Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

しゅうがくりょこう or : about progress, regress and unexpected luck

hey guys,

the cheeky devil is back!>:D

The last week is full of things I'm sure you want to know from!:) So let's not make the foreword longer than it needs to be, and let's get the party started!/^o^/

Well, as I told you, I was on a class trip this wekk, but befor I'm gonna write about that, Let's talk about my weekend:

Finally, finally Raku-chan and me managed to do something together - It's been really a long time since we last saw each other. We went shopping in namba together, talked, bantered, fooled around and laughed a lot. A REAL girl's day, you could say!^^ And after that, I stayed overnight at her family, which is like high society and super rich, but super nice as well . They really seem to like me, each time I'm there they say at the end: Come again soon!!^^(this sunday, we went to a festival near raku-chans house, and after that, they invited me to eat sushi in a sushi-restaurant which is known for the best sushi far and wide, and ONLY uses best-quality ingredients - to eat there costs about 300-400 CHF. per person !!!00''- I don't want to know what they paid in summary for lunch!0.0'' But it was DEFINITELY the BEST sushi I've ever eaten in my entire life!!^^<3<3<3) But because the family is going to be on to much busyness trips from now on, raku-chan has to change family(poor her, I really feel sorry for her, since she really liked them and they really are nice - I hope for her that she can keep contact with them!:D)
However, the next day, we went to nippon-bashi, you can think of it as the akihabara of Osaka, with the difference, that in Akihabara are also a lot of tourists, and you don't see the real HARDCORE otakus as obviously as in Nippon-bashi, where a lot of "more than just weird" people were, and we the only Europeans were. This was such a strange place, I can say: there were the REALLY Hardcore Otakus (Bad smell, last shower I don't know when, glasses, spending much to much money for some weird fan-articles), Whole malls with just different games and game-machines where hundreds of Otakus fought against each other (I don't know when they have been breathing fresh air the last time - the rooms were also a bit dark - a feeling like in a cave!=.=''), malls with 10 or so floors, of which one floor was just full with games for nintendo etc., one for mangas, one for hentais(whhheeeeeeeekk, we went straightway to the next floor, the people and the products there were just gross!!>0<), one with just anime and anime soundtrack, one for coslay, and a few others, but the absolute strangest was the floor just with puppets from animes, vocaloid, mangas, games etc. There was a section just with arms and legs in I don't know how many diferent sizes - really scary, I can tell you. But the weirdest thing we saw that day ,amongst other REALLY weird things, were maids. Well, I don't talk about the normal ones. In Nippon-bashi, there were a lot men that where dressed up as femal-maids - it was just disgusting!00'' Imagine a really cute maid dress, but there is no breast, and then you look dow, there are really muscular, hairy, male legs!00'' and when you looked upwards, you saw a unshaved face with masculine chiseled facial features and a loooot of make up, and you are just like: "WHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOW,what the bloody heck??!!!!"...
And the best thing was, when we recovered from our shock and after the first big laughter, raku-chan wanted to take a picture with...him?!her?!?!! Well, let's say IT! So, she really wanted to take a picture with IT so badly, so she asked. Guess, what IT said (in Japanese) with  Really poncey voice??:
"Oooooh, excuuuuuuuse me, mai diiiiiiiiaaaaarr, but to take a photo from/with a maid outside of a maid-cofee is not allowed, it's for the maid's sake, I'm soooow sorryy!<3 "

And we thought like =.='' Yeah, of course, you really look like you could be raped every second!-.-'??^^
However, sice it was the first time for her, I went once more into a "normal" maidcoffee. But the atmosphere was totally different from last time - we didn't stay for too longe there!^^''

And after nippon bashi, we went window-shopping in the normal part of namba; before we said goodbye, we even met malthe (another exchange student)!xD what a small world, hehehe!^^

Monday, we had yasumi(=holiday, no school!!) And I had time to pack everything for my schooltrip!
Tuesday I had only two lessons, because they still had some tests to do(yatta!!^o^)

And wednesday: The trip started. And do you want to know the best thing??: We could wear our OWN clothes while during the whole trip, which means: Your own style, make-up, pierces and accessory = you could wear , what fits you the best way!!>:D I think, everybody was really "oshare"(good-looking, dressed up), exactly because of this reason!^w^
Well, the first day we nearly spent the whole day sitting in our busses, which were sadly parted into our classes, which means: same faces, no guys....
We al slept most part of the journey, since we got up early in the morning. We ate lunch in a really old, famous, original japanese-style village, where the roofs were made out of straw etc. There  we had enough time to take a look around and buy omiyage(souvenirs) etc. After that, we rode the bus again, until we finally arrived in the evening. During the journey I recognized once more this fascinating fact, that Japan sometimes really looks similar to Switzerland. I know it sounds weird, but when I looked outside the window I sometimes had the feeling, the landscape passing by could be as well somewhere in Graubuenden. The hotel we slept over was in western style, which means we had a multicourse dinner - But unfortunately, everybody thought of maybe three or four courses, so we ate like normal, but the new dishes kept coming and coming, and in Japan, you should eat everything, so we couldn't just say"no, thank you!" It was like in a nightmare, with every new plate served on the table, everybody was like: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! muriiiii, muurrii, mou muri!!(impossible, impossible, more is just impossible!) Does it never ends?!! And after the first shock of AGAIN a new meal, everbody was like: minna, gambare!!!!! (everybody, apply yourself, give your best!). At least, the plates weren't to big, so we made the deal that everybody had to ate from every plat at least one-two pieces!xD real teamwork.  And a sigh of relief roamed through the room, when the dessert, a little piece of cheese-cake, was served, and after everybody had eaten the last piece, we were all like: "yatta!!!!mina, otskaresama deshita!!"(yeah!!!everybody, you did well, good job!!xD) Well, that was more or less my first day, after the end of the nightmare called dinner:P, we went to our rooms, and after a bit talking with ai-chan and ayaka-chan, my room mates, I went straightway to bed, because I felt tired to death.

Thursday, we packed everthing, because we knew we would spent the night at another hotel, brought our stuff to the busses and went to the breakfast, where already some students ate, as if they didn't have seen groceries for the last three days - typically the thinnest of all!-.-'' (I REALLY wonder, where the whole nutrients are going to?! I mean, do they just escape into the air or so??! I'm jealous!-.-''). I really wondered how there could be space in their stomaches, I didn't eat to much, just because I was still full from the horror dinner the day before. However, aver breakfast, we went to our busses (this time, separated per activity, which means that I got to know new people and there were also guys on the trip which I wrote here I wanted to become frineds with - but exept for toriyama-kun and his friend, I hardy talked with them, because they were always "my pace"->means that they did their own thing the whole day through!-.-'')
However, I was in the group visiting a glass-museum and blowing your own glass cup, which was really fun!^^And the journey on the way there was pretty cool as well, since we drove on a beach highway, which means that on our left handside was sea, and our bus drove on SAND!!!:D:D:D It was my first time experiencing this, and it was so much fun. Everybody who knows me knows, that I love nothing as much as the sea! So I was so happy hen i heard that we would make a break on the beach for about 20 minutes, and the best thing was, that on this place, they'd made a sandcastle contest, so we could make REALLY cool pictures!!/^o^/ And when everybody went to the shore, the girls just looking from a safe place and the guys always jumping back when a little wave came, I couldn't hold myself back and just got rid of my shoes and overknees, in order to enter the sea. And everybody was like: EEEEEHHHHH, maji??!!(are you serious?!) After they recovered from the fact, that their oh-so-cute and oh-so-girlish, sometimes even pet-like treated exchange student now is standing barefeet in the middle of the sea, even if the sun wasn't shining, they were like:

...SHASHIN, ONEGAISHIMASU!!/ HAI, CHIIIISSUUUUUUUU!!!!(Please, let me take a photo/and cheeeseeeeee!!)

xD I think, if some of the students could have had a bit the feeling that I could eventually be a little princess or snobbish, they defenitely  changed the image of me that day!>:D And that was time, although  i like the fact that they think of me as girlish(which also IS a part of me), I didn't like the fact that the Image of me in their head was like pink, full of cute ribbons, hearts and barbie-horses, that defenitely was a bit over the top, don't you think so?^^:P
Well, after this school trip, some of them defenitely know also a bit of my crazy part, and I have the feeling, they like me even more now!^w^

I bought a omiyage at the glass factory for my nakayoshi(which means a really good friend), which she's going to receive on christmas. You wonder who? Hint: I promised to be her bra forever!;D
I decided to always do it like that: When I visit other place, I always only buy one omiyage, and in the end, I decide whose it'll be, depending on for who it's fitting the best!:D
Our hotel was absolutely fabulous, since it was in traditional Japanese style. And the food was SO GOOD there, I think most of us (including the teachers) are holding a diet now!xP And there were three different onsen, one was in the third floor and always for women, two were in the first floor and were supposed to change every day, but when we were there, they stayed two days the same, and changed the day we left. We went to the onsen like maniacs, like two hours before dinner and after sinner once more for 1-2 hours, and the following day as well. But since we all were really curious how the men's onsen look like, and since we left really early saturday, we woke up at 04:30, just because we also wanted to take a bath in the mens onsen, which changed that day into the women's onsen!xD maniacs, definitely, but it was worth it, even if it wasn't to different from the women's onsen!!xP

The next day, we went to a museum and afterwards, we got again into new groups, depending on activities. I was in the porcelain painting group, and sat together with my friend in the next-to-last row, at our left were two other friends, and in the last row sat the most part of the guys joining the trip, but again, there was like a big, dark cloud above their heads, which didn't even make you think of talking with them!-.-'' It's hard to explain, but they always have this"we want to stay amongst us"aura, which is so keenly that it is nearly impossible to break t, especially if you just know them by seeing. However, when we finished our porcelain, I had to hurry back, because our group was a bit late. However,  didn't see that my friend changed seats in the meantime, and since I was late, I just hurried back to our old places, where I sat lonely now. And the best thing was, that my friends to the left decided to take a nap, or better to fall into a corpse-like state, from which they surely wouldn't recover to soon. And I didn't even have to take a look behind me, I felt the dark cloud all around me, black and menacing, ready to fire deadly thunderbolts or something like that on me, if I 'd only dare to think of breaking through it!=.='' So I decided, really pissed on and a bit depressed, to take a nap as well. When I woke up, maybe an hour had passed by, and I was just thinking of wether i shouldn't try to fall asleep once again, when I noticed some murmuring and whispering from my back: "Oh, I think she woke up now!""Don't you think we should...""do we really should?""okay!" then it was silent again, and I decided to stay calm, in order to find out what exactly they were talking about. Some time passed, maybe 1 or 2 minutes, but they whispered so quietly, that I couldn't understand a single word. I just played with the thought to take a nap once more, now even more pissed on, when I heard a really quiet, shy voice, asking in the politest Japanese you can think of: "Akuma-san??...........Excuse me, Akuma-san(nobody calls me with my full name, not to mention with the ending -san, they just call me aku-chan!)? What would you think of playing a game with us?"

When I recovered from the shock they had SPOKEN with me, I immediately turned my head back and asked with a smile: "Which kind of game?:D" It was a Iphone-app, which functions like the post-it game: You think of a celebrity, and the other person asks questions which the iphone asks, in order to find out which celebrity it is in the end - mine was the opposite of close: I thought of christina aguilera, and the iphone suggested Jennifer Lopez in the end!-.-'' X) But it was good to break the ice, especially because it was the iphone of the guy with the scary sight, which in truth just seemed to be extremely shy, but he was the one explaining everything I didn't understand so long and so well until I got it. He's SO NICE!! Now, I definitely want to become friends with him! And after the iphone app, they asked me, wether I knew some card games - which I unfortunately had to answer in the negative - I rarely play cards, since we are only two persons at home, so I don't know to much trump-games- but when I said this, one of them was like: EEH, BUT MY FRIEND HERE KNOWS A COOL CARD-TRICK HE CAN SHOW YOU, RIGHT?!?!! xD They wanted to keep conversation at any costs!^^ Afterwards, we played Old maid, in German schwarzer Peter, in Japanese Babanuki, since it seemed to be international and all of us knew the rules. Now, i know the names of them, the one with the Iphone app is Shou-kun (this is another privilege I seem to have with the Japanese guys here, normally, you call them with their family-name and the ending -kun, sometimes with the nickname, but it's rarely that you call them with their given name, not even to mention with the shortform of their given names, but Shou-kun as well as the other guys just introduced themselves like that!^w^  - maybe because I told them after the third time calling me "akuma-san" to just call me "aku-chan" like everybody does!^^) after that, we talked until we arrived at our hotel, and the next day, they said good-mornig with a big smile on their face - I hope so bad that the dark cloud won't seem as menacing as before from now on, because they really seem to be nice - GAMBARIMASU!!! (I'll give my best!!!!:D)

Saturday: The  last day of our school-trip, we went to an old village, where we made our own traditional japanese fence and Japanese  Soba-noodles by ourselves!:D Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention my personal paparazzi - our school engaged a photograph for the whole trip, and since I'm a foreigner and exchange student, he always took twice as much photos from the groups I hired in as he took from the other groups!-.-^^'' Even when we were eating, he came like: OOOOOH, VEEERRY NICE!! AND POSE!ALL TOGETHER! SMILE PLEASE! JUST ONE MORE!! xD we always said when we saw him: OHH, look who's join us, it's the paparazzi!x)

I can just say: THANK YOU, MUM, that I could join this trip, it was SO COOL and so much fun!:D:D:D And I got in touch with a lot of people I've never seen before, or never would have thought to get in touch with!/^0^/ And the best thing is: After I returned, everybody said: OMYGAWD, your Osaka-ben(dialect spoken in Osaka) is much stronger than before!:D Probably because I was always with people speaking the osaka-ben!^w^ To sum up: I made progress (new people, language), regress (xD I just say good food!...But it's luckily not as bad as I thought of!^^'') and I really had unexpected luck (Shou-kun and co!o^w^o)

Well that was it for now, soon more, your akuma-chan

...NO,WAIT! One thing more I have to say: I'm glad there are some people reading my blog, and I'm happy that I get good feedback for it. But there are still a bunch of lurkers, and this fact I don't like to much (lurkers= people just reading without leaving comments etc.) I'd really love to hear your opinions, thoughts etc., so I'd friendly ask you to leave now and on a comment on my blog - I like it to have contact with my readers!^.- And  If you look to your right hand side, there is a blue button with"mitglied dieser Website werden" which means "become a member of this website". So, If you read my blog regular and if you have a google account, why don't you join'in?^w^

Well, THAT was it for now, kindly,

with a cheshire cat-like grin,

your cheeky devil
aka akuma-chan!>;D


  1. Du schreibst immer so unglaublich vielXD Aber es ist immer wieder toll zu lesen^^ Toll find ichs auch immer wie du zwischendurch japanische Sätze oder einzelne Wörter einbaust^o^ Ehm ja... sry, wenn ich nicht immer schreibe ne;___; Aber ich les immer alles was du schreibst, weiß nur nicht immer, was ich schreiben sollXD
    Wahrscheinlich einfach, weil es so viel ist und ich am liebsten zu ALLEM was schreiben würde, das dann aber so abgehackt wär, dass ichs doch lieber lasseXD Mal sehen vllt hol ich die Kommis, die ich ausgelassen hab auch nochmal nachXD

  2. hahaha, ja, diesmal ists wirklich UUUR lang geworden, sorry!!^^''

    Und DU musst dich bestimmt nicht angesprochen fühlen, wegen den kommis, du bist eine der wenigen, die regelmässig feedback gibt, DANKE SCHOEN!!^w^ ich will nicht erreichen, dass sich meine leser gezwungen fühlen, immer zu allem comments zu geben, im gegenteil!oo'' es is nur so, dass mir viele meiner freunde immer auf facebook schreiben, was sie im blog toll fanden, und das is ja i-wie ein bisschen doof, ne?-.^

    ich schreib dir bald mal ne mail, oke??^w^