Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Bohemian's call or homage to the unsteadiness

Dear reader

I don't know  how many of your kind will find the way through the infinite spaces of the world wide web. And honestly, I don't care. i'll write this blog for myself in first term. I've been dealing with writing a blog for quite some time already, just because I love to write. But I always found a "good" reason to procrastinate it. Until today. But now, I'll move to Japan for an exchange year pretty soon(Osaka, wheew!^o^); so I decided now would be the best time to start writing a blog; because like this I can share my experiences and thoughts with my dear friends left at home.

Some of you may ask their selfs, maybe even be pissed on (sorry my lovely Kathy) on the fact that I write this blog in English, although I'm Swiss and not a native speaker. The answer is simple: Even if my English is definitely not the best, I want to make it possible for as many people as possible to follow my blog. And I already know some other, really nice exchange students who will stay in Osaka as well (Jasmin, Patty, we'll definitely rock the city!x3), and I want them to have a chance to follow my blog!^.-
So, I'm begging pardon for my mistakes in anticipation; and I really wish that you'll still have a lot of fun living through this year with me!;)

I've nearly wanted to finish here, but then I saw that I 've not come to the theme I wanted to until now: the name I have chosen for the blog and me. I called it Bohemian's call, because I think of myself as a Bohemian, as a gipsy; and I will always follow the call from afar - I think this is a gipsy-thing, I can't explain it to anyone who's not following the call - it's a pull, a dragging pain from inside your soul if you ignore it. It's the impulse, the urge to discover new places, to get in touch with new cultures and people and to face new adventures. i would become sick if I couldn't live like that. People often ask whether I can life without roots, whether I  even have any roots. WHAT A STUPID QUESTION!!!  I have the roots by myself, in my heart. So I don't need to stay at one place! Every Place is as good as another, it only depends on the people and what you make out of it. That's why Bohemian.

And homage to the unsteadiness, because I've terrible difficulties by making decisions. Seriously, one time I've spent half an hour by trying to make a decision which sort of ice-cream I'd like to take (Nicole could tell you!xP). And I love changes, no matter wether a change in domicile, design or nickname. So, Bohemian was just a name chosen by accident (believe me, I've like hundreds of others I'd also like to take), therefore it's more than likely that i will change my nick, the blog's title or even the URL (don't worry, i'd say it before;P).I'm so unsteady, so multisided, that even i have sometimes headache because of that. But well, that's me. Deal with it or leave it.

So, enough talked for the moment, i'd love to see you soon again- but if you're not willed to it's also fine; Because then you're definitely NOT a bohemian/gipsy/vagabond/pirate/seeker/wanderer or short: not of the same kind as me. And in This case, it's definitely better for you to leave, because as I said, i'm sick and tired of all kind of small-minded people.

Otherwise I wish you all the best  and send you a cheshire-cat-like grin, until soon,

your (at the moment) Bohemian


  1. Auf Deutsch Kommi schreiben ist aber okay, ja?
    Ich werde so neidisch sein, dass du in Japan ist und ich hier in Deutschland rumgammel, nur weil wir nicht genug Geld für nen Austausch hatten>.< Ich wünsch dir jedenfalls viel Spaß und nur damit dus weißt: Ich folge deinem Blog :P

  2. :D Ja, sicher ist auf deutsch schreiben ok!^^ Hmm, das ist echt doof, aber aufgeschoben ist ja nicht gleich aufgehoben!^.- ich find echt ne sauerei, dass die für nen austausch soviel verlangen, bei uns wars auch eher knapp..:G

    Hahaha, und danke, somit bist du, glaube ich, meine erste offizielle leserin geworden!:P

  3. hey hey akuma-chan
    gratuliere - deine blogsite ist ja der hammer ... kompliment.! schön dass du dich so gut einlebst in deiner neuen umgebung - und du schreibst so toll lebendig - frau/man kann es fast mitfühlen hihi..

    freue mich schon jetzt wieder auf deine interessanten zeilen
    take care my lovely sunshine
    from chussy