Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Muri, muri MURI!! What? Nampa. Nampa?Nampa!!....EEEEEEHHH?!?!!! Level up or: several times the first...!

So, as you can see,

a true devil always keeps his/her promise, and that's the reason why I'm writing now.

The last week was really good, because there is a lot of stuff I'm sure you guys want to know about!>:D

So, to tell it from the start, I entered in the Kendo-Club!!/^0^/ Now I'm learning three times a week how to handle the Katana (even if it's just a bamboo trainings sword^^), how to shout MEEEEEN! the right way and how to run in kendo-style!:D
The first time I just watched and tried on kendo clothes afterwards. And because i can lend them, we had to find some fitting ones; and now I don't need so buy them!*wheew*!!^o^ Well, my body had two problem areas: My Legs (to long) and my breast(I think I don't need to explain!;P)
..So finally, I'm wearing the trousers of a really tall teacher and the shirt of the son of my kendo teacher, which has to be a real muscle packet,  but still the sleeves are way to short (they should be about 3/4, mine are like T-shirt sleeves!xD) But it was so funny, because my Senpai, a third grader, repeated whith every new shirt I tried on: The BREAST, the BREAST!!0o0'' And when tried on the next one, she always said: That's good, isn't it?? When I told her my cupsize she nearly keeled over and exclaimed: WHOOOAH, that's so cool, that has to be really good!xD And when we finally found a fitting outfit, everyone that entered the room, said it, but my teacher was the funniest: Looking at me, he exclaimed in a really high voice: ASHI!! NAGAIIIIIIIIII!!!!!00 (Sheesh, long legs!)x'D I have the feeling that the Kendo dress brings the advantages of my body out, instead of hide them as it should!!x)

Well, that were my first experiences with kendo!^w^

The rest of the week was relatively uninteresting, I nearly fell off the chair everyday, because I was so sleepy, and one time the Kendo teacher wasn't there and we were only three persons, we made kakigori (kind of slush) by  ourselves instead of training, since nobody came!-.-''x)
my Senpai is so funny!x)

Oh, and since until now i have only female friends I decided I want to manage to become friends with Eka-chan (the cat-eyes guy), because he's so friendy and funny, with Toriyama-kun (the guy with the warm smile), Toma-kun (a funny third grader ) and Seya-kun(the hottie) and with a guy I don't even know the name of, but he's acting really strange towards me (not as worse as Sei, but in this direction).

But first, I don't like to be ignored, and second, I somehow think he's a funny person if you manage to become friends with him - challenge!!!>:D

WELL, the real interesting part of the week was my week-end: I went my my homeroom teacher nakamura-sensei and my friend Valerie to a meeting for exchange students and people that are interested in the culture differences at the Kansai-university, and this just because I couldn't say no, and Valerie was nice enough also to come so we'd at least have someone to talk if it would get boring.
At first, we really felt out of our element, but it turned out to be really funny, especially because our group leaders, which were students of the university, were so funny (one of them was called GORILLA!xD).
Well, it felt like eternity until we could eat our lunch, we all nearly fell off the chair!-.-'' But we went with Gorilla and the other students together to eat in the cafeteria, and ate lunch there all together. (OMG, they have a little conbini there, so cool!00'') However, after lunch, Valerie and me wanted to buy something to drink, so we went inside the cafeteria, where now also "normal" students arrived.

Well, in the mean time  I REALLY got used to be starred at (just think of the story with the couple or the maid), but this was once again a very different beast: One of the students (a really good looking one!^w^) walked into the cafeterie, saw me, and was like rooted on the spot, while he continued to stare at me, as if he'd see Santa Claus or as if I'd be a species from another planet(ALIEN!xD)! I was really perplex at first, but then I asked what's wrong, and he began to talk with me (he wanted to impress me with his English, which really wasn't to bad, until Valerie explained him that we both are exchange students and I 'd understand a bit Japanese as well). From then, he spoke really fast in Japanese, but I understood mostly everything, until  he asked me something, and Valerie replied really fast: Gomen, demo muri!(Sorry, this is just IMPOSSIBLE!>:) And I was like: HUUUh, what's impossible?! And she was like : doesn't play a role now. After that, we had to go, and the student seemed to be a bit disappointed when we said goodbye. Afterwards, I asked Val again, and she said: Didn't you recognize this was a NAMPA?? And I was like: NAMPA?? What's nampa?! She explained me, that when she had replied with "MURI", he asked us to undertake something togheter, for example to drink/eat something together. A situation like this is called NAMPA, it's when a man hits on a woman and invite her to drink/eat something together.But if you're a woman, you should usually refuse the offer, because nampa includes that the man pays everything and afterwards, it's often said that the man expects you to have sex with him. When she said that I was like:......

xD well, afterwards she said that this guy without much doubt would have been harmless, especially because he asked the both of us, but in fact wanted to go out with me. So we both regretted a bit to have rebuffed him, it would surely have been funny!X) But we learned that we should go more often to universities, because there the guys are a bit older and therefore not as shy as highschool students!-.-'' it's really hard to get in touch with them, especially if your in a *all-girls-class*!-.-'' And HELL, this guy would have been exactly my type!=o=''

 However, this was my FIRST NAMPA!!!x') (And the first time someone starred at me as if I'd be an alien)

In the evening we told my family about it and we all had to laugh, except for Riya, who for some reason didn't think of it as funny..00? And my Family saw my Afro-look the first time, as well as me with straight hair - short explanation: I usually don't use the blowdryer for my hair, because it looks afterwards like an Afro-bush! After they laughed enough, I decided
to iron it, which Valerie did for me.:D
Well, the next day, we went window-shopping in Ame-mura again, since we weren't in the mood to buy anything, but it was much fun anyway (my third time I made purikura!^w^) It was a really cool day, but when I went home i felt terribly sick!-.-'' Luckily, I brought coral calcium with me, so the sickness went over relatively quick.^_^ And my Hmother told me, that Riya was really worried about that something could happen to us (with something he meant especially nampa)^w^ Riya is so cute, he's the type that never would say open that he's worried about something/someone, but you get the message through someone other in the end!:3 He really seems to like me, I don't know why or when it happend, but the ice seems to be broken between us, we banter each other and laugh,  and even valerie had to say: They seem now as if they were real siblings!^_^ I think somehow we have an akin character!^^(both sometimes just crazy and BAKA/AHO!!xD)
I feel now general the first time to become a real part of the family, until now I still had a bit the feeling to be a guest, but this weekend was the first time I really realized to become part of my hostfamily!!^0^
I think it's exactly this bantering that I missed until now!:D

And generally, since last week, suddenly everybody tells me: Hey, you made a progress, your Japanese got a bit better!^w^ For example, today my teacher came and said in Japanese, that we have to clean up
and explained what to do, and in the end she asked me wether I understood everything, and I explained in own words in japanese, what I'd to do, to show her that I understood. Then she was like: Wow, amazing, your a  LEVEL UP!!xD
I had a hard time not to laugh, because this is an insider joke between some of us exchange students!x)

But I'm so glad to hear that, this is also the first time I feel myself that I got better.

And now the really BEST thing, something I was so looking forward all the time, and didn't even realize at first: From sunday to this monday, I dreamed the first time in JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!/^0^/ This is always said to be a really good thing, because it shows you really settled in and that your language is becoming better!!o^w^o

Why I didn't realize it?! I dreamed something really similar to what all happened in the last time, different memories, with just little differences in it, so it really took me long until I found out that this weren't memories but a dream!!xD So typical me!^^'' The mostpart was about my family and Riya; I think the broken ice between him and me could have been the flashpoint for my first Japanese dream.^w^

For example, my sister is studying English, and I always correct her homework, since homework also gives marks in Japan. So yesterday, she came home with a really happy face and told me that she got the first time such a high score - for the homework I looked over.
And I told my family from the start, if you have any questions I can help with, especially in English, ask me, because that's something I really CAN help with.

So, while we were talking about her normal and her new score, Riya squinched  up his face more and more, and when my sister said: Oh, it's truly great luck we chose her, since she really is a good teacher, he became really silent, until he finally replied "hmpf yeah, it's just a pitty my major English test was YESTERDAY!=.=*" In a little bit "pissed-on"mood.
And I, also a bit pissed on, replied: "You truuuuuuuuuuuly are an I.D.I.O.T, sice I told you to ask me!*hmpf*"
Then nobody said something, until I asked:
..............."when do you have your next test?"
.................."In december."
................"WEEEELL, dear Riya, once more: If there is anything I can help with, just A.S.K.*satiric smirk, bowing eyebrow*"

After that, we all burst into laughter, and Riya smiled with an elfish shimmer in his eyes, as you often see it in the eyes of little boys after they did something they shouldn't do!x) I really like him, he has a magnificent exhilarant character which can really make your day!x')

Well, that was it for a while, I'll write more as soon as possible, since I will be on class trip next week!:D TANOSHIMII(and a good chance to become friendc with eka-chan&co !>:D^^)

Don't fall off your chair in the meantime,
with a cheshire cat-like grin,

your akuma-chan


  1. Haha omg Martina, I just read the whole blog and it was so funny =) it's almost as if I'd been there hahahaa. Im glad you seem to have a good time over there. Just enjoy yourself and enjoy the fullest of everything =)) <3 and id love to read more ASAP!

    xoxo Gina

  2. hahaha, glad you liked it!x)^^<3 But.....Is it really me, or do also such kinda strange things happen to you???^^'' Hahaha, ok, I try to be as fast as possible, my lady!:P

    Do you write a blog??


  3. Haha no worries, it's not only u girly ;) I think that's what happens to all of us exchange students. hahaha :)) everyone here's mocking me because Im so short. and because Im Swiss. hahaha. for example once I switch on my computer some random person's coming and switches the monitor view upside down by pressing certain keys. -.- and they keep doing it even if the joke's kinda over. hahaha. or if I go party with them first question's always: r u gonna get wasted(drunk) ? r u gonna wheel somebody (make out)? hahahaa pretty direct. :P that's just the way they r :))

    no I dont, but if you want me to i can inbox u with a summary of what's going on overhere. ?

    So now Im gonna reed ur new blog. Im excited for that :)) <3
    Miss you xxx Gina