Freitag, 16. November 2012

Masquerade or: about the reversed culture shock part 1

Woooow, finally gonna write again!!!^0^
Actually, I don’t have the time, since I’m lost in learning, tests, homework etc.!>< next week I 'll write MATHS AND PHYSICS exam, but today, I swear, I just CAN’T study!!!TT__TT(I know, I’ll curse myself for that next week!=w='‘) But since i DEFINITELY want to continue this blog, and it’s been a loooong while, I decided to take a time-out today no matter what and write down THIS VERY POST!!!^v^ Ain’t no bloody maths gonna stop me, I swear!!!>:D

It’s a really intensive time for me, since I’m still in the middle of the reverse-culture shock, and I also have a lot of stuff up to do in school...*sigh*. I always feel so uncomfortable to say that I still have another 1 1/2 year to go until matura(graduation of high school). Because all my classmates from Japan gonna graduate in spring!>o< Also, they most know exactly what they want to do next, what to study at university, what to become and what to aim for, while I still don’t have a clue. Well, actually that’s not quite right, I don’t have the problem of not having ANY clue, but of having too much!!!>o< It’s just, I’m interested in so many different things, I just can’t decide on what to focus on!=o=

At least, I know now pretty sure what I want to do for my graduation-project: I think I’m going to write a book about traveling, culture differences, experiences, wanderlust and many things more. In short terms: A book about my last year. And as a alternate project I would illustrate Japanese legends, Haikus and Tanakas; which would also be great fun, but I hope that I’m allowed to do the first one, because I always had somewhere in my mind to eventually become a writer/storyteller/author/novelist. And this graduation project would be like the perfect possibility to examine wether I’m cut out for that or not! Another thing I dream of is to be in the media (like announcer, reporter, columnist, or especially actress, though this is reeeeeally hard busyness!>_<) Another thing I’d totally love to do is art, but there is a problem:

To tell you the truth, I want to become rich. Rich and independant. Not for some facile reasons. It’s just, I still have so many places I want to visit, so many things I want to try out, so many countries I want to live in for one or more years to learn about the culture and the language. And for that, two things are necessary:

Independence and money.

Because I don’t wan’t to worry about whether I’m able to buy myself this ice-cream or that cinema-ticket each and every time, I want to prosper and lead a a good, interesting and fulfilling life! I’m aware that this ARE ambitious goals, but I’m willing to work for it! But I think it’s pretty hard to get there being an artist, considering the fact that it is rather an unprofitable kind of occupation. But, as we say in German:“Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben“ which means as much as „there’s always another time“. Just because I have to study something, it won’t necessarily mean that this will be what I’m doing my entire life!

OMG, there is soo much going on at the moment!>_<
As I wrote before, I’m still in the middle of the reversed culture shock: I just thought that I finally had adjusted to the Swiss lifestyle again when the second wave of the reversed culture shock started. I think one doesn’t realize how different the two lifes in the different countries are until one comes back . Well, at least that was the case with me! when I came back, there were so many things I was puzzled about; it was as if I’d never been to Switzerland before, tough this is the very country I grew up in!! I think I was so Japanized I felt myself as a tourist!xD
but seeing your own country through the eyes of a stranger can be pretty interesting as well, I can tell you!!x))
But I think, the first period of the reverse-culture shock is the most cruel one!!! I felt like I could never feel comfortable in this country again! I hated to be here. I hated the culture and habits; I hated all those ugly gajin faces around me (it was a shock after having all those pretty Japanese people around me - it came as far that I thought of people being handsome I’d never have thought of when I was in Japan, just because they were ASIAN!!xP), I hated this plump Swiss-German, which actually isn’t even a proper language and the fact, that the language I’d be surrounded with for at least the next two years wouldn’t be Japanese anymore; I hated the typical Swissness and that nowbody seemed to understand me; but what I probably hated the most was the fact that I had changed so much. Well, actually I was really proud of it, I didn’t hate it at all; but THAT was the true reason why everything else had changed so dramatically.
Each and every day, every single minute I wished I would be back where I belong to, or at least at another place. Everything was better than being in this obdurate place. There wasn’t a single minute I didn’t miss my friends or host-families. In contrary, when I went to Japan, of course I wanted to tell my friends and family what I experienced, but I never REALLY missed them! I think I learned back here in Switzerland, for the first time in my entire life, what the meaning of „homesickness“ is.

Each time I left the house, I donned a mask. Smiling and pretending everything to be fine, because I knew society can’t handle this kind of things. First, I didn’t pretend to be okay, but I realized very fast that people couldn’t unerstand me, even if I explained to them. I guess this is one sorta thing you can’t understand unless you 've lived through it by yourself. I realized that talking about my problems just made things worse, because people just always said „oh-“ and „I see..“, but since they couldn’t understand the couldn’t say much more about it. And each time I tried to share my experiences with them, there was this awkward change in atmosphere afterwards, like the conversation couldn’t go on fluently anymore, and everyone had this awkward, concerned facial expression: Trying to empathize but unsure how to react. There always was this silence; not long, maybe just three or five seconds, but it felt like years and it was this kind of silence that can be louder than a thousand thunders -  if you know what I mean. I don’t accuse the people not wanting to help me, it just was that they simply were not able to.
And so I decided to start a masquerade, at least for the time being. From this point on, I had two identities: The one I showed to society, and the one I locked up inside myself to perevent on going mad. The face expressing a smile outside, while the mind cursing and the heart crying in agony inside. The only place I could be myself was at home, because the person living there has the wonderful ability to take things as they are and, most important: to just treat one normal, and not as some kind of extraterrestrial species or new Asian import virus -an interesting curiosity but kind of suspicious-. Just normal. I’m glad to be blessed with you - thank you for all mum!

 But times like these always make one stronger; as it was the case with this one. With the time, I accepted the facts and tried to make the best out of the situation. And finally I kind of got adjusted up to an acceptable level to Swiss lifestyle, I 'm about to get the same kind of humor again (I can tell you, this is one of the most awkward things about culture differences - everybody laughs about something but you. One the other hand, you are bursting in laughter while the rest of a room filled with people stays deadly silent!!>.<‚‘xD), I don’t have that much trouble with the language anymore(it’s wicked if you won’t remember words in your mother tongue but recall them easily in another language) and made some new friends.
That’s another interesting thing:With some of my old friends, maybe not even that close, I could easily reconnect and in some cases I’m even closer now than before; while in other cases, were the person was really precious to me (actually still is), we don’t have to tell each other much at the moment. Well, I was prepared for that, but it’s still interesting somehow, how human relations can change within a year...(:

...phuuuuuu, that was a looooong one, and I still have sooooo much to say!!!0w0’’ I’m so sorry for exhausting you with such a long post, and I really want to thank you if you made it all the way down here!!^0^ I’ll really try to post more frequently and to write shorter posts in return, promised!!>.<
And I think the next post will be a bit more...brighter/light, cause this one was DEFINITELY rather a heavy one!!!^^’’
But I couldn’t help it, I just had to write it down somewhere, and as I said, I’m sick of always thinking weather I should or should not say something 'cause it could bother some people - This here is my sphere of free thinking, and those who don’t like it are not forced to read it.

Well, enough of talk for today (actually rather for tonight  -it has gotten pretty late/early!-.-'‘)xD.
Stay healthy and don’t catch a cold, until sooooooooon,

your cheeky devil!;P

Samstag, 1. September 2012

back in Switzerland, the countdown or: a new begin in old realms in

Hey there!:)

I so looked forward to write my next post, it really became something like addiction to write!:)
In the meanwhile, it happened a lot (oh dear, I wonder why I even write this sentence - it's always like that!:P)

well, if one takes it exactly, there aren't to many BIG events, but ....well, it's just that I had to go back to Switzerland.
And as you might know, I feel everything about Switzerland but a place I REALLY wanted to return to. Yeah, well, it nice to see the family and especially my dear friends again ,  but besides that there aren't to much things I looked forward to...*sight*
And although it's only been five weeks, I feel like I left there a long time ago...far too long!! To be honest, I miss Japan and my friends there like hell!!!TT_TT For the first time in my life, I've got a feeling which maybe comes pretty close to....well, one could say I'm kind of homesick for Japan!T__T''

And I just don't get along with the Swiss mentality anymore. Well, actually not only the Swiss, but the Gaijin-mentality. I know, I know, I'm Gajin myself, too. But still I'm just about to realize how much I actually changed in this year.
For example, when we came back, there were drunken girls in about the same age as me in the train, and they were so rude and loud, I felt ashamed FOR THEM. The next day, we went to the blue balls festival in Lucerne, and I recognized how fake and loud the laughter of many people there was(in the style of "haHAHA,look at us, we're having suuuuuch a great time here- well, at least we try to convince ourselves of it"). Actually, there are lots of happenings like that recently. Guess that's what one calls culture shock, huh?!-__-''

There are so many things I just can't stop thinking about, I think if it is not going to stop soon, my head will burst!-.-''
I never thought about Alice Liddell's feeling when she woke up, but now I realize that it may have been pretty tough for her. Because it's exactly how I feel now - Just came back from Wonderland, still not completely here. One of my important friends there, Kaori, gave me a leather bracelet with her and my name burnt in it - she made a partner set of it!!T_T<3 In the first week, I woke up, and I was afraid that everything just was a really unique and wonderful dream - but then I saw and felt the bracelet wrapped around my wrist, and this was the evidence to convince and to appease myself that that everything really is true; that all these experiences and memories are real, that all those precious persons that came in my life really exist, that they still live somewhere out there! This is my most precious treasure - Something nobody can take away from me and I'll remember until the day I'll have finished mission life and will hit my road for another, new adventure from where nobody who was REALLY there came back to tell about. yeah, right, I don't believe that dead is the end; I think it's just to start to another journey, a new, maybe even a little exiting adventure. Well, who knows, maybe I'll even find THERE a way to write my blog and tell you guy about my where- and whatabouts!xP

But most people around me don't get how I feel - they don't even try. Even if you tell'em about - they all just come up with this little, stupid, silly daily - life questions and problems I simply can't, or sometimes just absolutely DON'T WANT to think about - not even to think of answering!..

I wonder wether Alice also had these problems when she came back - If she did, I feel bad for her. But like her after being suddenly back at the place she used to live earlier, I'll slowly get back to normal - well, at least I'll pretend - but just that you know: I won't hesitate a single second if I find a looking glass to go through - with the only difference, that I might not come back anymore. The author of my story is not Lewis Carroll but me, after all!

However, school has started since two weeks. And I think I can say that I'm doing pretty well..well, let's say most of the time!^^'' For example, in French, each time I want to speak French, I start to talk in Japanese!-.-'' It already started on my way back to Switzerland, in the plane (we flew back with Airfrance) - I didn't recognize that I've had switched languages until the stewardess tilted her head and asked with a bewildered sight:"...uuuhm...English?!" And I was like:"OOOOH, omg, sumimase-err,sorr- I mean EXCUSE-MOI!!!xP

But I think I slowly start to come clear here - And it's a relief, that my teachers as well as my classmates seem all to be nice. The only thing that makes me sad is, that I don't know a single Japanese person were I live - Ok, there are very few asians around here, but they eighter Chinese, Thai or Philippine - so EVERYTHING but what I'm wishing for!*sight*

And I decided that I definitely DON'T want to have a boyfriend in the next time - there are couple of reasons for that: On the one side, I still won't have the time - the third year is said to be the hardest, and we start with preparations for graduation(which will be in fourth grade) etc., but the most important reason is, that I'm just pissed off of these jerks from planet mars!!! I mean, I was ONE year in the country of the rising sun, where I heard like minimum one time per day, how pretty/cute I was, just because I seemed to be totally their type; I knew of guys who liked me, but they just DIDN'T managed it to tell me - even when I talked to them, even when we said "let's undertake something together!". The only one, who acted like (I think) a man should act, the one I kissed, just wanted to add a nice little foreigner trophy from Switzerland to his collection of bed-scores - well, too bad I could see through your little masquerade, asshole!
And then, just when I was fine with the thought of enjoying the rest of time as a happy single, HE came. In fact, I got to know him, as you know, at the same day as the before mentioned player, but first, I really didn't wanted to talk with him; he even kind of annoyed me! But the moreI wanted to get rid of him in a friendly way, the more he tried - and finally got me into conversation! I really just wanted to have him as a friend in the first time, but then, there was the hug in the train - A thing a Japanese guy normally would NEVER do! And from then on, he got me. I just didn't realize it back then. But I do now. This time, it was not like always. This time, it was different.  I know why things turned out like it is, I even understand his acting, but sill; I feel hurt, a bit wounded at my pride; and, most of all, pissed off!
And do you know what funny is?
When I came back here to Switzerland, I realized, that even men I thought of as totally hot and pure sex before, I now think of as pretty good-looking  handsome indeed; but they don't attract me anymore.o.0 I realized that, if they aren't Asian, they won't attract me!..-.-''*sight* And I know what some of you may think now, but I don't think it's just a phase.. Something inside me changed in this year; it changed me.


But I think this circumstance is best for me at the moment; as I still think of you sometimes, K. I wish you all the best, and I'm looking forward to what future will bring. And:

I’m glad you came

Thank you.

Well, that was it for now!:) I try to to post as soon as possible, and I'd be so happy, if you guys would also read my blog in future, since I DEFINITELY want to continue it!^0^
Till soon,
your cheeky devil, akuma-chan

PS: To all of you, who supported me and read my blog through this whole time: THANK YOU!! I love you guys and hope, that you will live through my adventures in this wonder world with me - It won't be boring - I promise!!;)

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

the last bit, about life;or: My message to you

whaaah, at least I could write this post!!!>.< I wanted to write so badly, it's gotten a real necessity to write for me!!<3

So, finally school has ended..

I was so sad, since I really didn't  wan't to go back to Switzerland. But it's kinda ok since I stopped going to school; I kind of calmed down inside. But last friday was my last day, and there I had to cry so hard on my way home - I think the Japanese never looked more at me than this day - A gaijin driving on a bicycle, which is packed over and over with luggage, paintings etc(all the art stuff I did throughout the whole year), wearing a highschool uniform, always changing between laughing,smiling and sobbing while tears were running down the cheeks nonstop!!^^''But in this moment, I just absolutely didn't care!x))

This week on thursday, I went to school once more, since they made a little bye-bye party for me in the cafeteria (since I already sent back my uniform, I was in my own clothes - reeeeeeeally weird feeling00'' It's gonna be weird the first time in Switzerland, to go to school in casual!0w0'')

However, I got soooooo much stuff, ALL the thirdgraders wrote a message on a message board for me(in total 7 boards, one of my kouhais of the ouendan, one of the whole ouendan and 5 from all five classes of the 3rd grades, which all have wonderful illustrations of myself on it!!TTwTT I'll give them a special place in my room in Switzerland!!!<3<3<3), A reeeally awesome scetch of kyoto from my oilpainting teacger, a lucky-charm from my sculpture teacher (the top of a deer-horn from the place we went in spring) , traditional clothes you can wear over a kimono(haori) and,and,and!! I'm just speechless!!!!!!

Kohnan Zokei, if it's me, may be the best school in this whole world!!!! Everybody, thank you.I'm writing that from the bottom of my heart. I won't forget you. You're all great, I'm so thankful I was able to meet you! I'm looking forward to see you again, another time, maybe another place, someday in the future. I love you!

I have no plan, wether and how much of the students of Kohnan Zokei actually will see this, but I just wanted to have it written down here.This is how I'm always gonna feel about!by the way, if you are curious what kind of school I went to this whole year, here's the link:

There's not much time left until I have to leave anymore, but I'm not feeling like really leaving!
 It's just like with the persons whom are important to me:
Because one loves each other, no matter where I am and what I'm doing, no matter how far the distance, I feel connected with them. I guess that's the reason why I've never gotten homesick in my whole live so far.

And it's exactly the same case here: I learned so much here, I was able to change, to grow and to tower over myself, to meet some GREAT persons, and to gain more of what I think of as my most precious treasure: The best, really THE BEST friends one can wish for!!!!I think true friends are the family of your heart,and my family has grown to the size of a little army now!!!(笑)
Therefore, no matter when, where and what, I'll ALWAYS be connected with this beautiful,crazy, extraordinary and unique country called Japan.

OMG, and this sunday, mum will come to Japan, and we'll go to Tokyo for 4 days, come back to Osaka (were we will live with my current hostfamily) where I'll give her a guidance(we'll also undertake daytrips to Nara,Kyoto etc.), and the last week, we'll go to...


Which is also known as "The Hawaii of Japan"!!!<3<3<3 むっちゃくっちゃ楽しみ〜!!!
Three weeks in total.^0^ It's gonna be sooooo much fun for sure!!^o^

Oh, and yeah, btw, it may be that I fell. For a guy I know since spring, and always thought of as a brother or just a reeaally cool friend.  3 weeks before I leave.

Life's just a bitch sometimes

I don't get the why's or the WTF's in my head, but it's fine.
It's actually kinda funny since it's soooooo typical me!*sigh*

I dunno 'bout he feels, and I'm not decided 'bout how to go on from now on. It's not like my heart's bleeding from love, or something like that, like I said, I just MIGHT have fallen for that guy,so it's ok.^o^

Makes things more interesting that way, I think!!xP^^

Hey, this is what life makes worth living: Being happy, being mad, being down; laughing, crying,fighting,improving, loving.
Just enjoying every second of this short time we have been given with on this wonderful planet to the fullest.
Out there is so much! So much more.
Living in the very moment. That's what I learned here.
And If it's one thing I know it's that I definitely won't have any regrets when the day comes I'll take my last breath.
This is my message to you: 

Peeps out there,just enjoy life to the limit. You won't have another chance, cause there's just one life you have to spend.Stop saying"If only I had...!". Every day's a new chance; it's never to late, until the day you die. So just use your chance to make the best out of it!!!!!

Live with ALL of you heart! That's my advise.

Pheeew, it's gotten pretty serious to the end, ain't it?!^o^'' sorry for that!!;D
I hope this is not my last post from here in Japan; and I also decided to continue this blog when I'm back in Switzerland, so if you'd like to read about me and my pretty darn crazy ,confusing but interesting life, then, from now on too,よろしくお願いしま〜す!!(*^つ^*)/
(=copula; it means as much as "to a good collaboration"or "please take good care of me")

your cheeky devil

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

precious time......本番,tears,hopes and the best wishes or: About the best birthday I had so far!

Hi dear readers out there!(actually I have no plan, how many you are - I think you aren't to much, but that doesn't matter, since I write for myself in first term, and I'd also give my best if there was only one reader!^o^)

First of all,I'm on twitter now!!^o^ If you like to follow me, my name is bohemian__girl(what else?!xP).

I'm sorry not to write for so long, but I was, how so many times before, just so busy.

I got in the Ouendan (traditional Japanese cheerleading, it's kinda similar to cappoeira, but more japanese!:P, and it's with drums - normally girls don't take part in it to often, they have an american cheerlaeding club for the girls, but in my school both girls and boys take part in it - it looks so awesome, I'm still so happy I got in!!^0^). We preformed on the taiikusai(sportsfestival) of my school, which was at the 1st of June(my birthday!^0^).Therefore, we had to train a lot (in the morning an hour before school starts, 30 minutes at lunchtime, and 2 hours after school, as well as satur-and sundday from 9:00 am till 16:00pm )It's really exhausting, but it made soooo much fun!!:DD I think I'll do something like that when I return to Switzerland.I still can't believe that it's finished - our group got so close, and when we had finished our preformance, nearly everbody(including the guys) was crying so hard. The first and second  graders were so cute, they all came and huged me while crying, and they were just like:"whuaah,akuma-chan-senpai!!*snief*"!^^<3they always called me akuma-chan-SENPAI, which is kinda strange, because normally you use just one of those titles, eighter -chan or-senpai, but I told them to just call me akuma-chan, and since I'm their senpai they thought it would be to rude to call me -chan, so it came to this name!^^

OMG, my birthday was just awesome - though I couldn't party, since I'm still underaged in Japan..But the way I celebrate here was at least as good as I would have celebrated it in Switzerland!!
I got a lot of messages from my friends from 0:00 on trough the whole day, and though I didn't say something knew the most of the members of the aodan (in the ouendan, there are three groups at my school: akadan(red group), kidan(yellow)and aodan(blue)-  I was in the aodan!<3<3<3), even the first and second graders, that it was my birthday - they sang for me and gave me little presents, and the ones who didn't know that it was my birthday wanted to give me something too, so they gave me sweets and even a drink they brought with them for themselves - soooooo cute!!!!>.< <3 And there are about three other people in my school as well as another friend of mine, whom also have their birthday at the 1st of June!^o^ I kinda really like that!!^o^
However, the sports festival was just great, and when I came back home, my family and I was invited to a friend's family, whose mother made a birthday-meal for me, even though they didn't know me at all!!>.< and she made about three different cakes by herself, and of course I had to blow out the candles after they sang for me!:DD I just feel happy, even now; It was just great(maybe it sounds pretty lain for some of you, but especially the ouendan is an experience I'll never forget!!!)<3

Time flies so fast - I just have about another month until I have to go to Switzerland. I don't wan't to.NOT AT ALL. I just return because I have to, I'll graduate from high school in Switzerland(I still have to do another two years!-.-''), study languages , do some jobs in order to save a lot of money, and then return to Japan or go to France to study at a good University.

Two weeks before, I was in the"a kingdom for the one who can show me how to stop the time/stay here" phase.I'm over that now - I accepted the fact, that I don't have much time anymore left, that I just have to leave when I got to know the best persons and when I'm about to get friends with persons I wanted since I came here,and that I probably won't be able to get a boyfriend while I'm here anymore, because I don't have time anymore.
I accepted all these facts and decided to just each and EVERY second that I have left to spend here - The time here is so precious to me, and if I think back, I think it's amazing what I experienced, learned,mastered and became. I'm so proud of myself. And just thankful! T.T

I'll write more soon,

your akuma-chan

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

the end of spring holidays, a new year, or: about trains, dreams and confusion

Hi there!!

I thought a long time, wether and how much of this post I should write, but in the end, I decided to write down nothing but the truth, because this is my style - And because I really want to give you the chance to take part in my adventure, even if it's only from your computer or smartphone etc.;)


Where shall I start?!00''
Well, I heard, that in situations like this, it shall be a good thing to start with the beginning, which means in our case, the point where my last post ended, right?So, let's start there!;P have fun...

The first thing that's kinda remarkable, is, that for like one week or so, I happend EVERYDAY to take the wrong train, and thind often more than one time a day!!!=..=''^^
I don't know why, it suddenly started, and with every time I took the wrong train, I payed more attention NOT to miss the right station or take the wrong train, but it continued like this for a few days - in the end, I nearly got a train-paranoia!!xP But, as it started, it luckily happend to disappear after a few days full with stress everytime I had to take a train, cause even when I asked the train personal, they sometimes told me to take a train that, in the end, was wrong, so I even didn't believe them anymore (mum, now I know how you felt after Lucern carnival!-.-''xP)

Ok, now, I'll start to tell ya the maybe most interesting part of this post:

The evening before the last day of spring holidays I had a really strange dream:

I was on the beach with a guy(at first I thought it was Shou, but he turned out to be a stranger wose face I'd never seen before) - however, I dreamed that he will become my boyfriend.

Well, in fact, the dream is not strange. No, it's what happend the next day!

It was the last day of the holidays, and I went to a hanami(cherry blossom viewing, in fact a picnic under Japan's famous cherry trees, and since long ago part of Japanese culture) of EF. The thing was, that I forgot to tell them, to which meeting point I would come, so they sent me a mail in which they told me, that, if I wouldn't be at eighter on of the meeting points at time, they would leave without me. And if I would need to contact someone, I could contact Simon(another exchange student). Well, fine, the point was just, that I didn't had Simon's contact datas!-.-'' And, of course, I took a wrong train, due to I happend to to be late!00'' And, as always in situations as this one, no one I could reach knew Simons contact datas; and the one's who knew it I couldn't reach!-.-'' NIIIIIIIIICE!!!=..= But luckily, they were still there waiting, since other persons were also late.*lucky*
When we went to the cherry blossom park, I noticed, that beside Simon and me all members where Japanese University Students(I thought there would be much more of us exchange students).
The point is, that I met there two guys that day, whom looked nearly the same as the guy in the dream!!!00''*shooock* And the funny thing is, that I talked a looot with both of them!xP
With one of them I will undertake something together with friends soon!:D*tanoshimiiiii*^0^

But you may be more interested in the other guy, or better what happend:
The same evening I came home from the hanami, he wrote a mail on facebook, and we exchanged our mobile-mail adresses. Then, we wrote a lot, and since he lives only two stations from where I live now, we said that we would undertake something together another day.And when I asked when he had time, he was like: "Do you have time after school??"
Unluckily, I didn't, but we agreed to go to the cinema the next sunday. On saturday, he asked wether I had time. of courese, I didn't. And since I knew he had a girlfriend, I proposed to watch the new Sherlock Holmes, since that kind of movie normally isn't dangerous, if you know what I mean. We talked a lot that day, and he said that he wants to break up since his girlfriend is cheating on him.
Well, it turned out, that the type of movie doesn't really play a role - we didn't much of the movie besides the beginning and the end, because, well, because we were concerned with other things!^^''

But afterwards, I thought about it again, and he's definitely not what I want - I don't want to have a playmate, I wanna have a boyfriend.

.....HAAAAH, why need things always to be so complicated - Why can't one's luck just jump in front of you ???!!

But well, it wouldn't be life as it is, especially not mine, am I right?;)

soon more,

 your akuma-chan!<3

PS: wow, this  post is, compared to the others, kinda short, right? the first time I managed not to write like 5 posts in one!^^''xDOh, and I'm still really thankful if you'd like to spare a little time and write a comment now and then!:D Bye!^^

Samstag, 14. April 2012

march part 2: spring holidays!

Hi guys,
hope you're all fine??^^
in this secound half of the march posts, I'll write about my holidays - enjoy!^o^

Well, In the holidays, I went out nearly every day with friends or undertook something, so one can say I had really active holidays - But, it's the most fun that way, isn't it??^o^

I went to the Osaka castle with my family, because in it's garden, the plum-blossoms were flowering - that was awesome, especially because they smelled so good!*w*

I also finished myself in the sculpture class!^^ But I won't take it to Switzerland, it's to heavy, and it's just scary to look at oneself in white every day!00
The next thing I'll make is our sweet Diamond, and I'll make him out of plastic and small size, so there won't be a problem to take him home!^^
Lol, I also went on to club-trips(oil-painting and sculpture), even if I wasn't a member of the sculpture-club - they just asked me, wether I also wanted to come!^^
The sculpture-club trip was really cool - we went somewhere in nowhere in the mountains of Nara-prefeecture, there were really luxurious cottages where we slept, and we learned there how to carve wood from more or less famous carving-artists!*o* And the best thing was, that my cottage was next to the guy's-cottage, which was the cottage farest away from the teacher's cottage - do I have to say more?!^^
In the first night, we talked and played various games before dinner, and afterwards we went all to the guys cottage and listened to their scary stories - afterwards we went in groups outside in the forrest!^^ It was just a pity, that the groups were to big, so it wasn't scary anymore!-.-'' But it was still fun!:))

And in the second night, a friend of mine and I went alone to the guys, since our other room mates wanted to watch some tv program or sleep early, so we were just two girls!00'' but it was really cool, since I talked a lot with the guys, and the ice broke a bit more again - and I have two new numbers now!^w^(from mori-chan and kiichi-kun, they were also in the group of they guy whom talked to me the first time in the bus). They suddenly said like: Hey, let's undertake something together another day etc.!:))*smirk*finally!!^o^

And I learned a lot about carving wood, and the teacher/artist was also really cool, so i spent really good 3 days there, and I'm also totally satisfied with my product (a wooden dragon).(:

I came home for one day, packed again, went with my family to a family-sport-event of my host father's company, and the next day I went to the club trip of the oil-painting club - We went to the coast of Mie prefecture - to the SEA!!!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!(in case you don't know it: There should be nothing I love as much as the sea!)

Lol, and there were also senpai's coming, that graduated a few years ago, so they didn't know I'm going to Konan Zokei, So they had a little shock when they saw me sitting in the bus and talking in Japanese with a friend - The next thing was, that they asked (in KEIGO!!00'') me, wether I was half, and my father eventually foreigner and came to Japan where he met my mother or something in this kind!x) When they learned I was an exchange student from Switzerland, the normal trouble around my person started!"kawaii!!<3""suisu ikitai!!","ii na, gajin san","haicchi!!"(cute, I wanna go to Switzerland, must be cool to be a foreigner, HEIDI!xD) etc!x) I can say by now all the things Japanese will say for sure when they learn about me, and also mostly in which order they'll say it!-.-''^^:P It's just so typically Japanese!^^''

Oh, and Mori-chan was also coming, as well as SHOU!-.-''

Maybe you wonder, why I put this "-.-''" smiley behind his name instead of something like"^^"or"^0^" or ">//<^_^" or something I would normally put there in this situation. Well, now comes the part I didn't like at all about this club-trip:

You know, what happened on valentine's day; and also, what I got back for white day, right?
Well, I always thought, girls are the worst if it comes to gossip about this kind of things; but what I learned on this trip, is:

Guys are far worse!!!!!!=.=''

So I couldn't talk one sentence with him, without having all guys talking about it afterwards, when they thought I didn't listen!-.-'' And in most of the cases, they also started to act strange when I talked with them - for example, one of the guys came inside the room we stored our paintings, and asked, where ones of guys where. Then, he spotted out mori-chans painting, and coincidentally, I knew that the painting next to mori's was the one of Shou, so I said that. You know, which answer I got back??
"OOOOH, I see*smirk*!" Then I asked him why he smirked, and he said"oh, it's nothing!.." and to himself:"oh, HIS painting is the most important to her, it seems*smirk*!.."
...=.=*And there were a lot of things like that!=.="

So I ask you now: Could you speak normal in this atmosphere? Well, I couldn't! In the whole 3 days i talked maybe 3 sentences with shou, high counted! o(_ _'') o
And the worst was, that my friend and me once were late for lunch, so we had to sit on separated places, the one's that were left. Guess, where I had to sit? Yeah, right, on the guy's table! o (_ _)o >o<
One could say that I may have hit the record in fast eating this day!=.="xP

Well, but beside that, the trip was really cool, but nearly everybody got a sunburn, and i probably was the tomato-queen for the next two days!-.-''x)But i had a good time there, too!:D

the next remarkable thing is that i went to the hairdresser with raku-chan in the holidays - I made permanent straight hair (don't worry, just the front hair, the others are just as curly as always!:D), and cut pony, raku-chan dyed her hair back to back and also cut a pony!!^0^ I love it, and the Japanese always say now that I look like a European Japanese, since my clothing style got really Japanese, too!^^''<3

That's it for today, I will tell you about my April and the rest of the holidays in the next post, So check that out, too, ne!^^

Enjoy spring and stay health,

your cheeky devil!^o^

Samstag, 7. April 2012

march: new family, white's day, holidays - Space for myself!:))

Hey guys, finally I start with my March-posts!^^And yeah, today I’ll write about my White’s-day, something some of you were really waiting for – have fuhuuun!!^.-

About the new family is not much to say: They are really young (parents both 30, daughters 5 and 8) and they are nice. I don’t talk to much with the sisters, they like to be for themselves, but I like the mother – since she’s very young, we easily get into conversation!:) the father is nice too, he is sometimes not the fastest if it comes to understanding things, which is sometimes a little bit annoying, but he is really nice and funny. And they are a good family I think. After two months I will change again, cause they onl took me fort wo months, but that’s fine for me – I eventually even know the next family, and if I really can go to them, it will be great fun, I think!^^

As in the former family, I have to be home at 21:00 (They already think that’s really late – they are a bit to worried if you ask me!-.-’’), because the house is near a region, where many Junkees, Homeless and Yakuzas (Japanese Mafia) lives – i’ve never seen dangerous people till now, though..^^
And the Grandmother lives next door – she reeeally loves me, she’s a really cute person!^^<3 And since she used to be a piano-teacher, I asked her weather she could teach me a little bit – So I started to learn a bit piano!^^

LOL, we talked about Easter one day, and the mother explained how jesus died and came to life again after 3 days – the day after that, their goldfish died, and when the father wanted to through it away, the little daughter said: „No, wait! Don’t through it away, we have to wait 3 days! Maybe he will come to life again!“x’D So cute!^^.

Well, let’s start with the mainstory of that blog(fufu, you don’t have to wait any longer!;P):
On the 14th of March, the real date of white’s day, weh ad holidays, but the day after that, we had the year-closing-ceremony of our schoolyear, so everybody gave back their white’s-day return on that day.
When I passed the guys, they just rushed by instead of saying hello as always – I was like0.o’’ What the heck?!-.-

And it was like that all day, and until lunchtime, you could start to see the dark could above my head, because I started to get a little pissed of – at least the girls gave back something!^^
After school, I closed my spind and was going to leave, when I heard a smiling voice behind me saying: „A-kuma chan!^^ Okaeshi de-su!^^’’ When I turned around, Shou was there, holding a small bag in his hands, which he gave to me. At the same time, mori-chan gave me also a packet back, so I didn’t really have the time to see what’s inside Shou’s bag. I said thank you to them and asked, wether we wanted to undertake something with friend in the holidays, and with a smile on his face he said: sure!^_^
When I was in the subway, I had time to look what the gave me: Mori gave me chocolate-filled strawberry-marschmallows (they were really yummy) and then I looked inside the bag I got from Shou:
It was from a kinda expensive backery,  on the bag were prints like „be mine“, „hug me“etc and hearts – Well, that’s the bakery’s usual bag for white day.
Inside were to big cookies  - When I took them out, I could see that one of them was white, decorated with little red hearts, and the other was chocolate-black, topped with chocolate-chunk. And The cookies themselves were heart-shaped, too!...

... To be continued

Well, I decided to write a short blog today, because there are many other thing I’ll write about, but it would have become a to big post!^^’’ Well, we’ll see how things come out, there’s is nothing yet, as much as I can say!:)


Sonntag, 1. April 2012

March: Fuji Q, „MORE SNOW???!!!!!“ or: Nampa the 2nd!

Yaho!^0^ my march upload starts with this post - I know how much some of you wait for on part of it!;P
Have fuuuuuuuuuuhun!!^^

After the weekend we went snowboarding, the test week started, which ment for me, in fact, nothing else than a looot of freetime, but I mostly couldn’t undertake something with friends, because they had to learn for the test; and the exchange students had to go to school, even if they didn’t do anything!-.-’’ So, What to do alone with no internet, always just like 2 hours school and no internet?

I cooked a lot, helped my hostmother with spreading post-advertisement, and I read a lot of mangas (for example the whole lovely complex row, which includes 17 volumes, as well as some onepiece, fairy tail, blue exorcist ans a lot of other mangas too – of course in Japanese!^^)
And after all that relaxing stuff, I became busy all of a sudden:

I knew since a while before, that, since my hostmother is ECC-teacher, I would have to change families again, because she would become busy after spring (In Japan, the new year starts in April, therefore a lot of new students will visit her classes!^^) But, since EF said „for two months“, I booked a trip with Heikki (a friend from Greenland, he’s so funny!^o^) Jessica(a friend from Holland), Cléo(A new friend from France), Cléo’s hostmother and her hostsister to Fuji Q highland (an attractionpark wich has some AWESOME rollercoasters, a FREAKING scary ghosthouse, and a view of mount fuji out of the rollercoasters – in short, a MUST-GO for me!^w^) At the beginning  of March. But Since the new family is busy too, the had no time for the chance but THIS very weekend we booked that trip. So my schedule looked like this:

Friday night: driving with the nightbus to Fuji Q
Saturday: All Day Fuji Q
Saturday night: Driving back to Osaka by nightbus
Sunday mornig: Arrival in Osaka, eating breakfast all together, return home, eating lunch the last time together, change homestay at 2 o’clock.

Full programm, right?^^
But it was a looot of fun!^w^

It was just a pitty, that snow fell down the whole saturday (we forgot that this region is a bit more in the North than Osaka, which means in fact, that it is longer cold than here!=.=’’), which meant two things: First, our shoes were soaked ful of icey wather after 10 minutes (but that was the small problem), and secound, all the rollercoasters, with exeption of the kidspark, couldn’t drive.ToT

Normal people would maybe swearing in this case. We, of course, did that too, but if you know my character, and can imagine 4 other teenager with nearly the same strange brain as mine, you know what we did: Of cousre we went to the KIDS PARK!!!x’’D

Well, a lot of people did that too, since you couldn’t do anything better(they said, that the coasters maybe will drive afternoon, so we had to wait), but they didn’t seem to enjoy it as we did – There was a Hamtaro(children’s anime character) „coaster“, were you had to drive with your wn energy – kinda like bycicle, just more exhausting.

It was so much fun to see all these „oh-I’m-so-cool“ Oshare-guys(oshare=trendsetter, good-looking), Wanna-be’s and gansters driving in this hamtaro-cars, desperatly trying to look still cool, even in a kids-car they’d NEVER drive normally!x’) And then, It was our turn:Cléo drove in front, in the second car were Jessica and Haruno, and at last Heikki and me. So, what Heikki and I did was, that we drove with all our power to get fast, and we pumped into Jessica and Haruno’s back. These two also startet with that, which lead to that we pumped into Cléo. She enjoied the fact that she didn’t have to do anything but to let drive her car by our power; and in the end, we nearly bumped into a couple which enjoyed their togetherness!^^’’ So, in fact, we laughed the whole time, and we nearly had to cry in the end, because the whole situation was just so hilarious. And the decent Japanese as well as the Oshare-waana-be’s just STARRED at us, and you could read their thought from their expressions : WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE GAIJINS???!!??!!!!!!!!

After we rode the ferrisweel, the merry-go-round and the crazy teaparty too, we finally went to the famous ghosthouse. Well, If you imagine now something like these little BARACKEN you often see at the fair, YOU. ARE. TOTALLY. WRONG!

This one was set up as a empty hospital, where humans were used for cruel experiments around 50 years before...

And you were a WHOLE HOUR in it!!!T.T It was so freaking scary!!!
Especially because Cléo and I walked infront of us, holding the lamps -  this mens the others always knewed what would came, in GEGENTEIL to us, whom always were the first checking the room!TwT kowai!!! And in top of that, the Zombies were human actors, and THEY CAME AFTER YOU!!!!TwT
Hahaha, and the funny thing was, that we went in as a group of 5, but came out as a group of 12 or fifteen, because two girls that went in earlier, as well as a group after us, was to scared to go alone, so the took part in our group. You can imagine the mess of fifteen people, UMKLAMMERN each other(well, nearly tear the arm off or to bruise the hand would be closer I think), especially when we had to run!X) and always Cléo and me in front!!! But it was reeeally cool.

After the ghosthouse, two watercoasters opened, so we drove them two. After that, it was aleady five o’clock, so the coasters wouldn’t drive anymore. And everybody was reeeally cold. so we gave up and went to a onsen that’s close to the park and ate dinner!^w^
We said that we’ll definitely go again, since it’s not that expensive and we saw all these awesome coasters in REAL!!*w*<3<3<3
But if you think, that was all I have to tell about this trip, then you don’t know my life: The best always comes last:

Cléo, Jessica and me wanted to eat breakfast together.
We arrived in Osaka around 6:30 in the morning, so the normal shops where you can eat breakfast, were still closed. In contrary, the nightlife of Osaka was about to finish, which meant, that we saw the other face of the city for the first time (you don’t see the nightlife of a megacity when you have to be at home at 9 or 10 o’clock!-.-’’). In a 24 hours noodleshop, you saw ALL kind of people: the early busynessman, seriously looking, was eating next to a drunken girl and a dangerous looking wanna-be ganster!^^We just saw it from outside, since we didn’t feel like eating noodles at 6:30 a.m., but I really enjoyed this image!x) But I got out of topic:

Since we were early, we walked slowly to the direction of the food-street. But, because we came from another side, we didn’t know this part of the city to well. Therefore, we picked the wrong street one time and got in a small alley, which we had to pass in order to get to the main street.
And, as always, my timing was brilliant!-.-’’ Just when we passed trough this alley,  around five men between the end of twenty and the mid thirties got out of a noodle shop. When we passed them, they started to talk something in English, but we, of course(since they were neighter good-looking nor young),just passed them without a look. BUT: They came after us!

At first, it was just one of them, non stop trying to talk with us. But we were tired and just wanted to bet he three of us. So I tried to shut his mouth with my answers, which lead to a conversation of nearly half an hour. But the first things first:

We didn’t reply until the question: „Where do you come from??“ came. I was so pissed of, that I just replied:


Then he was quiet for a moment.
..But, a few seconds after he started to talk even more engaged!-.-’’ Daishippai ya na!=w=**(a great dissuccess). He somehow managed to get us into a conversation, so we were talking (always triying to end the conversation) in front of the bridge, from where you can see the famous glico-man.In the meantime, the rest of his friends STIESSEN ZU UNS. Since Japanese normally can’t speak English, we pretended to be normal travellers. But, the guy that followed us from the start as well as his friends, could speak English pretty well(for Japanese standarts!^^’’)matta shippai ya na!(again a dissucced!) And, to our surprise, they weren’t drunken at all.
After the Bus question, he asked:

How old are you?

I was like: TO.YOUNG.FOR.YOU. THen he was quiet again for a short while, but then repeated the question, so I gave the queston back and asked how old they think we are: Jessica=20, Cléo and me 21! When I said 17, they got the shock I wanted them to have.

..Well, I thought so. But after a short moment of thinking, they seemed to be fine with the idea to ANMACHEN under-aged!-.-’’ hard case, right!-.-’’

The next questions were like“Can you speak Japanese?“, “why did you came here“ etc. And, since I like to play with the meaning of a sentence, always replied like“a little“, „to enjoy Japanese culture“etc. So always things the would interpret like I wanted them to, but not a single lie!;)
Then, I thought wem ade it, we were about to go, the guy said: SO, let’s eat BREAKFAST together!!:))
And we were like: Eh, NO. And he gave us a heartbreaking, totally shocked look and said: But WHY??! We are FRIENDS!!:)

And I just replied: EH NO, we don’t know you??!!^^’’

Which lead to that he took my hand and said: „I’m Ryusuke!:)“ After his friends all did the same (nice!-.-), he said: „Well, now you know us.“




After about fifteen minutes always replying these two sentences(In the meantime one of his friends told Cléo randomly „I like you“, which lead to that they all started to do the same with Jessica and me – They ended with like how beautifull we were etc!-.-’’*(annoying, I hate these whackass-pick up lines because we’re foreigners),He asked me: 

Do you like Japanese men?

And I thought like: „Yes, but I I’d say that you’ll never give up“, so I just decided to tell what a typical foreigner sais (Even if I don’t think so!):

„They are small“

What happend next was everything, but not what I expected:
He looked down on his body, and said with a really concerned view:

„Yes, I know, I HAVE A SMALL ONE!“

and we were like: .......00’’
An another friend said: „Yeah, Japanese often have a small one!“
And another one added: „...PENIS“
And we were like:

HOLY SHIT!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!x’’D We DIDN’T want to know THAT!!!xD

After that, their tension somehow was really low(I wonder why??!xP), therefore we took the chance a got somehow to saying good bye!*finally*
Well, we couldn’t walk till the other side of the bridge, until the next Japanese came ou of nowhere, as if he had waited for us, and wanted to talk with us.BUt this one was a weird one, he asked: Can you speak English?

And we replied:...EH, YES (why did we even reply??!-.-’’).
The next thing he said was: ....I can speak English! And I just thought:“-.-’’And the next weirdo came out of his cave! -yes, it’s obviousely that you aren’t talking Russian or Chinese!=w=**“ And we just said: Yeah.Good for you.“ Than he waited a moment, looed at us again and asked:

...Can you speak English??“

We looked at each other and decided without talking, to just pass by. After that, we finally got our breakfast – pancakes, yummy!!^w^

After we finished our meal, I got home, did the last preparations, went out to eat the last time with the old family, and changed families at two o’clock p.m.!^^Hard schedule ya na!^^

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

February upload part 2 or: Hai, chikaimasu(Yes, I swear)!!

Hi guys

This is the last upload of february, the next post will be about march, but, even if some of you can't wait and keep digging for it, the next post still won't be about my whiteday; about this topic I'll write in the post after the coming one!:) please be patient!;) But you'll lie the next post too, I think!x) my life doesn't need a special event to be amusing and a complete chaos!^^'' Well, that's who I am!:D But enough talked, let's start with the last february post!^o^:

The next event that is remarkable is that I went on a Japanese Wedding!^^ Well, it was not a traditional wedding, since the people whom married are young. It was the younger brother of my hostfather (my hostparents are also very young - 37), so they asked me, wether I wanted to come too, and I, of course, said yes.
The Evening before the wedding, the whole family went eating a traditional Japanese meal (where I ate the first time in my life fugu – karaage...and I’m still alive, it was delicious, and I’ll DEFINITELY eat fugu again!^w^). There I got a lot of new people and things to know, and since I’m gaijin(foreigner), I was everybody’s sunshine!^^’’

Haha, my hostfather drank a little to much, so he became really funny!:P After the meal, we went karaoke.^^Quiz: What ist he most funniest thing you can imagine??

Answer: A Japanese who loves Karaoke, drank a little too much and sings German songs ... well, let’s say try to sing!x’)) The younger brother(who married) and me changed all time time between laughing and pretending not to know this person!^^

He and his (now) wife are sooo cool persons – He is a DJ, and he’ll maybe take me to a scene club when I turn 18, although that’s still underaged in Japan!^o^ And his wife can sing really beautiful and she has to be really talented with playing the piano, everybody says.

And next weekend, we went all together snowboarding – the first time in my life!!00’’ 

..I know, it’s weird, since I’m Swiss, but until now I just didn’t want to do Wintersports – In fact, I HATE winter – much to cold for me!!! I know, that’s sad to say for a person living in a county that’s famous for it’s mountains, snow and wintersports, but I’m still the summer – type in the end!-.-’’

My dream is to learn how to surf, but since we have no sea in Switzerland, I have to swich to a similar looking sport, and snowboarding somehow has the same feeling. 

We drove trough the night and slept in the car. And since we went to a snowpark, which is a bit small and not to famous, I was, of course, the only gaijin far and wide.^^’’  Since I never boarded before, I was reeally worried about having an accident, just not being able to do it, or becoming a burden fort he others. But luckily, I was not the only greenhorn – Kanami(Who is just married with Masaru, the younger brother of my hostfather) and a her friend also didn’t have to much experience.

When we came to the top of the hill, we saw the piste frome above and Kanami and I were like: UUUAAAAH, we wanna go to the kids-park!!!>o< And until the end of the first half of the piste, I couldn’t board ten metres without falling on my knees, my butt , or something else that hurts more or less!-.-’’ But suddenly, I don’t know why, I got the feeling for „how to do it“, and afterwards I didn’t fall to much, and it was GREAT FUN!!!^w^ Afterwards, I was like:

„Why the hell did I wait for so long??!!??!x’)“ Well, better late than never, right??^^
But sadly, it started to rain around two o’clock, so we couldn’t board anymore. But, therefore, I went with Masaru, Kanami and their friends to a Japanese Onsen that was near the snowpark, which was reeally cool, since there was snow outside; so you could relax in the warm bath while you were surrounded by snow!!^0^ meccha tanoshikatta!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

But back to the main story – Wedding:
Although it was a western-like ceremony, it still was different. The first thing was, that the persons invited by the man were supposed to wait in the left room, while the persons belonging to the bride were supposed to wait in the right. We had to put our money – gift on the gift-desk and to write a little message. Then, the staff opened the wall between the left and the right room, so that we could see the other half of the guests. Then, everyone had to stand up and to introduce themself.
After that, we just sat down again and waited, while glancing at the people of the other side.=..= This waw so weird, every body was just looking, but when we talked, then only with our side!-.-’’ After ca. 10 minutes starring, we could finally enter the chappell. The bridegroom walked into the chappel, toghether with a choir of 4 people.

Then, the bride came in, but she was guided by her mother. After a walk of 3-4 meters, they stopped, bowed, then the mother set on the veil. After that, the mother gave the guidance to the father, who led the bride until to the groom. After that, the ceremony started normal as in Europe etc.
What really funny was, is, that the prieter was English!! But he hold most of the ceremony in Japanese, and I had a hard time not to laugh, because his accent was reeeeeeeaaaally strange!x’P
The groom and the bride  walked out together, and when they stepped outside, a lots of soap bubbles came from somewere – That was reeaally cute!^^ Then, the other guests walked outside, but the bridal pair was nowhere!O.o’’

we had to post ourselves along the stair, and every guest got a little basket filled with  flowers. Then, the bridal pair walked out of the chappel again (huuuuuuu??!^^’’), and we threw the blossoms at them as they passed.

After that, the meal started, and although everything was eatable with chopsticks as well as with fork and knife, I ate everything (including salad) with chopsticks!x) I dunno, it’s just getting weirder each time to eat with fork and knife – I think I’ll get a culture shock like hell when I come back!-.-’’.
They also had a really cool decoration, on each table was, beneath the whole flowerstuff, also a beautiful glass drapped; filled with a special looking liquid. On the table of the bridal pair was a big heart of glass, also filled with thius liquid.

Then, each table got a liquid, and the lights suddenly nearly got out. When we got the okay, we had to fill in the liquid in the glass, and because of a chemical reaction of the to liquids, all the glasses started to gloom in different colors. Then, the pair filled in their liquid in their heart, which started to gloom in a pretty purple-pink. That was so awesome!^o^(I also wanna have that on my wedding!^0^) We saw a slideshow of pictures, and at the end a video of the whole day (I felt a bit like in proposal daisakusen!^^.)

 After that, the couple went to a after-wedding-party with friends, and the family went again karaoke, but this time it was a karaoke bar, so there was a lot of smoke (did I mention that one of the things I HATE THE MOST is smoking?? I CAN’T stand it, especially if I have to be in the same room with smokers – If they wan’t to ruin their bodies, fine, but it’s absolutely NOT okay for me if I have to smoke passive, too!=n=***), so I didn’t feel like singing, since my eyes and my throat began to hurt after a short while!-.-’’
But all in all, it was great fun, and I finally earned a toshiidama (toshiidama is money that kids get at newyear from their families – but since I changed after new year, I certainly didn’t get anything from my former family-.-’’) from a real nice uncle, who really seemed to like me – he even brought me dessert from the buffet on the wedding (gaijin(foreigner)= being a little spoiled!^^’’)!- I was so happy, just the feeling that I also, finally, got a toshiidama!^w^<3 Oji-san, arigatou, meccha ureshii wa!!^^

Samstag, 17. März 2012

February – the big event, sorrows of a devil, or: Just let go...

Hey guys, here’s the first part of the upload of my February – enjoy it!;)

Most of the secound half of January I spent with learning, becoming closer with my new family; and finally, February came. And with every day that passed by, THE BIG event in a year of a JK (Joshi-koukousei= female highschool student) got closer: 

14th of february, better known as ST. Valentine’s Day!

If you also read manga, you sureley can understand, that this was one of the events in my exchange year I was looking forward to the most. Well, let’s give a short explanation for these who don’t: 

In Japan, as I said before, Valentine’s day is one of the most important days for highschool girls. The girls buy or make chocolate (or other sweets such as cookies, cake, etc. which contain chocolate) and give them to their friends(tomo-choco), their teachers and senpais(giri-choco) and, most important, to the person they love. For couples it’s a day of celebrating their love, but far more important, it’s the day of love confessions! 

If a girl likes a guy, she gives him chocolate(this is honmei-choco). If the guy also likes the girl, he will give her something in return one month later, on the 14th of march. This is White’s day, originally created by the chocolate industry, but turned out to become really famous. On White’s day, the persons gifted (especially the guys) will return a gift as a thank. For the guys, that’s an absolutely MUST-DO. If the guy also likes the girl, he will return something that has like 10 x the value of the chocolate given by the girl, or something to show that he also likes her. This is a really cute way to start a relationship in Japan!^^ Well, back to the main story:

So, Valentine’s day came closer and closer, which served me a several new problems: 

First of all, it’s sad to say, but I didn’t have a guy I liked that much to give him this HONMEI-chocolate. But this is what I always wanted to do since I decided to go to Japan!T.T
Well, latest, some of the guys really got talkative (at last!!- it looks like I’ll really get also male friends here – wonder really exist!xP), but I don’t have a guy I REALLY like..., not LIKE, but....well, let’s come to that later!^^’’

Second, which persons should I gave chocolate?! Since I have lessons with all grades, I know a whole bunch of persons I like, but it’s just impossible to give all of them chocolate!-.-’’
So I had to make a choice, which was reeeally difficult.

Third, what should I make??! I really wanted to  make pralinées/truffes by myself, but this would have come far to expensive which that much people, so I decided to bake different cookies, and make truffes for some special persons. So, I spent the whole day with my little sister baking stuff and decorating it.

And finally, St. Valentine’s came.
And I felt like Santa Claus – I had to put all my stuff in a big plastic bag, and at lunch time, I ran around and gave it to the persons I wanted to...and to some I didn’t plan! Well, my problem is, that I sometimes just can’t say no – especially when some really nice girls come and just ask for chocolate, because they just wanted to eat MY chocolate so badly. So I ended up with some persons that now really want to become my friends – and , therefore, with having to less chocolate!T.T’’

So I didn’t have enough chocos for the guys I planned (if you give guys chocos in a group, then it’s logically tomo-choco, so I wanted to do that) – so, in the end, I just had one pack left – and I really wanted to give Shou-kun Chocolate on Valentine!(Well, I don’t LIKE him, but...I don’t know, he somehow intrigued me right form the start as you know^^’’) I just wanted to give him tomo-choco, but it turned halfway out to become HONMEI-chocolate – BY MISTAKE!!

Yes, right, by mistake. 

Well, if you, dear reader, now are wondering how one can confess love by mistake, I just can say: HELLOHO-, it’s ME, welcome to my life!-.-’’ ^.^*
The thing is, since I just had one pack left, I didn’t wanted to give him the choco at lunchtime, since he always eats which a bunch of friends in the cafeteria. If I’d given chocolate him only, it would have looked like love confession, even if I’d have said that it was just tomo-choco. So, I wanted to give him the chocolate after school. But the point was, that after school, he left really fast, So I had to hurry if I wanted to give the choco to him, so I hurried after him and tipped on his shoulder. When he turned around, I just gave him the pack with a“hai, dousou!“and and a smile. He surprised said „arigatou!!“ and smiled back with a biiiiig smile!^^

At that time, I din’t thought about several factors: 

First, since his friends wanted to go, we didn’t have the time to talk anymore, so I couldn’t say that it was just friends chocolate.

Secound, when I baked with my sister at the grandmother’s house, the grandmother said:“If I was the two of you, I’d bake a looot of hearts, since it’s the day of love!:)“ And I, since it was just for friends, thougt it was a really cute idea, so we made a whole lot of little, cute hearts, which I dipped in white, black, milk and pink strawberry chocolate (strawberrychoco is SO YUMMY!!0.0).
However, In one pack, I put especial much hearts, since there were still so much left. And after giving him the pack, I realized, that it was exactly THIS pack, I gave him. And normally in Japan, if you give chocolate to a guy without telling him that it’s only tomo-choco, it equals to a love confession (especially if in the pack are that much hearts!=w=“)

And the tip of the iceberg is, that his friends saw how I gave him the choco, so now ALL the guys (at least all of the secound graders) now about „it“(Why I’m so sure about it? Well, when we started mailing, every guy knew it, so they will know something like THAT for sure, too).


The next day, I met them at the stairways, and said hello to them (trying not to look at Shou, since I felt somehow embarrassed), and while going away, I heard mori-chan saying something like“you should go for it!“. I didn’t get Sou-kun’s answer, since I just DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR IT!>//< -.-“ But after that, everything was like reeaally normal!=.=’’

Well, but who knows, maybe it wasn’t the worsest thing – let’s wait for White’s day, It’s gonna be interesting for sure!..

And I made one more time chocolate for the friends I wanted to give but couldn’t, since I didn’t have had enough – I also gave Mori-chan chocolate. Well, there where a few other guys I also wanted to give, but since it wasn’t Valentine anymore, and I don’t know them sooo well until know, it would have been weird somehow, so I led it be..

Oh, btw, I passed the Japanese Proficiency Test N4!!!!!!!!!/^o^/I’m not decided yet when I want to take the next one, eighter in July, or in December... I’ll let you know!^.-

part two of my february will come this week - so check out my blog, nee!;)

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