Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

hazukashii or the truth about the shyness of Japanese people

When I came here, I thought it would be harder to find female friends than male, because if you read mangas/ watch dramas and animes, it's always the girls that are shy and don't speak a word. But yesterday, a really strange thing happened:

I was studying Japanese in the livingroom, while my hostfamily watched tv/was in the kitchen etc. Then, the door opened, and I said, like Japanese habbit "okaeri"(welcome home), because I thought a family member would come for dinner. But when I looked up, there was a face in my age I didn't know, with huge eyes starring at me. I realized that this had to be a friend of my hostbrother Riya and said wih a surprised smile "uh, conbanwa!:)" I would have expected a short reply or something, but you know what? He couldn't say a word. When I talked to him, his eyes turned even bigger and he just nodded quickly. I bed, if he could have turned red, he would have looked like a tomato!! Then he asked my Hostsister"Riya wa..?"(where is Riya). As he got the answer, he turned around in a hurry and quickly went downstairs. Seriousely, I'm just a foreigner, nothing about to act like that.
And you know what?? Five minutes afterwards, a second friend of Riya entered the room, and the whole thing happend once  again! he wore a mask and his face was swollen , so asked what happened, but my hostsister replied, because he seemed only able to nodd - surprisingly, he was able to talk with Rie (my hostsister). I Also asked them if they would eat with us (curiosity), but got only two shaking heads as reply!-.-''

My conclusion is: In truth, it's the Japanese GUYS that are shy as if they would've never had used their own language before. The Japanese girls at school are really talkative and open, so it's not to hard to get in touch with them.*yokatta, nee??^^*

Today I visited the sculpture lessons, and i DEFINITELY want to take it!!!^^<3 And my timetable is a true dream, except for math, which I've asked for. YES, you've read right, I, akuma-chan, asked for MATHLESSONS!!! In my timetable wouldn't have been maths, but I decided to take lessons, because I was afraid to forget otherwise everything we had so far (It's a wellknown truth that our brains forget to traumatic experiences, so it would be more than likely!!-.- xD) You can tell my mathteacher, I pretty sure she would be pleased that I'll suffer from tomorrow on in this year as well-.-'' but at least, i'll suffer in Japanese!x)^^

Oh, and tell my art-teacher, that I decided to take wood/copper cut as well( who doesn't know what I mean, it's the traditional japanese art-style, which was for example used by Hokusai, one of my favorite artists!^^)

Oh, and my hostfamily think that I'm a pink-fetishist (let's thik of Annika to the power of 50!!) Why? Oh, I arrived with 2 giant pink suitcases, on my t-shirt print was pink used, and I decided to wear pink house slippers!XD Well, I like pink, but it's not my favorite color!x)

Oh, and who of you watch detective conan?? Can you remember the stupid policeman that occurs in a few wpisodes? in the German version, he got the same voice-actor as spongebob. Those, who watch conan   in Japanese, remember the voice. Because the schools principal has a kinda similar voice!!!x'D and his face has sometimes also similar expressions!!x') Each time voice AND face are same as the one from the policeman, I have a hard time not to laugh!x))

Oh, and today I got lost on my way back home, I don't know if I got out 1 station to early or if  I just took the false direction, because I was talking with a 1st. Grader who's in the kendo-club, therefore I was inattentive(typical me-.-'' xP) But luckily, my Japanese skills are good enough to ask for the direction, And I found the way back by myself!^^ 
I was really proud, because I didn't want to call the hostfamily cause of that, I wanted to find my way back home by myself (everyone who knows me knows that I am really ambitious and independant!>:D)

But now comes the clue: I didn't have difficulties to find my way bak, but to open the door!!XD  I was standing in front of the house like an idiot and couldn't enter; and because I was early, nobody was at home, so I coudn't ask somebody from inside to open the door!-.-'' You know why?? In Switzerland, we turn the key to the left to close the door, and to the right to open it. But in Japan, it's exactly the otherway around!!-.- But I was so used to do it Swisswise, that I didn't get the idea to try it otherwise until after 15 minutes or so!xD So I was thinking really hard how to open the door, exactly in the moment when One of Riya's friends from yesterday (the one with the mask) came round the corner, riding his bycicle!-.-'' EMBARASSSING!!!!!x''D I quickly smiled and winked, and at least he winked back, but not without a puzzled view back over his shoulder!x) seems that we are neighbours... Well then, let's toast on good neighbourhood, nee??x)

I'll write more soon,


Dienstag, 30. August 2011

the first week in JAPAN!!^o^

Hey guys, it's me(of course!xP)

First of all, sorry for being sooo late with my first post, but we didn't have any Internet in the camp. But step by step, nee??:))

Sooo, my adventure has started on august 19th. My mum and I were really early at the airport, because none of us could sleep very well. Therefore, we spent a lot of time with sitting around, drinking much to sweet starbucks-drinks and talking nonsense, because none of us did know what to say..:) then, some other familymembers arrived to say good-bye. I was wondering where my friends were, because I had to ckeck in  earlier as expected...But luckily, I got the chance to say'em the final goodbye.Against my expectation, I didn't have to cry, but it was really sad somehow...But I was soooooo happy to see them all for once again, so really guys: THANK YOU!!<3

Luckily, another exchange student was in the same plane as me, so we were always together and talked almost all the time. In the 2nd plane from Holland to Osaka, she had another place, but a Japanese guy agreed when I asked him to change seats with her, so we had window seats and extra space for our legs(yuppie!^^) I couldn't sleep more than 1-2 hours, I was so exited! -.-'' ^^
The most beautiful view during the flight was when I looked outside the window: on the left, you could see the last sunbeams of the sunset. But when you looked on the right handside, there was dark night with sparkling stars and beautiful moon. Just breathtaking, I tell you!!

We met other exchange students at the airport, and everything seemed to function perfect...BUT: It wouldn't be MY exchange year, if there wouldn't be ANY difficulties, nee??(my friends could tell you!-.-'') so, when it was my turn to show the visa and the passport, the man faltered:  my exchange organisation as well as the japanese embassy didn't notice, that my visa still was for spring. But because of the nuclear catastrophe, I couldn't go then and therefore, they should have changed the date on my visa, but they missed it. And therefore, I couldn't pass, as well as the students behind me. We had to wait a half eternity; but finally, we could pass.

I spent a really good time in the camp, the people there were soo cool. Especially coll was, that you weren't the weirdo that likes manga and anime and Japan in general, because everybody there was like that!^w^ Everyday was so much fun, my laughing muscles had a hardcore-training during this week. For example:
One Evening, we all went to the boys-room to watch an anime. But when we arrived there, we suddenly recognized a bunch of disgusting smells(I just say: BOYS-ROOM!xP). So I volunteered to open the balcony's window. But when I drew back the curtain, outside was a guy phoning. I screamed like"kyah!" because I didn't expect him to be there. And he got frighted too, because he was as well surprised. And because of that, he starred with a scary-pedophile-like view inside at the same time as I drew the curtain complete back(in order that everybody could see what frighted me. ). So, many of  the girls screamed as well, cause they thought we were spotted out by somebody.
When we calmed down again, I opened the window. Can ou guess what happend?? A giant bug with the size of a man's spreaded hand flied inside the window. Then, the whole room was in trouble: The girls were all like"KYAAAAHHH, KYAAAAAAAH" and the boys were like"WHOOOOOOOOAAH, SHIT, what's THAT?!?!!!!"...
20 minutes or so later, the bug(I think it was a cicada) was finally outside the room again.
Seriousely, why can't japanese bugs and spiders be like "normal-size"?!?!-.-'' they're always like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL sized.

And this is just one example, there was everyday at least something like that!x'D

And it's always funny if kids are starring at me, because I'm tall and white and blue-eyed and brown-curly-haired and maybe the first foreigner they've ever seen. And when you talk to them, some of them are soooo shy, but other talk back with surprise -SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!<3
And to take a Japanese style baths is just AMAZING!! Seriously guys, you really have to do that once in your life!!!

However, the week was over faar to fast, And I really look forward to meet the friends I made there again. And At the last night, I won the award for the most outgoing student (which means I'm really openminded and stuff!^^) Wheeeeew!^o^

Then, the day we moved to the Hostfamily arrived. I was soooooo nervous and exited to meet them, but kinda sad too, to leave my new friends behind. but we'll meet again at discoverytour or private for making pyjama-party, neee??!^o^

But I'm really lucky to have THIS family: They're SO nice and talkative, even if my Japanese is (at the moment) really bad!-.-'':) I get along really well with my hostsister(she's 21) and I have a hostrother with the same age as me(who's at the moment a bit shy but kinda cute too!:D)

Today, I had my first day at school. Yesterday, I was shown around there -  I can just say: SUGOOOIIII!!(amazing) It's just like the materialized dream of everyone who's into art -so may different choices and subjects I could take. I decided to take Oil-painting, Illustration, sculpture building and pottery!^w^ i will have drawing, calligraphy and normal subjects as well. and the best: School's start everyday is not until 08:30 a.m.!!!*yaaay*!^o^

But back to today: I was SO. DAMN. NERVOUS!!! I had to make a 1 minute speech (Self introduction) in front of THE WHOLE SCHOOL!!!!>o< In Japanese of course!!!>//<
But luckily, i did well!世がつた,ね??!(good, isn't it?*phuuuw*)

And the weirdest thing is at the moment, when I am on the floor: Everyone is really curious and stares at me, but is to shy to say something. Then, i say こんいちは!(connichiwa) and smile. Guess what happens??  Their eyes wide with surprise, and then they smile and greet back. Good so far. But the weird thing is what happens afterward: Everyone squeak "KAWAIIIIIIII, KAWAIIIIIII......WHAHH, KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!!!>//<"(means as much as...HOW CUTE, HOW CUTE!!)O.O;

This was definitely not the reaction I've expected, and at first I understood:"kOwaii"(means as muh as"scary"xD) by the way, this happens often  -In the camp, a guy wanted to say towards a girl: "Anata ga kirEi  desu"(means as much as you're beautiful) guess what he said?:"Anata ga kirAi desu"(means as much as"I hate you!"x'D)

But back to "kawaii, kawaii": It's really weird and somehow a bit embarassing, but really cute too. And I'm slowly getting used to it!:) And it's definitely not like that's all the year like this. I'm just the new foreigner, that's all!^^''

My class is just-girls(sadly), but they're all really cool and so kind!;D

Pheew, that's it for the moment, till sooner or later(and keep on reading my blog/tell your friends)

your akuma-chan!^w^