after us, was to scared to go alone, so the took part in our group. You can imagine the mess of fifteen people, UMKLAMMERN each other(well, nearly tear the arm off or to bruise the hand would be closer I think), especially when we had to run!X) and always Cléo and me in front!!! But it was reeeally cool.

After the ghosthouse, two watercoasters opened, so we drove them two. After that, it was aleady five o’clock, so the coasters wouldn’t drive anymore. And everybody was reeeally cold. so we gave up and went to a onsen that’s close to the park and ate dinner!^w^
We said that we’ll definitely go again, since it’s not that expensive and we saw all these awesome coasters in REAL!!*w*<3<3<3
But if you think, that was all I have to tell about this trip, then you don’t know my life: The best always comes last:

Cléo, Jessica and me wanted to eat breakfast together.
We arrived in Osaka around 6:30 in the morning, so the normal shops where you can eat breakfast, were still closed. In contrary, the nightlife of Osaka was about to finish, which meant, that we saw the other face of the city for the first time (you don’t see the nightlife of a megacity when you have to be at home at 9 or 10 o’clock!-.-’’). In a 24 hours noodleshop, you saw ALL kind of people: the early busynessman, seriously looking, was eating next to a drunken girl and a dangerous looking wanna-be ganster!^^We just saw it from outside, since we didn’t feel like eating noodles at 6:30 a.m., but I really enjoyed this image!x) But I got out of topic:

Since we were early, we walked slowly to the direction of the food-street. But, because we came from another side, we didn’t know this part of the city to well. Therefore, we picked the wrong street one time and got in a small alley, which we had to pass in order to get to the main street.
And, as always, my timing was brilliant!-.-’’ Just when we passed trough this alley,  around five men between the end of twenty and the mid thirties got out of a noodle shop. When we passed them, they started to talk something in English, but we, of course(since they were neighter good-looking nor young),just passed them without a look. BUT: They came after us!

At first, it was just one of them, non stop trying to talk with us. But we were tired and just wanted to bet he three of us. So I tried to shut his mouth with my answers, which lead to a conversation of nearly half an hour. But the first things first:

We didn’t reply until the question: „Where do you come from??“ came. I was so pissed of, that I just replied:


Then he was quiet for a moment.
..But, a few seconds after he started to talk even more engaged!-.-’’ Daishippai ya na!=w=**(a great dissuccess). He somehow managed to get us into a conversation, so we were talking (always triying to end the conversation) in front of the bridge, from where you can see the famous glico-man.In the meantime, the rest of his friends STIESSEN ZU UNS. Since Japanese normally can’t speak English, we pretended to be normal travellers. But, the guy that followed us from the start as well as his friends, could speak English pretty well(for Japanese standarts!^^’’)matta shippai ya na!(again a dissucced!) And, to our surprise, they weren’t drunken at all.
After the Bus question, he asked:

How old are you?

I was like: TO.YOUNG.FOR.YOU. THen he was quiet again for a short while, but then repeated the question, so I gave the queston back and asked how old they think we are: Jessica=20, Cléo and me 21! When I said 17, they got the shock I wanted them to have.

..Well, I thought so. But after a short moment of thinking, they seemed to be fine with the idea to ANMACHEN under-aged!-.-’’ hard case, right!-.-’’

The next questions were like“Can you speak Japanese?“, “why did you came here“ etc. And, since I like to play with the meaning of a sentence, always replied like“a little“, „to enjoy Japanese culture“etc. So always things the would interpret like I wanted them to, but not a single lie!;)
Then, I thought wem ade it, we were about to go, the guy said: SO, let’s eat BREAKFAST together!!:))
And we were like: Eh, NO. And he gave us a heartbreaking, totally shocked look and said: But WHY??! We are FRIENDS!!:)

And I just replied: EH NO, we don’t know you??!!^^’’

Which lead to that he took my hand and said: „I’m Ryusuke!:)“ After his friends all did the same (nice!-.-), he said: „Well, now you know us.“




After about fifteen minutes always replying these two sentences(In the meantime one of his friends told Cléo randomly „I like you“, which lead to that they all started to do the same with Jessica and me – They ended with like how beautifull we were etc!-.-’’*(annoying, I hate these whackass-pick up lines because we’re foreigners),He asked me: 

Do you like Japanese men?

And I thought like: „Yes, but I I’d say that you’ll never give up“, so I just decided to tell what a typical foreigner sais (Even if I don’t think so!):

„They are small“

What happend next was everything, but not what I expected:
He looked down on his body, and said with a really concerned view:

„Yes, I know, I HAVE A SMALL ONE!“

and we were like: .......00’’
An another friend said: „Yeah, Japanese often have a small one!“
And another one added: „...PENIS“
And we were like:

HOLY SHIT!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!x’’D We DIDN’T want to know THAT!!!xD

After that, their tension somehow was really low(I wonder why??!xP), therefore we took the chance a got somehow to saying good bye!*finally*
Well, we couldn’t walk till the other side of the bridge, until the next Japanese came ou of nowhere, as if he had waited for us, and wanted to talk with us.BUt this one was a weird one, he asked: Can you speak English?

And we replied:...EH, YES (why did we even reply??!-.-’’).
The next thing he said was: ....I can speak English! And I just thought:“-.-’’And the next weirdo came out of his cave! -yes, it’s obviousely that you aren’t talking Russian or Chinese!=w=**“ And we just said: Yeah.Good for you.“ Than he waited a moment, looed at us again and asked:

...Can you speak English??“

We looked at each other and decided without talking, to just pass by. After that, we finally got our breakfast – pancakes, yummy!!^w^

After we finished our meal, I got home, did the last preparations, went out to eat the last time with the old family, and changed families at two o’clock p.m.!^^Hard schedule ya na!^^

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  1. Wie cool, in den Park will ich auch mal*___* Aber dann wenn es warm ist^^ Ich glaub aber Gaijin sind oft so, dass sie einfach Spaß an sowas haben oO Also ich und meine Freunde hätten jedenfalls auch ihre helle Freude an den Kindersachen gehabtXD
    Hattest ja echt viel Stress das Wochenende, aber ehrlich gesagt... Ich glaub wenn ich in deiner Situation gewesen wär mit diesen Typen, die euch angemacht haben... Ich hätte mich nicht mehr eingekriegt vor Lachen, ich hätte die zu lustig gefundenXD Dir passiert echt ständig sone Scheiße was?^^" Aber siehs positiv, so wird dir nie langweilig (auch wenn man auf manche Sachen verzichten kann^^")
    Und ich glaub bei dem Geisterhaus wär ich gestorben... Brrr, ich krieg ja schon allein vom Lesen Gänsehaut>.<
    Es macht echt immer wieder Spaß deine Einträge zu lesen, der hier war besonders interessant^^