Montag, 5. September 2011

After the second week...

It happened a lot last week.

First of all, I want to mention, that in the meantime I realized, how stupid my "getting-lost" trip was: I passed our house like  5 or 6 times REALLY close  - like neighbour street or so, and every time I went further and further and further...typically me, nee!xD

And I REALLY like my hostfamily! They're all so nice and have a good taste of humor!!^o^ And it's unbelievable, they just bought me a bicycle, because I needed one to come to school. Ok, bicycle are here, compared with Switzerland, really cheap, but still: HELLO, a BICYCLE?!?!! And they also pay for me when we go to restaurant, even if I (of course) refuse!They say like I'm now somehow a 2nd daughter for a year, therefore I don't have to pay for things like shampoo, bodysoap and food - And my hostmother makes everyday delicious obento (Lunchbox) too!O.O THEY'RE SO KIND!!! I want to help much and cook  them something special once in a while!:D

Yesterday (4.september) my hostbrother turned 17. I thought hard about what present I should make him. In the end, I decided to make him a tarte au chocolat, because it's one f his favorite cakes, and because my cooking and backing skills are really not to bad. So my hostsister and me made the cake the day before yesterday, when Riya was out. It was a real challenge, because several things we always use to make cakes in Switzerland, they just don't know in Japan. Therefore, I had to improvise. We also forgot to buy butter, therefore I took whipped cream and hoped, that it would turn out well. It was also really hard work, because in my family's house, there isn't an electric mixer, which means, that we had to whip the cream, the egg white etc. on our own - phuuuuh!! And since Riya doesn't like to sweet things, we left nearly all the sugar away - I didn't have a clue how it would turn out. But in the End, it luckily was yummy!!^^ But my brother was out all day, so I just told him before going to sleep, that there is a cake inside the freezer and that i whished him all the best for birthday. But he was luckily really pleased*phuuh!*

Yesterday, we also went shopping in Osaka (I can go shopping for a whole year in Namba, one of the coolest places I've ever seen!!!/^0^/) After that, my Hostmother, Rie and me went to a ONSEN!!!!!!!!*sukisukisukisukisukisukisukisukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!*(LOOOOVE it!)
They told me that it only was a small one, but it was already big, and it was just soooo cool: There were several hot baths, a Sauna, a salt-sauna, wet hot stones where you could lie etc etc... Just a giant chill and relax zone !!<3<3<3 Hey guys, If you're EVER in Japan, then GO to an Onsen!!

I also had my firt lesson maths Japanese-style, and it's really difficult, but I really try hard!*ganbatte!*
And my School makes a Bunkasai (schoolfestival), and my class makes a giant picture and bracelets. I'm in the drawing group, of course!^^And the topic is: 2 foreign countrys. Well, one is Egypt, and the other *surprise, surprise* Switzerland!-.- Therefore, I had to collect typically Swiss music, traditional as well as modern, and in different Languages!-.- I have 2 hours yodeling-brainwash behind me!!x.x I HATE yodel, but unfortunately, Japanese people really LOVE it, because"it's so swiss!!<3"!!-.-''

And today, I recognized, that the KAWAIIII-effect (my mom described it really fitting as yorkshire-terrier effect) won't disappear as fast as I thought..Therefore, every of my movements are commented with a "whaa, kawaii!!!<3"(how cuuute), as if I'd be their new ultracute pet or something. But the funny thing is, that I really think they're so cute, when they say I'm. So I just also reply with "kawaiii", what they again comment with "kawaiiiiiiiiii!!"x'D

But I really don't get it, there are so many SO DAMN CUTE girls there, who'd like to have a boyfriend but just didn't EVER had one! O.o  I don't know what's wrong with the brains of Japanese guys....-.-''

Oh, and some of the guy begin to loose their shyness, what is kinda really funny. Why? Because they want to draw a bit of my attention on them, but they do that on really strange ways: Today I was talking with a really nice girl on the floor, and the a guy just passed us, stopped and stood there until we noticed him, then turned and walked back!x) So strange!!:'D Or between to periods, I was looking at my timetable, to find out where my next class took place, and then a bunch of guys walked by,  diluted their heads into the room and looked at my like at an animal into a zoo (or like at a new pet, how mentioned-.-'') when I recognized them, I said "connichi wa" and smiled. And they were like really pleased and surprised, and said, as if I wouldn't have been there "OH!! nihongo de hanashimashita!!!!!^w^" (OH, she spoke in Japanese!!!:D) And I just thought(-.-'' yeah, right, I just said hello, and in fact that's why I'm here, right??-.-'' S:o)xD Seriously Guys....

A thing I was really surprised of happened today: A girl sitting next to me greeted me, and I greeted back with "ohaiou, Eri-chan" And she was so happy, and said: "OMG, you remembered my name, thank you so much!!!:O" I know, that in Japanese Classes it's nothing unusual if your classmates don't know your names after 2 or even 3 years, but still....It's my goal to remember as many names of nice people, as possible! And I have a strategie: I ask them for their phone number, then I can write their names and take a picture of them, so I always can look if I'm unsure!:DD

And I constantly make stupid/funny language mistakes, for example: On tv, some sportsevent was shown, where a German woman entered the contest. And I mentioned"Ah, she truly looks like a German woman" but for woman, I used "Onna", which is man's language. Therefore, my hostmother told me to use "Jousei" instead, which has similar meaning, but is more feminine. Today, i wanted to talk with my Japanese-teacher about man's/woman's language, and I wanted to use onna/jousei as an example. But instead of jousei, i said yousei, which means fairy in Japanese. And Yoshi-sensei was like O.O??  "huuh??who's a fairy?!"-.-'' x) ^^''

His name is not really Yoshi-Sensei, but since his family name is really long, and his given name is Yoshitaka, he allowed me to call him Yoshi. And because he is older and teaches me, i can't say -kun or -senpai, therefore we decided to call him Yoshi-sensei!^w^
Oh by the way, have i metioned that he's in fact a university student who's learning how to be a teacher? Or  that we live really close (same station, practically neighbours)? Or, most important, that he's kinda ikkemen(really good looking/hottie)??Oh, and Yes, I have single lessons with him. My friends told me already like "aaaaaaw, uhu, single lessons with a hot teacher that is only like 4 or 5 years older, AAAAHHHH!!!!xD" But I can assure you, I'm definitely not planning to make out with a teacher (Even if he's not a REAL teacher).This is so......BRRRRRRR!!!! Even if my friends have there another point of view!-.-''^^

But since everybody tells me it would be really good for my language, and since some of them are REALLY good looking (even if they are not much), I don't exclude it to have a Japanese Boyfriend..;P But well, we'll see.. be continued,

your akuma-chan

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