Samstag, 17. März 2012

February – the big event, sorrows of a devil, or: Just let go...

Hey guys, here’s the first part of the upload of my February – enjoy it!;)

Most of the secound half of January I spent with learning, becoming closer with my new family; and finally, February came. And with every day that passed by, THE BIG event in a year of a JK (Joshi-koukousei= female highschool student) got closer: 

14th of february, better known as ST. Valentine’s Day!

If you also read manga, you sureley can understand, that this was one of the events in my exchange year I was looking forward to the most. Well, let’s give a short explanation for these who don’t: 

In Japan, as I said before, Valentine’s day is one of the most important days for highschool girls. The girls buy or make chocolate (or other sweets such as cookies, cake, etc. which contain chocolate) and give them to their friends(tomo-choco), their teachers and senpais(giri-choco) and, most important, to the person they love. For couples it’s a day of celebrating their love, but far more important, it’s the day of love confessions! 

If a girl likes a guy, she gives him chocolate(this is honmei-choco). If the guy also likes the girl, he will give her something in return one month later, on the 14th of march. This is White’s day, originally created by the chocolate industry, but turned out to become really famous. On White’s day, the persons gifted (especially the guys) will return a gift as a thank. For the guys, that’s an absolutely MUST-DO. If the guy also likes the girl, he will return something that has like 10 x the value of the chocolate given by the girl, or something to show that he also likes her. This is a really cute way to start a relationship in Japan!^^ Well, back to the main story:

So, Valentine’s day came closer and closer, which served me a several new problems: 

First of all, it’s sad to say, but I didn’t have a guy I liked that much to give him this HONMEI-chocolate. But this is what I always wanted to do since I decided to go to Japan!T.T
Well, latest, some of the guys really got talkative (at last!!- it looks like I’ll really get also male friends here – wonder really exist!xP), but I don’t have a guy I REALLY like..., not LIKE, but....well, let’s come to that later!^^’’

Second, which persons should I gave chocolate?! Since I have lessons with all grades, I know a whole bunch of persons I like, but it’s just impossible to give all of them chocolate!-.-’’
So I had to make a choice, which was reeeally difficult.

Third, what should I make??! I really wanted to  make pralinées/truffes by myself, but this would have come far to expensive which that much people, so I decided to bake different cookies, and make truffes for some special persons. So, I spent the whole day with my little sister baking stuff and decorating it.

And finally, St. Valentine’s came.
And I felt like Santa Claus – I had to put all my stuff in a big plastic bag, and at lunch time, I ran around and gave it to the persons I wanted to...and to some I didn’t plan! Well, my problem is, that I sometimes just can’t say no – especially when some really nice girls come and just ask for chocolate, because they just wanted to eat MY chocolate so badly. So I ended up with some persons that now really want to become my friends – and , therefore, with having to less chocolate!T.T’’

So I didn’t have enough chocos for the guys I planned (if you give guys chocos in a group, then it’s logically tomo-choco, so I wanted to do that) – so, in the end, I just had one pack left – and I really wanted to give Shou-kun Chocolate on Valentine!(Well, I don’t LIKE him, but...I don’t know, he somehow intrigued me right form the start as you know^^’’) I just wanted to give him tomo-choco, but it turned halfway out to become HONMEI-chocolate – BY MISTAKE!!

Yes, right, by mistake. 

Well, if you, dear reader, now are wondering how one can confess love by mistake, I just can say: HELLOHO-, it’s ME, welcome to my life!-.-’’ ^.^*
The thing is, since I just had one pack left, I didn’t wanted to give him the choco at lunchtime, since he always eats which a bunch of friends in the cafeteria. If I’d given chocolate him only, it would have looked like love confession, even if I’d have said that it was just tomo-choco. So, I wanted to give him the chocolate after school. But the point was, that after school, he left really fast, So I had to hurry if I wanted to give the choco to him, so I hurried after him and tipped on his shoulder. When he turned around, I just gave him the pack with a“hai, dousou!“and and a smile. He surprised said „arigatou!!“ and smiled back with a biiiiig smile!^^

At that time, I din’t thought about several factors: 

First, since his friends wanted to go, we didn’t have the time to talk anymore, so I couldn’t say that it was just friends chocolate.

Secound, when I baked with my sister at the grandmother’s house, the grandmother said:“If I was the two of you, I’d bake a looot of hearts, since it’s the day of love!:)“ And I, since it was just for friends, thougt it was a really cute idea, so we made a whole lot of little, cute hearts, which I dipped in white, black, milk and pink strawberry chocolate (strawberrychoco is SO YUMMY!!0.0).
However, In one pack, I put especial much hearts, since there were still so much left. And after giving him the pack, I realized, that it was exactly THIS pack, I gave him. And normally in Japan, if you give chocolate to a guy without telling him that it’s only tomo-choco, it equals to a love confession (especially if in the pack are that much hearts!=w=“)

And the tip of the iceberg is, that his friends saw how I gave him the choco, so now ALL the guys (at least all of the secound graders) now about „it“(Why I’m so sure about it? Well, when we started mailing, every guy knew it, so they will know something like THAT for sure, too).


The next day, I met them at the stairways, and said hello to them (trying not to look at Shou, since I felt somehow embarrassed), and while going away, I heard mori-chan saying something like“you should go for it!“. I didn’t get Sou-kun’s answer, since I just DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR IT!>//< -.-“ But after that, everything was like reeaally normal!=.=’’

Well, but who knows, maybe it wasn’t the worsest thing – let’s wait for White’s day, It’s gonna be interesting for sure!..

And I made one more time chocolate for the friends I wanted to give but couldn’t, since I didn’t have had enough – I also gave Mori-chan chocolate. Well, there where a few other guys I also wanted to give, but since it wasn’t Valentine anymore, and I don’t know them sooo well until know, it would have been weird somehow, so I led it be..

Oh, btw, I passed the Japanese Proficiency Test N4!!!!!!!!!/^o^/I’m not decided yet when I want to take the next one, eighter in July, or in December... I’ll let you know!^.-

part two of my february will come this week - so check out my blog, nee!;)

your cheeky devil


  1. Von deiner Valentinsaktion hab ich ja schon gehört, ist echt blöd gelaufenXD Jetzt bin ich ja mal auf deinen März-Eintrag und die Antwort auf deine versehentliche Liebeserklärung gespannt^^"
    Kannst du mir nochmal sagen, wieviele Punkte du bei N4 hattest?^^

  2. Hahaha So öpis muess dir passierä!xD Wartä ganz gspannt uf dini witerä iträg :) Knuuudlduudl vo dä Kathy