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February upload part 2 or: Hai, chikaimasu(Yes, I swear)!!

Hi guys

This is the last upload of february, the next post will be about march, but, even if some of you can't wait and keep digging for it, the next post still won't be about my whiteday; about this topic I'll write in the post after the coming one!:) please be patient!;) But you'll lie the next post too, I think!x) my life doesn't need a special event to be amusing and a complete chaos!^^'' Well, that's who I am!:D But enough talked, let's start with the last february post!^o^:

The next event that is remarkable is that I went on a Japanese Wedding!^^ Well, it was not a traditional wedding, since the people whom married are young. It was the younger brother of my hostfather (my hostparents are also very young - 37), so they asked me, wether I wanted to come too, and I, of course, said yes.
The Evening before the wedding, the whole family went eating a traditional Japanese meal (where I ate the first time in my life fugu – karaage...and I’m still alive, it was delicious, and I’ll DEFINITELY eat fugu again!^w^). There I got a lot of new people and things to know, and since I’m gaijin(foreigner), I was everybody’s sunshine!^^’’

Haha, my hostfather drank a little to much, so he became really funny!:P After the meal, we went karaoke.^^Quiz: What ist he most funniest thing you can imagine??

Answer: A Japanese who loves Karaoke, drank a little too much and sings German songs ... well, let’s say try to sing!x’)) The younger brother(who married) and me changed all time time between laughing and pretending not to know this person!^^

He and his (now) wife are sooo cool persons – He is a DJ, and he’ll maybe take me to a scene club when I turn 18, although that’s still underaged in Japan!^o^ And his wife can sing really beautiful and she has to be really talented with playing the piano, everybody says.

And next weekend, we went all together snowboarding – the first time in my life!!00’’ 

..I know, it’s weird, since I’m Swiss, but until now I just didn’t want to do Wintersports – In fact, I HATE winter – much to cold for me!!! I know, that’s sad to say for a person living in a county that’s famous for it’s mountains, snow and wintersports, but I’m still the summer – type in the end!-.-’’

My dream is to learn how to surf, but since we have no sea in Switzerland, I have to swich to a similar looking sport, and snowboarding somehow has the same feeling. 

We drove trough the night and slept in the car. And since we went to a snowpark, which is a bit small and not to famous, I was, of course, the only gaijin far and wide.^^’’  Since I never boarded before, I was reeally worried about having an accident, just not being able to do it, or becoming a burden fort he others. But luckily, I was not the only greenhorn – Kanami(Who is just married with Masaru, the younger brother of my hostfather) and a her friend also didn’t have to much experience.

When we came to the top of the hill, we saw the piste frome above and Kanami and I were like: UUUAAAAH, we wanna go to the kids-park!!!>o< And until the end of the first half of the piste, I couldn’t board ten metres without falling on my knees, my butt , or something else that hurts more or less!-.-’’ But suddenly, I don’t know why, I got the feeling for „how to do it“, and afterwards I didn’t fall to much, and it was GREAT FUN!!!^w^ Afterwards, I was like:

„Why the hell did I wait for so long??!!??!x’)“ Well, better late than never, right??^^
But sadly, it started to rain around two o’clock, so we couldn’t board anymore. But, therefore, I went with Masaru, Kanami and their friends to a Japanese Onsen that was near the snowpark, which was reeally cool, since there was snow outside; so you could relax in the warm bath while you were surrounded by snow!!^0^ meccha tanoshikatta!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

But back to the main story – Wedding:
Although it was a western-like ceremony, it still was different. The first thing was, that the persons invited by the man were supposed to wait in the left room, while the persons belonging to the bride were supposed to wait in the right. We had to put our money – gift on the gift-desk and to write a little message. Then, the staff opened the wall between the left and the right room, so that we could see the other half of the guests. Then, everyone had to stand up and to introduce themself.
After that, we just sat down again and waited, while glancing at the people of the other side.=..= This waw so weird, every body was just looking, but when we talked, then only with our side!-.-’’ After ca. 10 minutes starring, we could finally enter the chappell. The bridegroom walked into the chappel, toghether with a choir of 4 people.

Then, the bride came in, but she was guided by her mother. After a walk of 3-4 meters, they stopped, bowed, then the mother set on the veil. After that, the mother gave the guidance to the father, who led the bride until to the groom. After that, the ceremony started normal as in Europe etc.
What really funny was, is, that the prieter was English!! But he hold most of the ceremony in Japanese, and I had a hard time not to laugh, because his accent was reeeeeeeaaaally strange!x’P
The groom and the bride  walked out together, and when they stepped outside, a lots of soap bubbles came from somewere – That was reeaally cute!^^ Then, the other guests walked outside, but the bridal pair was nowhere!O.o’’

we had to post ourselves along the stair, and every guest got a little basket filled with  flowers. Then, the bridal pair walked out of the chappel again (huuuuuuu??!^^’’), and we threw the blossoms at them as they passed.

After that, the meal started, and although everything was eatable with chopsticks as well as with fork and knife, I ate everything (including salad) with chopsticks!x) I dunno, it’s just getting weirder each time to eat with fork and knife – I think I’ll get a culture shock like hell when I come back!-.-’’.
They also had a really cool decoration, on each table was, beneath the whole flowerstuff, also a beautiful glass drapped; filled with a special looking liquid. On the table of the bridal pair was a big heart of glass, also filled with thius liquid.

Then, each table got a liquid, and the lights suddenly nearly got out. When we got the okay, we had to fill in the liquid in the glass, and because of a chemical reaction of the to liquids, all the glasses started to gloom in different colors. Then, the pair filled in their liquid in their heart, which started to gloom in a pretty purple-pink. That was so awesome!^o^(I also wanna have that on my wedding!^0^) We saw a slideshow of pictures, and at the end a video of the whole day (I felt a bit like in proposal daisakusen!^^.)

 After that, the couple went to a after-wedding-party with friends, and the family went again karaoke, but this time it was a karaoke bar, so there was a lot of smoke (did I mention that one of the things I HATE THE MOST is smoking?? I CAN’T stand it, especially if I have to be in the same room with smokers – If they wan’t to ruin their bodies, fine, but it’s absolutely NOT okay for me if I have to smoke passive, too!=n=***), so I didn’t feel like singing, since my eyes and my throat began to hurt after a short while!-.-’’
But all in all, it was great fun, and I finally earned a toshiidama (toshiidama is money that kids get at newyear from their families – but since I changed after new year, I certainly didn’t get anything from my former family-.-’’) from a real nice uncle, who really seemed to like me – he even brought me dessert from the buffet on the wedding (gaijin(foreigner)= being a little spoiled!^^’’)!- I was so happy, just the feeling that I also, finally, got a toshiidama!^w^<3 Oji-san, arigatou, meccha ureshii wa!!^^

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February – the big event, sorrows of a devil, or: Just let go...

Hey guys, here’s the first part of the upload of my February – enjoy it!;)

Most of the secound half of January I spent with learning, becoming closer with my new family; and finally, February came. And with every day that passed by, THE BIG event in a year of a JK (Joshi-koukousei= female highschool student) got closer: 

14th of february, better known as ST. Valentine’s Day!

If you also read manga, you sureley can understand, that this was one of the events in my exchange year I was looking forward to the most. Well, let’s give a short explanation for these who don’t: 

In Japan, as I said before, Valentine’s day is one of the most important days for highschool girls. The girls buy or make chocolate (or other sweets such as cookies, cake, etc. which contain chocolate) and give them to their friends(tomo-choco), their teachers and senpais(giri-choco) and, most important, to the person they love. For couples it’s a day of celebrating their love, but far more important, it’s the day of love confessions! 

If a girl likes a guy, she gives him chocolate(this is honmei-choco). If the guy also likes the girl, he will give her something in return one month later, on the 14th of march. This is White’s day, originally created by the chocolate industry, but turned out to become really famous. On White’s day, the persons gifted (especially the guys) will return a gift as a thank. For the guys, that’s an absolutely MUST-DO. If the guy also likes the girl, he will return something that has like 10 x the value of the chocolate given by the girl, or something to show that he also likes her. This is a really cute way to start a relationship in Japan!^^ Well, back to the main story:

So, Valentine’s day came closer and closer, which served me a several new problems: 

First of all, it’s sad to say, but I didn’t have a guy I liked that much to give him this HONMEI-chocolate. But this is what I always wanted to do since I decided to go to Japan!T.T
Well, latest, some of the guys really got talkative (at last!!- it looks like I’ll really get also male friends here – wonder really exist!xP), but I don’t have a guy I REALLY like..., not LIKE, but....well, let’s come to that later!^^’’

Second, which persons should I gave chocolate?! Since I have lessons with all grades, I know a whole bunch of persons I like, but it’s just impossible to give all of them chocolate!-.-’’
So I had to make a choice, which was reeeally difficult.

Third, what should I make??! I really wanted to  make pralinées/truffes by myself, but this would have come far to expensive which that much people, so I decided to bake different cookies, and make truffes for some special persons. So, I spent the whole day with my little sister baking stuff and decorating it.

And finally, St. Valentine’s came.
And I felt like Santa Claus – I had to put all my stuff in a big plastic bag, and at lunch time, I ran around and gave it to the persons I wanted to...and to some I didn’t plan! Well, my problem is, that I sometimes just can’t say no – especially when some really nice girls come and just ask for chocolate, because they just wanted to eat MY chocolate so badly. So I ended up with some persons that now really want to become my friends – and , therefore, with having to less chocolate!T.T’’

So I didn’t have enough chocos for the guys I planned (if you give guys chocos in a group, then it’s logically tomo-choco, so I wanted to do that) – so, in the end, I just had one pack left – and I really wanted to give Shou-kun Chocolate on Valentine!(Well, I don’t LIKE him, but...I don’t know, he somehow intrigued me right form the start as you know^^’’) I just wanted to give him tomo-choco, but it turned halfway out to become HONMEI-chocolate – BY MISTAKE!!

Yes, right, by mistake. 

Well, if you, dear reader, now are wondering how one can confess love by mistake, I just can say: HELLOHO-, it’s ME, welcome to my life!-.-’’ ^.^*
The thing is, since I just had one pack left, I didn’t wanted to give him the choco at lunchtime, since he always eats which a bunch of friends in the cafeteria. If I’d given chocolate him only, it would have looked like love confession, even if I’d have said that it was just tomo-choco. So, I wanted to give him the chocolate after school. But the point was, that after school, he left really fast, So I had to hurry if I wanted to give the choco to him, so I hurried after him and tipped on his shoulder. When he turned around, I just gave him the pack with a“hai, dousou!“and and a smile. He surprised said „arigatou!!“ and smiled back with a biiiiig smile!^^

At that time, I din’t thought about several factors: 

First, since his friends wanted to go, we didn’t have the time to talk anymore, so I couldn’t say that it was just friends chocolate.

Secound, when I baked with my sister at the grandmother’s house, the grandmother said:“If I was the two of you, I’d bake a looot of hearts, since it’s the day of love!:)“ And I, since it was just for friends, thougt it was a really cute idea, so we made a whole lot of little, cute hearts, which I dipped in white, black, milk and pink strawberry chocolate (strawberrychoco is SO YUMMY!!0.0).
However, In one pack, I put especial much hearts, since there were still so much left. And after giving him the pack, I realized, that it was exactly THIS pack, I gave him. And normally in Japan, if you give chocolate to a guy without telling him that it’s only tomo-choco, it equals to a love confession (especially if in the pack are that much hearts!=w=“)

And the tip of the iceberg is, that his friends saw how I gave him the choco, so now ALL the guys (at least all of the secound graders) now about „it“(Why I’m so sure about it? Well, when we started mailing, every guy knew it, so they will know something like THAT for sure, too).


The next day, I met them at the stairways, and said hello to them (trying not to look at Shou, since I felt somehow embarrassed), and while going away, I heard mori-chan saying something like“you should go for it!“. I didn’t get Sou-kun’s answer, since I just DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR IT!>//< -.-“ But after that, everything was like reeaally normal!=.=’’

Well, but who knows, maybe it wasn’t the worsest thing – let’s wait for White’s day, It’s gonna be interesting for sure!..

And I made one more time chocolate for the friends I wanted to give but couldn’t, since I didn’t have had enough – I also gave Mori-chan chocolate. Well, there where a few other guys I also wanted to give, but since it wasn’t Valentine anymore, and I don’t know them sooo well until know, it would have been weird somehow, so I led it be..

Oh, btw, I passed the Japanese Proficiency Test N4!!!!!!!!!/^o^/I’m not decided yet when I want to take the next one, eighter in July, or in December... I’ll let you know!^.-

part two of my february will come this week - so check out my blog, nee!;)

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About the meantime or: old and new, true and false, hopes and disappointments- change

Hey everybody out there, お久しぶりです。(It’s been a while)

おまたせいたしました!(i’m sorry for made you wait!)

YES, I’m still alive! And i feel terribly sorry I couldn’t write for such a loooong time, but there was so MUCH happening, I don’t even know where to start!:S

I stopped writing somewhere around the beginning of december, right? Well, this was exactly the point before trouble started. To say it right away, I changed hostfamily on  14th January. 

I know, there have been a few missunderstandings caused by my last post, some of you thought I already changed etc. Well, The one’s who know me know, that I mostly choose my words carefully. Because of that, if I write about something as important as changing family etc, I’m EXTREMLY carefully with what I write, because you never know, who will find the way through the worldwideweb to my blog one day. But of course, I also want to let you know about as much as possible. Therefore, you may have to read between the lines.(Well, you generally shoud do this when reading my blog, but let’s do it like this in the future: If I write phrases with doublemeanings in the future, I’ll colour them green.)

Ok, let’s start to get ya guy’s updated: 

Well, in december, everything was fine. ..Everything?
I undertook a lot with my japanese friends, I was looking forward for christmas and Japanese new year, took a break from learing like a maniac (since the big test was over) and I was starting to make plans for winterholidays and the tokytrip I booked. And, of course, I was still looking for a boyfriend. So, everything seemed to be normal. 
But at the same time, the situation in my family changed, and not to the better...I still don’t know exactly what the reason was, but the hostmother seemed to get rid of me. Whatever I tried to do to change the situation to the good, was wrong. And I never knew, how the situation was at the moment, because she changed emotions immediately...However, in the end they decided that I should better change at nearly the same time as I made a termin with ef to ask them about changing family. So you could say „good timing“. The only bad point about this „good timing“ was, that it was on christmas day and before new year. Do I have tio say more??..Let’s say it like this, my next christmas and new year can only become better..xP

But even the most worse time is not that bad, as long as you have persons who support you, back you and laugh why you; or in other words: Friends and family.

The tokyo trip I booked was soooo much fun – I took the nightbus with a friend, and we nearly spent the whole night talking. In Tokyo, we went shopping*forever 21<3<3<3*, visited a made café since one of us didn’t go at all to one until then(sheesh, we had to laugh so much, sice the maid serving us always made kinda weird cat-sounds, when she walked by the table), we went to comiket(whaaaw, the cosplays were sooooo awesome!*o*) and we laughed so much in these 3 days, I think we all nearly got a sixpack of laughing!:P

On January the 2nd, I went with friends to a big temple near the place I lived, and we had a loot of fun there. We threw some 5 Yen pieces (you always should take 5 Yen, because it’s pronounciation in Japanese (go-en) sounds similiar as (goen), the japanese word for destiny.) to make a wish (one wish for one piece of money)  - I threw two pieces – guess for what?^^
We also drew the oracle for the new year, I drew 小きじ, little luck, but that’s still fine!*yokatta ne!^w^*After that, we went to namba,in order to do casual highschool-girl-things, like burabura(osaka-ben for window-shopping), purikura, and talking a lot.:)

The next day, I went to the same temple again, since my sister and the host parents spontanely decided that they wanted to go, even if they told me they wouldn’t...But that was fine for me, since i think it’s great fun to visit a temple and make a wish. I threw again 3 pieces, two for the same wishes since they are strong wishes, and one for a new one. Then, they all drew a oracle, so I also wanted to draw one, but I already had drawn one the day before!:/ but then, I saw, that there also was a love-oracle, so I drew one there. And, guess what I drew *drums* - 大きじ、the biggest luck one can draw at all!!^o^

And, I made plans, to go with Shou-kun(the guy I’m writing sometimes with since the school trip) and friends of us to the cinema(since I never was in a Japanese cinema till now). So, when it came to the questions with who we wanted to go, I made a few examples of persons, and he took exactly mori-chan (a really funny and nice guy) and Shi-san(a friend of mine - well, I thought so), of whom some persons thought they would become a couple soon( And I thought like „yeah, right, I wanted to go as friends, but if you want to make a goukon(group date)out of it...“). And when I asked Shi-san per mail, she was like, Yeah, sure! But a few days later, when we ate lunch together, I asked, what type of movie she wanted to see, and she was like“Well, the truth is, I’m not so lucky at the moment, so I don’t feel like to undertake something.
And I, as a friend should, was really worried, and asked her, what’s wrong. And then, I didn’t get the whole answer, since it was really loud in the cafeteria, so I’m not sure wheter she really meant it like this, but since then, she’s somehow always going out of my way. She said“betsu ni,akuma-chan.........isho ni asoberu wa mou mendokusai.“ Which has the meaning of „Well, it’s nothing, but I’ve gotten rid to undertake something...with akuma-chan.“... =.=

And in the same week, one of the first graders I’m always talking with, was really mean to me; like a really, REALLY BIG asshole! He was like extremly“oho, I SO wanna become friends with you“ before the holidays started, but in this week, I was like saying normally good morning to him in Japanese (as always, I barely use any english when talking with students/friends), and he was like really shitty :“OMG, how good you are, you can even say HELLO in JAPANESE, woooooow!“ And there were a few other things like this in this week, so I ended up to completeley ignore him, because I got so pissed off(You have to know, I’m normally a really nice a friendly person, but don’t dare to hurt my pride, my feelings, or to stab me in the back, then I can get reeeally mean – I didn’t choose my nickname without reason!). 
And I also thought about giving him tomo-choco(friends-chocolate) on valentines-day(more about this topic later), but since a friend doesn’t do such shitty stuff, there’s no need to give him some anymore I think...Well, since I was could as ice and didn’t give him one single look, he started to get worried I think, and is REEEEAAAALLLY nice again...-.-*
And well, what’ll become out of our cinema plans..I don’t know, but it’s fine for me to leave it as it is fort he moment!:)

As you can see, the end of the old year and the start in the new year was not as I planned it. At the top of that, the internet of my new family was not working on my mac – and since they don’t have skype installed on their laptop, I couldn’t skype with my family or friends!-.-’’. 

„Well,I can go to an internet café then“, I thought, and excatly this was what I did – the stupid thing is only, than internet-cafés in Japan are all for 18 years old or older, but I’ll become 18 in summer, so I’m still under age, which means: No internet-café for akuma-chan-NIIIIICE!=..=*

 At least the family itself is reeeaally nice. The parents are both 37 years old, the boy is 4 and the girl is 6. So I’m really the big sister now. They are sometimes reeeaally loud and annoying, but I still love them!^^<3 And the Mother is ECC teacher (Kids English teacher), which means, she can explain words I don’t understand very quick and good, which is an extreme advantage for me  - I learn much more new words like this. But because She will become extremly busy in spring, I’ll have to change family again in march.. Well, I first thought:“I want to stay one year with the same family, then I’ll have like a secound home afterwards.“ But now i see that it’s definitely not the worsest thing to change families – I like this one definitely better, but before I thought I was reeally lucky...well, if you can’t compare, you start to think“well, this have to be the habbits of the people of this country“, but in fact, this are the habbits of this family!...

So, I think change is good. 
Well, let’s see where the wind will lead me to in the future...(: