Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

After one month or: about clichés, Japanese couples,scary things, family and amazing eyes

I know, it' been a while, sorry for waiting.

First, I want to thank everybody who's following my blog, even if the posts are reeeaaaaally long sometimes!;)

It's been one month since my feet touched Japanese ground for the first time in my life. I already experienced a loooot, and I think there'll be a lot more in the future to write about.And I still don't know Japan at all.
One thing I've learned about are clichés: As always, some of them are true, and some are wrong.
So I'll make a list with the clichés that are true, and one with the wrong ones:

Cliché 1: All Japanese are slender.
WRONG! I've the feeling, that they just waited for me to come to Japan, only to show that their also are really FAT Japanese. But the gab here is much bigger than in Europe. In Europe, there are the slender ones, the normal ones (most part of the population, I think) , the bigger ones and at last the fat ones.But here, there are only the slender ones and the bigger ones (and a few really fat ones).This can be really depressing, if you go shopping with your friends, because in Europe, you see a model showing the new clothes of autumn on a placard, and you say: ok, on most of our people, these clothes don't look half as good as on this model. But her in Japan, you see a bunch of girls wearing this clothes right beside the placard, and it just fits them.O.O But it's a good motivation for all of us to loose some weight - the fashion here really is just ADORABLE!!^o^<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Cliché 2: All Japanese are friendly:

At first I really thought surprised, this really is a true cliché. Because most of Japanese really are nice and friendly and really cooperative if you talk with them. But there are also some really rude ones, for example at my bunkasai(school festival), there were some annoying girls at our age, that just cut in the line between me and my friend, or sometimes, when you're standing in line waiting for something, there are some unfriendly persons, coming so close, that you can feel their breathe on you NECK!!! I HATE THIS!!!!!>0< well, then I always make a powerful step back, that always helps!^^

To sum up, cliché 2 is wrong, but not completely.

cliché 3: All Japanese are small


Well......ok, partly correct. BUT ALSO PARTLY WROOONG!>:P
Ok, it's true that almost all Japanese women are small. And many of my friends said it truly could be difficult to find a good-looking guy taller than me. Well, there are a many hot and yummy guys around here, and there are also several reeeeallly tall Japanese guys. The problem is, that I couldn't find the combination hot AND tall until now. They are all eihter hot and smaller or in best case same height as me, or then they are taller but not yummy at all!-.-'' This is really difficult!-o-''  BUT I WON't GIVE UP, since I want to win the contest for who finds the hottest Japanese guy - well, and to win the contest for who has the hottest boyfriend would also not be to bad, nee??!!x'D^^

cliché 4:

All Japanese love manga and anime

True!^^ Well, I'm sure there are also persons who don't like animes or mangas, but until now,there was always  one anime/manga they really love (mostly one piece!^w^)
But I didn't watch one episode anime since I'm here!O.O'' This is really unusual for me!!:0
But a classmate lend me the manga blue exorcist, which seems to be really cool (well, at the moment, the mostpart I read I don't understand!-.-'')

cliché 5: Japanese eat always rice
TRUE! Well, almost always. But that's no problem for me, since I love rice, and there are a lot of different variations, I JUST LOVE IT!!*parabababa*x)

A ting I also love, is my family: my sister is so cool (this week, I'll go with her on a three day trip to tokyo, including tokyo Disneyland, tokytower and AKIHABARA!!!!!!^o^ There I'll finally buy new earphones -FINALLY!!!!<3<3<3) And my hostmother is so cool: I had to give EF, my organisation, a call to inform them about the trip and to get the permission. But there is a rule that says, the person who's traveling with you has to be at least 24. Well, my sister is 21. So they just said: Sorry, not possible! And I felt terribly bad, because we already booked everything. So I wrote my sister a mail with the bad news, and apologized about 10 times or so. But when i came home in the evening, my sister and mother were sitting around the table and grinning at me, and with a really amused smirk, my host mother said: SOOOOO, Akuma-chan, the tokyo trip is impossible, nee?? what a shame!tststssss. And i was like: THAT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!>o< And she continued with the same smirk: Well, it's really annoying to cancel everything, so I decided to come also with the two of you, than it shouldn't be a problem, right? And I was like: REALLY??!^^And she: Of course NOT, but we don't have to mention that towards EF, nee??;P
XD she's so cool.  And my hostfather is just nice: we have to sharp our pencils with a knife, because that gives more variation of thickness of the streak color. But he didn't know that, and the day after, there was a new sharpener on my table!>< cuute!!
But the cutest of my family is my brother: As you know, he's playing rugby, and therefore, he has always little injuries, the last one on his knee. So, when he stood up from the couch, he sharply soaked in air and said curbed: Ouch! So I asked him: Is it still hurting??
And with a really manly and brave face he replied: No, No, it's not hurting at all!!X) And I just said "Liar!" whereon he had to laugh. Well, cute moment number one. Number two was, when he watched a rugby game on tv, I mentioned that I think rugby is interesting, but a little bit scary!-.-'' You know what?? he immediately changed program to some singing show! And I was like : NO!! you don't have to do that, it's not THAT scary, you know!-.-''^^'' And he was like: NO, if it scares you, then I won't watch it! And two hours later, he wanted to watch rugby again, while I was surfing the web. But with a apprehensive glance he asked: "Akuma-chan, I'll watch rugby now, is that fine with you??">//< cuuute!!^w^

A thing I'm really confused about is how Japanese couple show themselves in publicity. For example, a boy  I know from maths always walked together with a girl, so I thought: AAH, they must be Best friends. But then I realized: hey, we are in Japan, they have to be a couple!!! Well, I'm used to see couples making out with each other in publicity in Switzerland, but her in Japan, they already feel a bit embarrassed if they hold hands with each other!O.O

Apropos couple, last week, a really strange thing happened to me: When I was on a sightseeing tour in Osaka with valerie and my parents, we were waiting to get on top of tennouji, the osaka tower. Well,I'm used to be starred at, but there was a guy in the early twenties, starring at me like spellbounded. And the strange thing was, he was there with his GIRLFRIEND!!! Well, I discussed the topic "to-be-starred-at" a few minutes ago with valerie, and she proposed to just stare back, what normally is really funny, because then, normally, Japanese look away in a hurry, feeling really embarrassed. So I decided to do the same with this guy, but he just kept on starring. So we starred at each others eyes for at least 15 seconds (which is a really long time to stare at somebody) , and then he suddendly said with a spellbound mood: SUGOI SUGOI KIREI! sugoi kirei me! (AMAZING. AMAZING BEAUTIFUL! your have amazing beautiful eyes!) And I just said:....EH?!?!!!
And then, his girlfriend turned around and said: Really, OMG, this shape, and this COLOR, wow!! And I was really flabbergasted, and just brought out a "uuh, uhm, thank you!>//<"  That's even in Japan REALLY unusual!!!O.O''

When we are already at the topic eyes, In my parallelclass, there is a guy with just the most amazing eyes    
I've ever seen!0.0 He's not Ikemen or sow, but his eyes are just like a cat's one!O.O And he played the wolve in Red riding hood at my bunkasai, therefore he was wearing cat-like ears when <i saw him the first time, and I was like: HOLY SHIIIT, is this a catboy out of some Manga or something?!?!!!! And they weren't rouged, they are ALWAYS like this!0.0 本当にふしぎ です、ね?O.O (really unusual, nee?)

Well, now we are already at the last topic: scary things!
At my bunkasai, we visited a lot of attractions,  under it two horror houses. they were really good, and after the one, i had red color in my face that looked like blood, but I don't know how it go there, since I didn't touch a thing!O.OxD this was really strange, since it wasn't part of the attraction!00''

Another thing that's scary is the age of Japanese people. it's so hard to guess. For example yoshi sensei, his behaivour is like beginning/middle twenties, but he turned 29 last week!O.o
how I found out? well, that's another interesting story!-.-'': last thursday, he had his last day (now, he's back at university). He brought his Ipod and speakers to our last Japanese lessons, and asked if it's ok to play some music. Since I'm music junkee and always interested in what music other people like, I immediately agreed.
He was hearing jazz before, and I said that this would be fine with me, but he was like: No, i want to show you something. Then he changed music to a really slow, romantic mood song, and said: everytime i hear this song, I really feel summer. Then he picked up a sentence and said you know the meaning? (the meaning was something like always when I think of you...) And i thought (WHY  THE HECK DID HE JUST PICK UP THIS SENTENCE?!?!O.O'')  The next song was even more romantic, and he started to sing along and smiling at me, and then suddenly said: Yeah, this song is about LOVERS!! and I was like EHEhe...>//<''-.-'' Then I changed the topic in direction favourite music, and rescued the situation. I mean, he's really yummy and stuff, but...just NOOO!!>< then he showed me his favourite band and was like: yeah, I don't think that many of the the students still know it, but I used to listen to it 11 years ago when i was a student here. And I was Like:!!!0.0''
....UHHHM, how old are you?
........I turned 29 last week!

Well, I thought before of it as impossible, but now, the case is clear, even if raku-chan said: Hey, that'a no big deal, my sister came together with my piano teacher and there the difference is 15 years, and they are now a couple since three years, so 12 years is no big deal! And She and valerie  now have a perverse delight to tease me with: UHUUUUUH, Private lessons with yoshi sensei, what did you learn?? French??!-.-*** Raku, Valerie, I'm still angry!x'P x))

Luckily, this strange situation happend at his last day, so I won't see him anymore...I hope! But there could be a possibility, since we are practically neighbours and have the same trainstation!-.-''

...But back to the scary stuff, my absolute number one of things that scare me is:

MY Neighbour and Riya's friend SEI!

This weekend Valerie staied overnight at my house, and since I told her about Sei, she was really curious, so Riya brought Sei and his little brother over to our house. Well, Sei doesn't wear his mask anymore, but he's even more scary without!!OO'' My Hostmother thinks he's Ikemen, but I think his eyes are just scary! And again, he didn't speak a word in my direction, he even asked my hostmother about me, while I was sitting next to him!-.- And with his little brother the same. Then I asked him if he coud possibly talk to me, even if we don't know each other and my japanese is bad and he's shy, because this is just scary. Guess what I get? A shitty grin in my direction, but not directly to me!-.-**********
And you know what?! This rude, scary guy has a GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!OoO?! WTF is wrong with japanese taste?!?! How can it be, that someone like SEI has a GIRLFRIEND, while someone like Riya, really nice and interesting with a good taste of humor and good looking too, NEVER had one till now?!?!?! I wonder if she's pretty!-.-''

Oh, And i found out the name of the yummy guy in sculpture lessons: Seiya-kun!^w^ he seems to be really nice when we talked, as well as toma-kun, who's also in my sculpture class (but not as yummy as seiya - he looks like aang from avatar!xD But he's a funny guy!^^) And the girls are just cool in any event!^w^ this sunday, we will go shopping the first time together!^o^ tanoshimi da yo!!(I'm looking forward to it!^^)

Uff, congrats, you have made it through another endless seeming Post of Akuma-chan, whouououooo!!xD Soon more, stay health!^^


  1. Deine Cliche-Liste ist mal echt cool! Gibts da noch mehr von? Kommt noch ne Fortsetzung?
    Dir passieren auch echt seltsame Sachen da, kann das sein? oO Dieser 15-Sekunden-Starrwettbewerb, wie geilXD Du hast blaue Augen oder?
    Japaner sehen aber auch echt immer jünger aus als sie sind... Selbst wenn sie schon älter sind, sehen sie immer noch jung und gut ausO___O
    Sei scheint aber wirklich voll gruselig zu sein... Und wenn nicht gruselig... Dann verdammt unhöflich oO Riya hört sich dafür umso toller an^^ Voll süß mit dem Rugby>.< Schade, dass es Rugby ist und kein Football^^" Ich liebe Football*___*

    Achja, so lang find ich deine Posts nicht, ich find die haben ne gute Länge^^

  2. Hahaha, gut wenns dir gefällt, ich plane, nach jedem monat sowas in der art zu machen!^^

    Und ja, das kann nicht nur sein, das IST so!xD aber dafür hätte ich gar nicht nach japan gehen brauchen, irgendwie ist das ein teil meines lebens, dass mir immer die komischten Sachen passieren!xP

    Meine Augen sind grau-grün!:) Und alle sagen, dass Sei nur so ist, weil er sehr scheu gegenüber fremden menschen ist. Mir eig egal, WAS er ist, ich finde ihn einfach nur verdammt gruselig!*gänsehaut krieg*xD Und Riya könnt ich echt auffressen, der ist mehr als nur süss!!:3

    Sorry für die späte Antwort!00''