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searching for ears, she is cute, ohime-sama or: The lights of Tokyo

Hey there,

finally I could bring myself to write this post, sorry for being late, but I feel so tired this week!-.-'' And when I finished it the first time and wanted to upload it, this stupid computer had whatever a problem, so I can write the whole s***...ehhhm sugar again!-.-''

Well, anyway, in this post I'm gonna write about my Tokyo Trip, which just was so much fun!:D

But before I do that I just give a short review of my last week, because it was really interesting:

Monday: I woke up at seven o'clock, still tired, as usual, and dressed myself into my plane uniform, as usual, went downstairs and opened the door, in order to say good morning to my family, as usual, but when I entered the room, there were no lights, and nobody but my Hmother was there, totally UNUSUAL! With a less puzzled than amused view she looked at me and asked:"Oooooh, did nobody tell you? today is holiday, it's the the of respect for the aged people! Didn't you know?!" And I was like:
.................=.=*** NOOO, I didn't know, since nobody told me....-.-'' Well then, oyasumi once more!-.-

Two hours later, I went downstairs again, but this time in my own clothes. We ate breakfast, and after that, I had much fun with my family at Osaka seaworld(only Riya weren't there, he had ARBAITO, the japanese word for part time job, which was originally German!xD)!:D

Tuesday: Normal school day

Wednesday: Supposed to be a normal school day, but because a typhoon arrived, we didn't have to go to school and had a extra holiday-day! ^o^

Thursday: The day our Tokyo trip started!^^We had to get up reeeally  early (4:30) and left for the shinkansen, a fast-drive-train, which is just  COOL (really much space for legs and comfortable seats!^^) maybe we coud have seen the great Fuji-san, but we overslept nearly the whole journey!^^'' When we arrived at Tokyo, we took immediately the next metro leaving for disneyland,  where we spent the whole day with visiting attractions, waiting in a line in order to ride the next roller coaster, talking about the differences between Swiss and Japanese couples and having muuuch fun!^o^ ...And with searching for new ears!x) Since everybody walked around there with ears from whatever disney character (even my sister brought some with her), I also wanted to have some new ones. But it was quite hard to find some cute ones, because there were so many shops around, but they just sold plane or reeeally kitschy ones, but in the end I've found some nice ones and could also take part in the "omg,we are so disney"club!^o^xD And in Disneyland, they sold a lot of pop corn, with just weird aromas, for example curry, black pepper, strawberry and :MILK TEA!! When we saw it, even my sister had to say that she'd never seen this before. We wondered the whole day about it, until we shared a little pack in the end, just because we were too curious not to give it a try. And I really have to say: IT'S JUST DELICIOUS!!!! Hey people, if you get the chance, TRY IT, IT'S SO YUMMY!!!!!!!<3<3<3
Oh, and another story I have to tell is following: Everybody knows I'm a bit crazy. Okay, you can leave the "a bit" out. My friends could all tell you that this is nothing but the truth. But crazy people have more fun, right?? because they are brave enough to do things which normal people think of as just to embarrassing to do. Especially Japanese. Especially my sister. example given: When we stood in lie in order to ride the next coaster, we saw a bunch of japanese guys +- at the same age as me, of whose one didn't look Japanese at all, but spoke fluently Japanese. So we wondered a while about it, until my sister joked: You could ask him. And i simply walked to them and asked from which country he was from. They were just completely flabbergasted that a foreigner talked to them at first, then they burst into laughter. They asked me something I didn't understand,  which made them even more lughing. but in the end, I found out that he was half Philippino, and that's what counts, right. And my sister was totally weirded out by the fact I really asked them, and even more embarrassed, because this acting was definitely NOT Japanese!!xD She was like: OMG,  I DON'T KNOW YOU, I DON'T KNOW YOU!!!>///<  x'D  In the evening, we saw the fireworks and the show of disney sea, after that we bought   some souvenirs (we have a partner necklace now!^w^) and finally went back to our hotel!:) great start, I would say!!^o^

Friday: We slept long (until 10:00, which is reeally long in Japan, I think this was the first time I slept that long since I'm here 00'') Afterwards, we went shopping in harajuku!!<3<3 And I fell in Love. With a Store called FOREVER 21!!!!!<3<3<3 OMG, it's like H&M in Europe, but a hundred times better and about 8 floors, full with adorable outfits!!^0^I bought a looot of new things in Harajuku, a new handbag and backpack amongst other things.^w^
After that, we went to Akihabara, where we visited a maid-café!!!xD It was so much fun, but I was really surprised that there weren't more Otakus!0.o Of course there were, but the most part of the customers were normal guests as we were(normal??xD). The maids were all totally fan of me, and they nearly keeled over when they got the fact I can speak a bit Japanese. When I waited for the toilet to become free, I felt something in my hair and turned around, looking directly in the fascinated saucer eyes of a maid, touching my hair. She starred at me like spellbonded, and then spoke hesitant in English: She...she is.. very CUTO(the cute she spoke with Japanese accent!>//<)!! And when I replied in japanese, she totally keeled over of enjoyment.
But it's so funny to see how the maids act among each other (normal)and if they serve a customer. For example, there were two guest(Otakus), of whom one ordered a Drink. So, if an adult orders a drink in this maid café, the maids act as in a play: This Otaku had to say his name in the micro(he introduced himself as "Shou-chan", which is a bit weird for a man, because "chan" is normally used to make names cuter, so you usually only use them for girls and kids!0o') However, one maid shook the drink while another said: MOE MOE CUTE CUTE, OISHII KUNADE(cute, cute, CUTE, CUTE, may it come out delicious), which she replied several times. In the mean time, a 3rd maid walked around in the room and asked every male customer: Shou-chan? Shou-chan? then the guest had to negate, and she exclaimed "surprised": CHIGAU YO! chigau yo!! (It's not him, it's not him) and walked to the next guest, in order to repeat the whole thing, until she finally "found" the real Shou-chan. After that, he had to dance a really strange looking, but amusing Otaku-dance, which seemed to be a bit embarrassing for poor shou-chan (I wonder why??xD) until he finally got his drink.
After saying the maids farewell, we met my sister's cousin, Kenji-oniisan, which guided us through Akihabara, because I was still looking for kakkoii Headphones and thought about buying a illustration pad and software to draw mangas on my mac, but since everything was only available in Japanese I decided to wait until the end of my exchange year!^^''
Well, After visiting Akihabara's Electronic and Otaku malls, we got on top of the breathtaking Tokyo tower!!! The view by night is just absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The lights of Tokyo are spellbounding, and I can only imagine how romantic it has to be to go there with the person you love....

Finally, we went to the Roppongi hills, where the top of the top live. In fact, we wanted to eat dinner together there, but Kenji-oniisan got a call from his CRYING girlfriend. Why? Oh, just because he has forgotten her the whole day. And you know what? When we exclaimed: OMG, go home to her!!! he was like: Nooooo, since I've already forgotten her the whole day, we can go and eat together, these one or two hours more don't play a role anymore... And we were like: SHOOOOOOCK!!!! Impossible!!IMPOSSIBLE!!! You have to go to her, NOW!! You really are the worst boyfriend in the entire world!! Finally, he could be convinced to go home!-.-'' Really - MEN!!!!-.-''=o=''
My sister and I also went back to our hotel ,with a stop in a noodle restaurant.:)

Saturday: The last day, we went to see the old Part of Tokyo, where we visited a giant temple. There was incense which is said to bring genius to whoever breaths in it's smoke -MAY IT HELP!!!!^o^
we also draw a written fortune tell, which was bad for both of us, for this reason we left it there. But in my case it fitted eerily well: Because i always quest to be better than good, I could want to much on one time and getting confused! This is exactly, what easily can happen to me, nee, mum??00''^^''
I also bought a omamori there, a lucky charm. I chose the one for success, because you can apply that in ALL areas of life!-.^<3
When we left, we made a couple of photos, and suddenly a person asked me: Ohime-sama, futaritomou no shashin o torimasuka? (princess, shall I take a photo of the two of you?) I keeled really over, because I've gotten used to words like"cut, pretty or beautiful" here in Japan, which is a strange fact in itself, because in Switzerland, I never heard these words as often to "get used" to it!-.-'' but it was the first time that somebody seriously called me "princess"!00'' And when I replied in Japanese that i'm definitely NO princess, he was even more convinced!x)-.-''

After seeing old Tokyo, we went shopping once more in Harajuku (where we made Purikura together , a really funny kind of pass photos, but extra for friends and much cheaper, and you can decorate them afterwards - soon on facebook)and Shibuya, a real famous shopping mall, where I bought a cute ribbon for my uniform!^0^ But we forgot time and had to hurry for our train back to Osaka. At the Entrance, my sister changed her face color about three time, until I asked her whats wrong - She lost her ticket. Well, if you loose your ticket in switzerland, you can get a new one, because you book on your name. In Japan, you have to buy a new one - which is really expensive!-.-''  While my sister was talking to a train man, she told me to pass the entrance, and when I turned around the next time, she wasn't there anymore!00'' After the first shock  called her, but she didn't took the phone. So I just stood there a few minutes, feeling a bit lost...But then I received a call from her, telling me in a hurry that I should ride the shinkansen on my own. before I could say anything more, she already hung up, and I was again on my own. Well, I wasn't afraid or so, but the fact that the whole information on the ticket was written in Kanji, which I usually can't read yet, was everything but helpful. I knew i had to go to platform 14, and asked there a train man to help me. Typical me, I had to pick the slowest of all: WEEEEEEEEELL, LEEEEEETS SEEEEEEEE...........AHHHHH, OOOOOOOKAAAAAY, I SEEEEEEE! HMMMMMM, THIS IS A BIT DIIIIIIIIIFFIIIIICUUUUUUULT....!! About five minutes later, I knew what I could have known after ca. 30 sec, to wit that I missed the train(because this bastard was so slooooow!-.-***), but could ride the next train as well, just in the car for unbooked seats. which was the foremost. I was just entering the car, when I got another call from my sister. I ended up going back to the entrance, because someone luckily found her ticket, so we could ride together in the end.x) Somehow fits that perfectly my way...^^
But the whole trip was just so cool, and I really love my family! My sister is such a cool person, she's so cute!!!^w^

And Sunday, I went shopping for the first time with Japanese friends!/^0^/ we went to America-mura, a part of Namba which is said to be dangerous in the evening for a woman, because there are a lot of black people around there and a lot of criminal/dangerous men too, but in the day and with friends it's ok, and it's a really interesting place!!^o^ We also took Purikura together, and ate takoyaki, a speciality from Osaka, which is reeeally yummy!o^w^o I just returned  bit late (about 9 o clock, which is late in Japan, high school students don't go out as late as in Europe/America!-.-'') But luckily, my family wasn't angry!*phuuuuuuuu*!!!^_^
Well, this was my week before last week, sorry for being so late, but I was so busy I couldn't write it a second time this week. This week, I'll write about the ast week, which was reeeeaaaally interesting as well, so check it out, it will be on this week, promised!!!!!<3

^.- your akuma-chan

P.s: I'm also planning to write a little vocabulary list, so that I don't always have to explain simple words, it will be more fun for me to write and for you to read as well!D

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